New Revelations

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On a random day, Lucy abruptly starting thinking about the ones who were lost.

Had anyone told anyone what had happened to those they loved? What about Jellal? She smacked herself mentally. She had been inconsiderate. She should have thought of the other people; of the people who were left behind. Other peoples' families other than her own.

When she thought about it, she basically knew absolutely nothing about a majority of the members. Why did Bickslow, Evergreen, and Freed join Fairy Tail? Now that she really pondered, she barley even knew anything about Juvia; Juvia was one of her good friends too! 

She knew about Levy's past; the tragedy that was her parents death. She had joined Fairy Tail, and had been there ever since. Gray, as far as she knew, had Lyon. And he already knew what had happened. She felt terrible for him, and how he basically lost his brother. Cana's mother was deseased, but her father Gildarts was with her, wherever she was. In heaven or...well, Lucy didn't know where they were.

Lucy was quite close with Mirajane, not Elfman, so she had a good grasp of their past. She didn't know much, but she hypothesied they were orphans from what she had witnessed. She knew about the Lisanna thing, obviously, since she had been there.

Erza's history was well-known to her. There was Jellal. She imagined he didn't even know about what had happened. Her heart reached out to him. She would also need to try and find Sho, Wally, and Millianna.

Natsu, Wendy, and Gajeel...well, everyone knew their situation. It wasn't exactly hidden or secretive.  Their adoptive draconic parents had disappeared, and not even they knew about their human families.

Carla, Happy, and Pantherlily, on the other hand, all had family and friends in the Exceed colony.

'How did you break that kind of news to a literal queen?' Lucy mused in distress. 

'How do you break that news to anyone in general?!'

Lucy made it a mission. She had to visit Jellal. He was one of the few people she knew she could find. He had a terrible life. Everything seemed against him most of the time. And Lucy knew he deserved to know. He should be allowed to know what happened to Erza.

She had been appalled and utterly disgusted to see the environment that the Magic Council were keeping him in. The guards tortured him comstantly; with lightning. And it wasn't for a good reason, though there could never be a good reason for torturing someone. They...did it out of boredom.

Lucy could not allow it to continue.

She managed to brush her anger aside, and calm herself. She explained to Jellal what was going on. He had, understandably, been heartbroken, not quite believing that Erza might be alive until she snapped at him and asked him if Erza would want him to be sad like this.

He had sat there, shocked, before huffing out a broken, bitter laugh. Her glared down at his lap, smiling fondly.

"No. No, she wouldn't."

Shortly after that, Lucy was forced to leave. But she couldn't leave things like that. Jellal didn't deserve that. She was going to get him out of that place, whether she had to break the rules or not. She didn't have a lot to lose.

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