The Surgery

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~Lucy's POV~

"It's time...." Laxus says, and I nod my head, ignoring the bubble of anxiety growing in my stomach. He takes my hand and leads me to the operating room.

I lay on the cold metal table, shivering slightly. I was wearing a breezy hospital gown, which made me really uncomfortable.

I knew that getting the lacrima implanted would be painful. Luckily, we had enough jewel to get anesthesia. I close my eyes after they attach the anesthesia mask. I start to feel drowsy. This is it. After this, I won't be weak Lucy....I'll be Lucy Heartfilia, the water dragon slayer!

~Timeskip, Normal POV~

Happy and Laxus were sitting in the waiting area. Laxus was listening to his sound pod, while Happy was munching on a fish he smuggled in.

"Sir...." A doctor, with salt and pepper colored hair said, tapping Laxus on his shoulder.

"Yes?" Laxus asked, immediately taking off his sound pod.

"Lucy Heartfilia's operation was successful, and she's now resting," He said, before leading the two to Lucy's room.

Happy right away noticed the scar going through her right eye.

'That must be where they put the lacrima....' Happy thought.

She was shifting in her sleep, curling up in a ball. She murmured to herself, trapped in a nightmare.

~Lucy's Nightmare~

I was with Natsu, Happy, Lisanna, Erza, and Gray. We were all on a train, heading off to a mission.

It had only been a couple of weeks since Lisanna​ returned, and she had been tagging along on a few of Team Natsu's missions.

I fiddled with my keys, not sure with what to do, or say. Usually, I would be helping Natsu with his motion sickness. I'd lay his head in my lap, and comb through his wild pink locks. But Lisanna had taken over the job, her high pitched giggling loud enough to be heard by everyone.

"Soooo....this mission is to get some priceless artifact, that a dark guild stole, right?" I ask, flinching at the way they all ignore me.

"Yes, didn't you read it?" Erza said, not even looking in my direction.

"I-um...yes I-" I started.

"L-Lucy," Natsu grunted out, his face a pale shade of green.

"Yes, Natsu?" I ask, tilting my head like a puppy.

"M-Maybe y-you S-should go home," He said, before throwing up into a barf bag.

My heart thumped loudly, I felt like dying. The wanted me to go home..? But...why?! I was getting stronger, I could open two golden gates at the same time! I could feel the tears of frustration threatening to leak from my eyes.

"Y-you want me to go home?" I ask, hoping it was a misunderstanding, that he was just looking out for me.

"Yes. We don't need you, Lisanna can handle this one. We'll talk when I get home, ok Lucy," Natsu said, his signature toothless grin appearing. I try for a smile, but know it probably looks more like a grimace.

I look around at the others, hoping they don't agree with him. Gray is looking out the window, acting as if he didn't hear. Erza is nodding in agreement with Natsu, a sad smile plastered across her face. Lisanna just smiles, not sure wether to be happy or  feel guilty. Happy looks at his best friend in confusion, not understanding why Natsu was acting like this.

"I'm sorry Lucy, but Natsu's right. You should start training. You're too weak as you are now. You don't even hold a candle to Wendy," Erza said, crossing her arms.

'Lisanna can handle this....Lucy go home....we don't need you...You're too weak as you are don't even hold a candle to Wendy... ' My mind was in shambles, the words were in a constant replay. Like a broken record.

"Natsu, what are you say​ing?!" Happy exclaimed. His tiny paws were clenched in anger and his eyes were watering.

"Happy, I'm just saying the truth. This mission will be too hard for her," Natsu replied, trying to ignore his motion sickness.

"No! Lucy is amazing! She may be really fat, but she has strength!" Happy yelled. I ignore the jab, and pet his head.

"I'll just go home...Take care of everyone, ok Happy," I say.

After I went home, I really thought about what happened. I don't know how, but I convinced myself that they were just protecting me. That they were telling me the truth, and just wanted me safe. I wish I would have realized sooner how off I was.

If I had known, that they didn't have good intentions. That it was just to get rid of me, then I wouldn't have tried so hard to get them to talk to me. Even after the things they said, I tried to get them to go on missions, and hang out with me. But it never worked. I guess they really hate me...

~End Nightmare~

"Blondie!! Wake up!" Laxus yells, shaking Lucy's shoulders. Her eyes blink open, and there's a slight change of color. Her eyes were now tinted blue.

"What the hell!! Stupid Sparky...." Lucy curses, irritated. She pushes her now, lower back length hair behind her ear.

"LUSHY! You're officially a dragon slayer!" Happy said, cutting in front of Laxus. Laxus swatted at him, which Happy gracefully dodged.

"I am, aren't I!" Lucy says, her eyes shining with mirth.

I'm will start in a weak, and I'm excited. I better go key hunting while I'm away from Fairytail. I can't wait to see their faces when I come back, stronger than ever!

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