S-class Trials

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~Normal POV~

"Hey, Lucy!" Happy chirps happily, flying away from Natsu. Natsu apologized profusely and actually started crying dramatically. Happy reluctantly forgave him. They definitely weren't as close as they were before, but they were at least on good terms now.

"Hi. What's up?" Lucy answered, playing with a dagger. Happy sat on the table, pulling a fish out of nowhere. Natsu stood up from his spot by Lisanna and walked over to their table.

"Hi, Luce!" He exclaimed, throwing an arm over her shoulders.

"Hello Natsu," She replied, not noticing his wary expression.

"Um...Luce? Why are you playing with a knife?"

She stopped twirling the dagger, giving him a half annoyed, half amused look.

"Because I can," She replied curtly.

Natsu pouted, crossing his muscular arms. 

"Lucy! Stop ignoring me," Happy joked. She turned to him, patting his head.

"You have my full attention," She giggled. Happy, smiled, pumping his paw in the air.

"We should be partners for the S-class exam!" Happy chorused. Natsu's jaw dropped in shock.

"But, I thought we'd be partners!" Natsu protested. Happy give him a sympathetic look.

"Sorry, Natsu. Lucy's my best friend, you should partner with Lisanna. You know, because she's your girlfriend," Happy proclaimed, his words as sharp as a knife.

"Lisanna's not my girlfriend!" Natsu snapped, storming off, steaming with anger. Lucy watched him leave with curiosity. 

'What's his deal?' She wondered to herself. 

"So, Lucy, can we be partners?" Happy asked again. She gave him thumbs up, throwing him a sparkling grin. 

"Of course! Who else could put up with me?" She chortled.

"Yeah...you definitely are a handful," Happy teased, swiftly dodging the hand trying to smack him.

Lucy suddenly caught a glimpse of Laxus's fur coat. She swiftly grabbed Happy's tail and made her way over to the lightning dragon slayer.

"Hey! Sparky!" Lucy boomed, stomping her way over to him. He glances at her, his mouth twitching with a smile.

"Hello, Blondie. Ready to leave for the S-class exam?" Laxus asked. Lucy gave him a shit-eating grin, flipping her long golden hair over her shoulder. 

"Of course I'm ready! So when are we leaving?" She questions, dropping Happy on his face.


"Oh shit! Happy, we have to go sharpen my katana!" Lucy exclaimed, dragging the disoriented cat out of the guild.

Laxus chuckles at her retreating figure.

"Stupid blondie..." He mutters. Mira strolls over to him, her eyes replaced with hearts.

"Is it a new couple I smell? Lalu?! OMG, blond blue-eyed babies!" She squeaked out, dancing around dramatically.

"Tch...shut up women," He growled, storming away.

Lucy sits on her bed deep in thought. All of the people in the S-class trials were talented, and their strength was not to be underestimated. Elfman was partners with Evergreen, and Freed was with Bickslow. Wendy and Carla partnered up, as did Gray and Lucy's own spirit Leo, or Loke. She knew Levy and Gajeel teamed up, even Juvia and Cana. 

Lucy knew that Natsu would partner up with Lisanna, and she didn't know how to feel about it. I mean, she loved him, but also despised him. Does that even make sense? She was very grateful Happy wanted to be her partner, and that she could finally show off her new dragon slayer magic. 

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