Tears Of Diamond

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Lucy dives through the blue painted door, her ears picking up the familiar clunk of Laxus's boots as he sprinted after her. She sucked in a nervous breath and stumbled her way into the bright expanse of blue that was smeared throughout the room as if a paint bomb exploded. The color resembled a darker version of the sky, the vibrant blue making Lucy expect white puffs of clouds to ghost by any second.

Her eyes adjusted to the endless room of cerulean and she realized exactly what the room held. Her honey brown orbs flecked to a weeping child, curled up in a ball. The kid was bawling his eyes out, sprawled on the floor in his own sorrow. He seemed to be muttering something, and as Lucy got closer, she realized he was saying, "I'm sorry, Lucy," over and over.

Her breath faltered, and she felt her hand reach out unconsciously, her fingers trembling.

"L-Laxus?" She whispered, stupefied. The child, the one with the sunshine-colored locks that were messily splayed on his head. The one with a lightning bolt shaped scar curving down his face. The one with eyes the same color as the room itself glanced up at her. He had tears budding in his eyes, and his eyelashes were clustered with the salty drops. His cheeks were already glistening with shed tears, and he sniffled. His tears slid down his face like graceful raindrops pattering on a window pane. They tickled his chin as they dribbled down, and he gazed at her, wide-eyed.

"Lu-cy?" He whimpered, and Lucy's whole expression softened. Somehow...this was Laxus. He was in his child body, and when she thought about it, she understood why. The other Laxus must have thought it was easier to keep a child contained, keep him locked up in a never-ending void of blue, that seemed to swallow everything.

"Yes, Laxus...it's me. I've come to bring you home!" She smiled tenderly, and she reached out to grab his hand. He stared up at her, his eyes wide and happy.

"Really?! But, that bad man said I could never go home," Laxus said with a shiver, and Lucy's smile weakened slightly at the image of the scary dark Laxus saying that to a child. 

"I promise you we'll get out of here. Together."

She wiped his tears away, not even noticing the heavy pair of footsteps that thundered into the room. She gazed into his soft bluebell eyes, and she noticed how his expression changed. It went from terrified and sorrowful, to content and happy. Just as she noticed the change, he began to reshape. He glowed mutely, his body reforming into his normal adult form. Once he stopped glowing and returned to his regular form, he stared at himself in shock. He hadn't been himself in such a long time. The only times he regained control were when something bad happened to Lucy and he mustered enough strength to fight the spell.

But now...Lucy had turned him back. He was himself again. He would be able to take control of his body! Just as he turned to thank Lucy, he noticed something. She wasn't where he remembered her standing. His eyes darted around, and he spotted something that angered him to his core. The other Laxus, the one with the oil-black hair, had lashed ropes of lightning, which had curled around her waist and limbs, dragging her back to him and his sinister smirk.

"I told you, love. There's no escaping me," The dark-haired Laxus chuckled. Lucy kicked and cursed, trying to rip the long tentacles of slithering lightning off of her form.

They merely sparked at her, shocking her into a stupor. The crackling electricity only seemed to enhance her determination. It reminded her of what she was fighting for. Of why she couldn't go with him.

Just as she was being carried back to the ebony haired Laxus's arms, something lashed out. Or, someone. Everything froze as her Laxus, the one with dazzling lemon colored hair, swung his fist out to attack the imposter. She watched as the lightning loosened around her midriff. Not one to waste an opportunity, she easily maneuvered her way out of the vines of lightning. Scrambling to Laxus's side, she stared up at him in relieved happiness.

"Don't touch her," Laxus bit out to the dark-haired version of him. His counterpart merely barred his teeth, a mix between a grin and a snarl.

"How are you awake?" The black-haired male forced out, his controlled expression fueling Lucy's irritation.

"I woke him up," Lucy interrupted, gaining the dark-haired male's attention. He sighed, his tone both annoyed and somber. She supposed he was running out of excuses as to why he didn't just kill her. They both knew looks wise she was easily replaceable...but she'd admit, personality-wise, she was one of a kind! A true, majestic warhorse if she did say so herself!

"Love, I keep telling you to stop fighting me. Nothing good will come from your disobedience."

Lucy huffed, briskly turning her head in heated irritation. Laxus, the sunshine blonde one, snarled at his opposite.

"I will fight you until the day I die," Lucy responded swiftly.

Before Lucy even processed what was going on, a bloody fight began. When two people, the same but different, fight, what happens? Lucy was curious herself. How would things turn out? They were the same person, but Lucy knew their morals differentiated exponentially. She was a nervous wreck, and it didn't help that she couldn't chew her nails due to them being bitten down to the base. She had tried to help in the fight but realized her efforts were fruitless unless she had a plan. The two were completely focused on each other, and neither wanted to fight her.

So, she did what she was best at. Picking at her brain for a simple, quick plan. That's what she was utilized for when she had been on Team Natsu, and that's what she had been relying on for years. A fast thinker was a valuable person in general. She had learned to develop her problem-solving skills ages ago.

Looking around, she noticed something that made an idea pop into her brain. She internally giggled when the image of a lightbulb flashing above her head bounced into her mind. When Laxus got thrown farther into the oblivion of blue by the obsidian haired Laxus, she snapped back into focus.

The onyx haired Laxus had spoken of this room being a trap...so, why couldn't Laxus and herself trap him inside? She cackled internally at the idea. They'd trap him with his own trap! She knew she should be more afraid, but she felt that would only make things worse. She was nervous, but she knew being positive would be more helpful in this situation.

They'd have to trap him here somehow...Lucy thought to herself for a second. How could they trap that monster here...?

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