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A Hunter's Fairy Tail. by Weird_PizzABY
A Hunter's Fairy Iamtheweird_ABY
Netero, the President of the Hunter Association, said to two young boys; "I'm sending you two on a mission to make an alliance with all the groups of this new conti...
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What?! (Natsu x Reader) by awkJOY
What?! (Natsu x Reader)by joy c.
"But rumors has it that Natsu is going to get some 'alone time' with (Y/N)."
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Aine Chinami And The Mage School. by ashdarkangel
Aine Chinami And The Mage ashdarkangel
I am Aine Chinami. I'm the student council president of A Mage High School for Mages only. My life is simple. I wake up, get ready for school, go to school, get talked a...
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NaLu one shots by alice_the_sheep
NaLu one shotsby alice_the_sheep
this is a natsu x lucy one-shot thing full of fluff and cuteness I do not own Fairy Tail or any of the characters, I only own the story line
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Anime Prank Calls (BlueRose edition) by xXBluerose9Xx
Anime Prank Calls (BlueRose As if I'd tell you! well... I...
Okay people, heres the deal. I saw all these other anime prank calls and they were so hillarous, i had to try it out myself. (sorry otakufox!) but don't worry, i wont co...
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I Got Hit, Now I'm Stuck In Fairytail by Eldragonoid
I Got Hit, Now I'm Stuck In Eldragonoid
I woke up this day and not feeling well. But, I decided to go to school instead of sleeping in my room all day. As I got to school, I quickly go to our clinic before goi...
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The Fire Within by WarningGodzillaAhead
The Fire Withinby Kayla
SEQUEL TO BAD SEASON: A powerful magic has been awakened in Natsu. And he's not the only one who is aware of this. His uncontrollable fiery outbursts may be hard to hand...
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Fairy Tail(FanFic) The Awakening of the Celestial Dragon by Naturesrejects
Fairy Tail(FanFic) The Awakening ASHA
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Lovers (editing) by StingRogue10
Lovers (editing)by StingRogue10
Natsu hates Lucy after a lie Lisanna spreads around about how Lucy hurt her. What will happen when Lucy ran into Sting and Rogue.
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High School Bad Boy by SakataLuce
High School Bad Boyby Portgas D. Lucy
Nastu is the worst troublemaker in the history of Fairy High. Lucy is the exact opposite; she always goes to class, does her homework, and volunteers whenever someone ne...
CUPCAKES NaLu fanfic by xllamaprincessx
CUPCAKES NaLu fanficby xllamaprincessx
Natsu and Lucy are at a party to celebrate Happy's birthday, except they both have to work in the kitchen together all alone. They decide to stay behind and help clean u...
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CHANGED by dollyux
CHANGEDby 🌱𝕕𝕠.𝕝𝕝𝕪𝕪🌱
(REWRITING) Betrayal...... that was only thing Lucy Heartfillia could think as Natsu Dragneel,the man that she cared about, the man she..loved could betray her like this...
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Obstacles of Normality |A Fairy Tail Love Story| by LizzyMacken
Obstacles of Normality |A Fairy Lizzy Macken
Born into a family of normality, it was clear from the start that something wasn't right about Elisabeth Macken. Tormented by demons of the mind, the single aspect negat...
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Not What I Had Planned (MAJOR EDITING) by theninjahero
Not What I Had Planned (MAJOR Night Owl
Danielle Sanders taught about everything if she ever gets to be in the Anime Dimension; most especially in Naruto. But what will happen when things don't go the way she...
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Come at Me! (Lemon) by CheesyHuh
Come at Me! (Lemon)by CheekyFelix
Lucy and Natsu...what could happened? A lemon story? Of course!! Please read, like and comment your thoughts lovelies.
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attack on fairy (attack on titan x fairy tail) by Sammie_peregrino
attack on fairy (attack on titan Sammie peregrino
what would happen if fairy tail got sent to another world, and they got new magic. (Edited in 2016) fairy tail x attack on titan inspired by @Awesome_Anime192
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Waiting For Superman (NaLu One-Shot) by alice_the_sheep
Waiting For Superman (NaLu alice_the_sheep
this is a NaLu (natsu x lucy) one-shot based on the song 'waiting for superman' by Daughtry. This is also inspired by @Bry_anime the wolf & Red Riding Hood (Sasaki Haise...
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Jealousy and Friendship (NaLu or NaLi Story) by BlossomingAngelss
Jealousy and Friendship (NaLu or Birdie
A choose your own ending story. This story is about Natsu inviting Lisanna on a mission with him and Lucy. Lucy has a crush on Natsu and is jealous of Lisanna. Lisanna...
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I'm a cat!!???? by StingRogue10
I'm a cat!!????by StingRogue10
Lucy get turned in to a cat by a member from Raven Guild. It is up to Lucy and a unlikely friends to help her since her guild ban her from returning do to a mission go w...
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When You're Gone by TheCelestialDragon28
When You're Goneby Celestia
Natsu Dragnel just came back from a very dangerous mission....but with amnesia. Lucy Dragneel, his wife, cries and cries when she found out that he is dating Lisanna Str...
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