Anything For You

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Lucy stood paralyzed, her brown and blue flecked eyes open wide with shock and pure bliss.

"L-Laxus..." She whispered...drawing his attention away from the steaming Natsu. His eyes connected with hers, and she smiled. Her mouth was bone-dry, and she couldn't seem to force the words out of her mouth.

"I...I lov-" Lucy started before Natsu jumped in between them with a snarl.

"I don't care what you say, Lightning crotch! I love, Lucy, more than you ever could! And I won't give up so easily!" Natsu growled, his back to Lucy. Lucy sidestepped him and looked around the arena. The crowd was hooked on every word as if they were watching some juicy soap opera. She guessed in a way, they were. The announcers didn't seem bothered at all by the display Natsu and Laxus were putting on. 

Mira watched with mild interest, while all the other competitors in the arena watched on with varying emotions. Erza was smirking with victory, while Levy was stuck between being embarrassed for her best friend, and being happy. Juvia was ecstatic because now her friend had found her own 'Gray-sama'.

"Natsu...I don't care what you're still the same selfish, bastard that hurt my Lucy. I will never forgive you for if you wanna fight..."

"Come at me...I won't hesitate to destroy you..." Laxus spoke icily. Natsu opened his mouth, about to argue back, when Lisanna latched onto his arm, pressing his arm into her chest.

"What do you mean you love Lucy? I...I thought you loved me?" She asked, hurt laced in her tone. Natsu merely sighed and shook her off his arm.

"Lisanna, not now," He replied, his eyebrows still furrowed, and his coal black eyes flickering between Lucy and Laxus.

Lucy started walking out of the arena, requipping into a pair of blue jeans, and a black hoodie. She just felt like shrinking into a ball and disappearing. Sure, she should feel ecstatic that Laxus felt the same way about her...and she was, but she couldn't help but be slightly angry at Natsu. Laxus...WAS right. Natsu hadn't changed, had he? He claimed he was in love with Lucy, and that he had always loved her...but if that was true, then why did he treat her the way he did?

Lucy knew, that Natsu loved the NEW Lucy. The strong Lucy, the Lucy who didn't take crap from anyone, and the Lucy who was now known as Fairy Tail's strongest member. He DIDN'T love the old Lucy. The old Lucy, who was broken beyond repair, and was tossed away like a faded garment. He hated the old Lucy, who was weak, and overly peppy.

Laxus...he loved both Lucy's. He had been there with her the whole time, watching her learn new magic. He had helped the sad, weak Lucy when everyone else had turned their backs on her. Lucy was proud of who she was today...she thought she was funny, strong, kind, and hopefully, beautiful. But even now, after she had reached her goal of strength, she didn't feel any better.

She still felt...alone...and weak. It didn't help that she knew...she knew something bad was going to happen soon...Carla had told them about a vision of hers...not to mention the people who tried to kidnap Wendy. Lucy just felt helpless. 

Lucy walked around aimlessly when suddenly she ran into Juvia.

"Oh, Hi Lucy-chan! Juvia is glad she ran into you!" Juvia said sweetly, falling into step beside her. Lucy watched her with interest...she seemed...sad.

"Oh...Hi Juvia! What's look upset..." Lucy asked, walking towards the railing, where they could see the Fairy Tail teams bickering...but Gray was missing.

"U-Um! It's nothing Lucy-chan! Don't worry about Juvia..." Juvia whispered sullenly, her sea blue eyes darting to look at something at the far side of one of the bleachers for the audience. Lucy followed her gaze, and her mouth opened with understanding. 

"'s about Gray, isn't it?" She inquired, watching Juvia's eyes flicker back to Gray. Her eyes momentarily glossed over, before Juvia sniffed and nodded.

"Can in private?" Juvia asked quietly, trying not to look at Gray. Lucy nodded quickly.

"Hey! Lucy, Juvia!" Lucy turned around, seeing Gray running towards the two. He also had a...girl right behind him. She was tall, with long, bronze-colored hair, and bright blue eyes. She was wearing a pink mini skirt, and a white top, with white flats that were decorated with pink and blue flowers. The girl looked at them with mild curiosity, sizing up Lucy and Juvia. She scoffed, a subtle smirk gracing her lips before it disappeared entirely. She then plastered a sweet smile on her face.

"Sorry, Gray...I'm kinda to you later!" Lucy exclaimed, noticing Juvia's blurry eyes. 

"Wha-Lucy!" He shouted. 

She snatched Juvia's hand and pulled her through the crowd, ignoring Gray's flabbergasted expression. Once the reached a quiet spot by the bathrooms, Juvia's tears leaked through.

"Oh, Juvia..." Lucy whispered sadly, she wrapped her arms around her friend, and Juvia sobbed into her shoulder.

"He said...he said...he wanted to ask her out! As if...he doesn't know how Juvia feels about him! He's known her for three days...and he says he loves her! L-Lucy-chan, Juvia...Juvia's heart feels broken!" Juvia wailed, hugging Lucy tighter.

"It's okay, I promise everything will be okay. Gray would be an idiot to chose that girl over you...she's boring compared to someone like you...Plus from what I've seen...she's kind of a bitch...but, if you want, I'll talk to him about it...but only if you want me to, that is! I just...I can't stand seeing one of my best friends so upset...especially because of something that idiot did! I promise I'll stab him in the knees for you!" Lucy soothed, making Juvia smile.

"You would do that, for Juvia?" She asked, pulling away to look at Lucy. Lucy nodded and smiled brightly. 

"I would do anything to make you happy, Juvia!" 

"You're very important to me...and if your hearts set on Gray, then I'll do anything in my power to get you two together! Now...Let's go back. I bet the others are missing us," Lucy said with a smile, grabbing Juvia's hand once again. 

Juvia's sad teary face turned into a soft smile. Lucy was right...and for the first time in a long time, she wasn't fawning over Gray, or even thinking about him. She was just enjoying being with her best friend, and the overwhelming feeling of happiness Lucy gave off. 

"Lucy-chan...thank you..."

"No problem! Don't worry, we'll make sure to show Gray what he's missing!" 

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