The Beginning of a Tragedy

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A/N: So, hi...Lol, that was way too awkward. Well, that live stream thingy is tomorrow, and I'm both nervous and excited to watch Fairy Tail with some of you. I'm not sure if I should make voice commentary on it yet, mostly because I don't know if that's what you want. Well, I'll get on with the story now!


"So, you want me to trick them?" A dark-skinned man asked in a clipped tone, his eyes pinching together. He lowered his glass of Sake down, allowing the fragile object to clatter onto the wooden counter. His hair was well cropped and naturally a nice, deep, dark oak color.

"Yes. That is essentially what I'm requesting for you to do." 

The man raised an eyebrow at the bitter tone of the woman. She folded her arms, her light purple eyes expressing her seriousness and her excessive amount of determination. 

"...So you want me to place a spell on Laxus Dreyar of Fairy Tail? If you don't mind me asking, why?" He questioned, taking another sip of his drink. The woman glared at him, her arms pushing her chest up higher. She adorned a small, tight red evening dress, meant for a night out.

"...Let's just say Laxus wronged me in the past. And, I don't find it fair that he could ruin my happiness, but still find his own!"

"...So you're saying you're going to ruin this poor shmuck's relationship because "it's not fair". If I didn't know any better, I'd assume you guys were once an item, and this is just a case of jealousy."

The man chuckled sarcastically when the coffee-haired girl flushed and snarled at him.

"So what we used to be a couple! He broke my heart, and now I loathe him! And I'm going to do everything in my power to destroy everything close to him! Including that slutty blonde tramp, he replaced me with!"

The man was about to protest, and tell her she was being ludicrous. He was a traveling wizard, doing simple jobs and living a relatively peaceful life. He wasn't all that fond of the idea of meddling with a person's life. Especially a person who hadn't done a thing to harm him.

"No," She replied curtly, her mouth pulled down in distaste.

"Kenji, I will not have you telling me I'm out of line. I am doing this, whether you like it or not. So either you help me and get my money, or you get the fuck out of here!"

The man bristled at the girl's attitude but reluctantly accepted. Afterall, money had been scarce lately. He couldn't help but feel pity for the poor man whose life would be ruined by the girl's jealous ways.


"Laxus!" Lucy chirped, skipping blissfully towards the giant male, a huge grin plastered on her face. She was wearing a form-fitting sky blue top, with a pair of blue jeans. Her hair was free-falling down her back, almost like waves moving along the ocean.

"Why are you so happy?" Laxus inquired, a small smile imprinted on his usually impassive features. 

Laxus stared up at her, his eyes shining with mirth. Lucy settled herself next to him under the colossal elm tree.

"What, is it a crime to smile, Mr. Grumpy all the time?" She snickered, ignoring his scowl.

"No, you're just acting too happy," He informed her.

 She grinned once again, barely holding in her excitement.

"I got a new armor! Isn't that great?!" She squealed, doing a little awkward dance. Laxus shook his head as if silently asking why she was such an idiot.

She gushed some more, talking about her armors unique abilities and its sleek glossy color.

"Awww, Laxus why aren't you listening to me..." She whined, her eyes drawn to the calm, trance-like Laxus.


Lucy watched in concern as Laxus's head wobbled as if he couldn't bear to hold his eyes open a second longer. Lucy immediately wrapped one of his bulky arms securely around her shoulders. He leaned heavily against her, his breathing labored, and his spiky blond locks plastered to his forehead.

"What was that about...?" She questioned him, her worry clearly on display.

Laxus flinched and rubbed his head soothingly. He felt as if someone had flipped his stomach inside-out. 

"I...I don't know. It felt as if I got hit with a tidal wave."

Lucy nodded, even though she wanted to continue to press him for answers and explanations. She knew what he needed most at the moment was rest. She helped him back to his apartment, making sure to lock the door on her way out. She would be back to take care of him, but first, she needed some supplies. Laxus had literally nothing in his house.

His cupboards were barren, and his fridge had nothing but a carton of way-too-old milk. Lucy decided she should make him something to eat.

As she walked along the market square, the more his puzzling "illness" confused her. What kind of sickness would cause that reaction? She considered the possibility of magic but was unsure where to start with that theory. She didn't know where, to begin with, the number of people who would use magic against him.

She scooped up some cucumbers, happily paying the vendor the desired amount. Halfway done with her shopping spree, she ran smack dab into Natsu, who had surprisingly said he had been looking for her.

"I was going to ask you to go on a mission with Team Natsu!" He chirped, not seeming to mind her occupied state.

"Hmmm...Sorry, Natsu, Laxus is sick. I have to take care of him," She responded.

"...All by yourself...? Awe, come on Luce! At least let me keep you company!" He whined, tugging on her sleeve. His disheveled pink hair bounced every time he pulled at her arm, and his dark eyes were shining with amusement. She sighed, but smiled and nodded nonetheless.

"Sure. I'd like that actually. It would be nice to have someone to talk to."

As the duo made their way towards Laxus's residence, they had no idea what horror would await them...

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