Natsu or Laxus?

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Lucy grumbled to herself, eyeing the horny males staring with distaste. The arena was filled to the brim with women, posing and sending kisses to the people in the audience, while strutting their best bikini. Lucy huffed at the eyes trained on her.

"Look at that Lucy from Fairy Tail!" Someone from the crowd said loudly. Lucy's sensitive hearing picked it up.

"Yeah, she's amazing! She's really strong!" Lucy's pride swelled at the comment from the crowd.

"She also has a nice rack! I mean, look at that body!" Lucy's eye twitched at the grotesque remark.

"Erza! Why are we down here! I'm uncomfortable!" Lucy complained. Erza merely glanced at her, before posing again.

"Master Mavis wants us to participate. Now shut up and pose," Erza said, smiling at a guy in the audience who was staring in awe at her. Erza was wearing a black bikini, with silver swirls.

"Fine," Lucy scowled, crossing her arms. Lucy was wearing a galaxy print bikini, with little bows on the sides of her hips. Her hair was in a fishtail braid down her back. She thought, hey, why not do a star themed swimsuit. She WAS a celestial mage.

*******Break provided to you, by a psycho Chemistry teacher, throwing table salt.*****

"Alright Folks, let's do a wedding scene. Grab a lucky groom ladies!"

Lucy stared blankly at the crowd of girls rushing to drag a poor male into the arena from their guild. She requipped into a wedding dress, and stood off to the side, watching sadly as all her friends paired up.

 She requipped into a wedding dress, and stood off to the side, watching sadly as all her friends paired up

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Mira had gotten Master to help her, while Levy had somehow coaxed Gajeel into participating with her. Was Juvia...snuggling with Gray on the ground? He was stiff and his eyes bulged out of his head. 

"YES!" Lucy exclaimed, when she noticed a blushing Jellal, holding a flushed Erza's hand. Erza's wedding dress was tight and had a lace neckline. She was holding a bouquet of lilies and violets.

Lucy squealed with delight. Finally, Jerza happened! Then, Lucy stopped, realizing that she was acting like Mirajane. 

"Lucy..." Lucy turned around to see Laxus, in a black suit, with an unreadable expression. Lucy's heart rate sped up, and she clutched the hem of her gown with anticipation. 

"O-Oh! Hi, Laxus! What's up?"Lucy stuttered, twiddling her thumbs in a flustered manner. She stared at Laxus, her lightly tanned skin becoming clammy. Laxus holds out a hand, and Lucy watched with a smile plastered on her face.

Meanwhile, Natsu stared with utter annoyance at the white-haired girl, whose arms were draped over him. 

"Natsu! Remember when we were kids? We used to play husband and wife..." Lisanna starts. Natsu roughly pulls away from her, his eyes focused on something else entirely.

"You promised me we could get married one day, remember...?" Lisanna continued, turning her back to Natsu. She took a deep breath. She was FINALLY going to confess her feelings! She had gotten the courage when she saw how close Lucy and Laxus were. Lucy would not get in her way. Not this time. Lisanna turned around and opened her eyes with a smile. Her cheesy grin disappeared the second she saw what Natsu was doing.

"Natsu!" Lisanna cried, watching him launch himself into the air.

Lucy stared at Laxus's outstretched hand, with a joyful smile. She happily grabbed it and giggled internally at the little blush Laxus tried to hide.

"U-Um-Lucy? I have something to tell you..." Lucy's heart thumped loudly in her chest, and she stared at Laxus's navy eyes intently.

"Yes?" She crossed her fingers and watched his nervous fidgeting with her excitement nearly bubbling over.

"I lo-" Before Laxus could finish his sentence, a body barreled into him, falling from the air above.

"What the hell, Dragneel?!" Laxus shouted when Natsu's body literally fell from the air and landed on the lightning dragon slayer. Natsu glared at Laxus from the corner of his eyes, before looking at Lucy with a huge toothy smile.

"Hi, Luce! What's up?" He asked, walking over to Lucy, whose eyes shined with disappointment, and irritation.

"Apparently you..." She grumbled, thinking about Natsu falling from the sky.

"Sooo, Luce, wanna be my partner?" He continues, oblivious to the icy glare from the blonde lightning dragon slayer.

"Um-" Lucy began.

"She's going with me," Laxus snapped out coldly, scowling. Natsu turned to look at him, a deranged smile painted on his usually innocent features.

"Oh, really?" Natsu quipped tauntingly. A smirk stretched across his features, and even though his back was to her and she couldn't see his face, Lucy could feel his aura darkening.

"Yes. Now leave her alone, Dragneel," Laxus snarled back, his eyes narrowed into slits. Everyone in the arena froze, even Erza. The tension increased between the two dragon slayers, as they glared hatefully at each other. 

"She's not yours, Dreyar," Natsu barked, flames now dancing over his fists. Laxus's hands sparked violently, and Lucy began backing away slowly. She knew those sparks all too well. He only used them when he was either really angry or seriously trying to hurt someone. 

"You're a despicable human being, Natsu Dragneel. You think you can just waltz back into Lucy's life after you left her broken! You tossed her away like she was nothing! You don't deserve a girl as amazing as her," Laxus boomed, his icy eyes piercing straight into Natsu's.

Laxus's words hit a cord in Lucy. She started taking deep breaths, remembering the traumatizing scene. She had nightmares about the day they humiliated her in front of everyone and tore her heart out. She remembered everything, even down to the smallest detail. She remembered that she was wearing a blue tank top with a black mini skirt, along with her side ponytail. She remembered that the air was oddly humid that day and that Wendy's hair had been sticking up in the back. She remembered the pity she received from everyone, the sympathetic glances from her tormentors. 

Natsu's eyes flared, and guilt flooded his senses once again.

"I said I was sorry! I regret everything that I did! I love her so much, I hate myself for hurting her," Natsu shouted, his declaration making the audience shriek with delight.

"It seems that Natsu Dragneel the fire dragon slayer of Fairy Tail is in love with Lucy Heartfilia, otherwise known as Hell's Angel!"

At Natsu's declaration, Laxus snapped.

"Well too bad, Natsu."

Natsu stared at Laxus, his mouth set in an angry frown.

"Because I love her too."

Lucy blushed.

"And there's no way I'll let her be with someone like you."

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