Fairy Tail Oneshots (x reader) [requests closed]  by TranquilNinja
Fairy Tail Oneshots (x reader) [ 忍者
Fairy tail x reader one shots. Because fairy tail is my favorite Will be female unless otherwise specified *Lemons included [requests closed] Highest #289 in Fanfictio...
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Be Mine | Natsu x Reader  by LadyWifi15
Be Mine | Natsu x Reader by LadyWifi15
Credit to: @wow_loveit ⚠️ WARNING this will contain a lot and I mean a lot of Lemon like probably in every chapter 🍋 This story is about the Dragon Slayer Mating seas...
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She is Mine ( Sting X Reader X Natsu ) Wattys2016 by crazy4u75
She is Mine ( Sting X Reader X crazy4u75
A week before the GMG's FairyTail has an old member come home from her long journey but the only people that even know her are the s-class wizards, Gramps, and Laxus. Sh...
  • sting
  • natsu
  • reader
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Would u let me make you happy? by SayumiMagnolia
Would u let me make you happy?by Leah~ chan
(F/c ) came to Fairy Tail with Natsu and just when you both started to settled in. You met a boy that seems to be in the dark and in a few years you became the sun that...
  • grayfullbuster
  • fairytail
  • romance
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Stronger Than You Think (Fairytail) by Duck_Ninja
Stronger Than You Think (Fairytail)by YA GURL MARI
Lucy Heartfilia was never the strongest. She always knew she wasn't as strong as Erza, Natsu or Gray. Even little Wendy was more capable in a fight. She had always ignor...
  • natsu
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Dragon Mating Season by kittycat4661
Dragon Mating Seasonby Kitty Cat
I know there are like a hundred of these but I don't care. The dragon slayers are experiencing some changes, no one notices these changes but the dragon slayers. These c...
  • laxus
  • stingue
  • lucy
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Broken (Nalu Fan-Fic) by Tartoros_Demon_13
Broken (Nalu Fan-Fic)by Raira
Lissanna comes back from the 'dead'. Everyone is so excited they throw a huge party.... That lasts 6 months. During those 6 months almost the whole guild forgot about a...
  • fairytail
  • broken
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The Fairy Ninja by Infinity_of_Nobody
The Fairy Ninjaby Kami-Sama
Natsume Dragneel. She's 12 years old and the younger sister of Natsu. She knows how to use Dragon slayer, ex-quip, and take over Satan soul magic. While on a mission Na...
  • konoha
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  • sasuke
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Season of Dragons by Madds1914
Season of Dragonsby Maddy
Ah the season of love and... dragons? It's dragon mating season and in fairytail well things get hectic because Erza finds out and... well find out for yourself. Pairing...
  • dragon
  • fairytail
  • natsu
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Rescue Me by Chiwazii
Rescue Meby Chiwazii
Lucy is getting bullied at school but she always smiles even though she is dying inside. She has a son to take care of and nobody knows this or her past. Natsu is one of...
  • hurt
  • teenromance
  • gajeel
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The Black Flames of Chaos by Astrid_Celest
The Black Flames of Chaosby Astrid Celest
The Chaos Dragon Slayer was know to be trained by the dragon Acnologia. He was feared by his guild members. And the enemies might as well have waved a white flag and su...
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Fairy Tail: Secrets within the deep ocean (Laxus X OC) by kaintw
Fairy Tail: Secrets within the Aoi_neko
Fairy Tail, a guild filled with strong, wizards, consider themselves as a big family. Nothing can stand between each other, because of their strength and steadfast heart...
  • natsu
  • rouge
  • fairytailxreader
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What is love? (Natsu x Reader) by PanapaleQueen
What is love? (Natsu x Reader)by 『🍍👑』
Its you, and guess what? You're in highschool. I dont wanna spoil it, but you end up with this totally hot, goofy guy. Read to find out more -disclaimer- I do not own fa...
  • natsu
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Caged Dragon by DestinyFerrum
Caged Dragonby Destiny Firebreath
When we first met them they were in a cage. First Published September 24, 2018
  • lucy
  • dragon
  • natsu
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Fairy Tail High {Bullied!Readerx Popular!Natsu} by Phantomhive_Butler
Fairy Tail High {Bullied!Readerx Natsu Dragneel's Mate
You are a student at Fairy Tail High. While you are the smartest one in the entire school, you are bullied by the cheerleaders. Lucy is the cheer captain, while Lisanna...
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Fairy Tail's Angel slayer  by W0lfAng3l
Fairy Tail's Angel slayer by ✰Wolf Angel❦
Fairy Tail X Reader ~ This book is a bit of everything~ You were taken from your family for 3 years. Whilst in captivity you witness the miracle of seeing an angel. You...
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Follow (Natsu x Acnologia) by LucyWatanabe
Follow (Natsu x Acnologia)by ラッキールーシー. Rakkīrūshī
It's rare to see Acnologia and Natsu pair up. So here I am. Natsu gets raped by Acnologia Lovely stuff
  • kinkyshit
  • natsu
  • acnologia
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dragon slayer guild (Fairy tail story) by salwabprice
dragon slayer guild (Fairy tail salwabprice
Fairy Tail has to face a brand new threat. Imagine a guild entirely out of dragon slayers with 1st, 2nd and even 3rd generation dragon slayers with power you couldn't im...
  • natsusister
  • lightningdragonslayer
  • dragonslayers
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Waiting for my mate by Veikari
Waiting for my mateby Veikari
Fraxus here! And of course it is time of the dragon mating season! Laxus is waiting Freed to return from a mission, but then things happen... And then even more things h...
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Breaking the Chains by Winterlogy
Breaking the Chainsby I am Groot
Natsu Dragneel, one of the richest man in Japan, seeks for a PA that doesn't flirt with him. Refuses on love because if he ever let someone let inside his heart it will...
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