Revenge is Sweet!

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A/N- Lucy's outfit (: (ignore the purple hair)

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A/N- Lucy's outfit (: (ignore the purple hair)

P.S.- The announcers for the GMG will be in bold, Okie dokie.

"Why do we have to wear these ridiculous outfits, Erza? Lucy isn't!" Natsu complained, tugging at his lilac Fairy tail outfit.

"Master wants us all to wear them, Natsu. Lucy just refused, even though Mira and I tried to force her," Erza said, with a glare towards Lucy, who was grinning innocently.

"Lucy, wear it! If I'm going to suffer then so are you!" Natsu ordered, magically pulling out the outfit master made for her.

"Dude, as if. I'd rather shoot myself in the foot than have to match with you guys," Lucy retorted, with a snicker.

"But we'll all look like idiots if we don't all match!" Gray exclaimed.

"We already do look like idiots. Every one hates Fairy tail if you didn't know. Why give them another reason to hate us? Plus, that outfits way too purpley for me. I mean hellooo? I may not be the old Lucy, but I wouldn't be caught dead in that thing. I should blowtorch it later," Lucy burst out, making Gray laugh.

"True, it is kind of ugly," Natsu agreed.

"Even if it is ugly, Master wants us to wear it. So, unless you want to be on my bad side, wear it," Erza boomed. Gray and Natsu clung to each other in fear, nodding their heads rapidly, while Lucy scowled.

"I already told you, no. Plus, I like my outfit right now. Just let me wear this Erza-chan! I'll get you some strawberry cake later!" Lucy said sweetly. She knew she won when she saw the hesitant look in Erza's eyes.

"Deal," Erza said with a happy glow. Lucy fist bumped herself.

"Go me!" Lucy cheered.

"D-Did you just fist bump yourself?" Gray asked.

"How sad..." Natsu and Gray said in unison. Lucy's face scrunched up.

"Shut up!" She said with an embarrassed glare.

"How am I supposed to fit in this thing?" Elfman questioned bitterly, staring at Wendy's tiny outfit, in his humungous hands.

Natsu bursts out laughing.

"Wendy..." Lucy whispered, her happiness deflating. She was super tired, exhausted even. They had searched for Wendy for a good two hours, which meant Lucy was up until like four in the morning. She had woken up at eight. So, she only got about four hours of sleep. She drank like four cups of coffee, but couldn't help but want to stay with Wendy.

She clenched her fists at the memory.


"Wendy, Carla!" Lucy shouted, worriedly, rushing to the side of the young girl and cat's bed. The others were hot on her heels.

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