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~Normal POV~

Loke teleported Lucy right in front of the average looking guild hall. Lucy's eyes bore into the door. Ever since she mastered most of her dragon slayer magic, her eyes were more blue than brown. 

'Here I am...for the third time,' She thought to herself. The first being when she arrived at Fairytail, second when she returned from her training, and third, was now. Her hand hovered over the brass handle for a split second.

The guild was a lot smaller than it once was, Lucy noted. Probably, because they couldn't afford the old one. Lucy nudged open the door and nearly gaped at how empty it was. It was like a ghost of the old Fairytail. Like an empty shell.

She quietly observed her surroundings, taking in everything. She spotted Wakaba and Macao drinking sake slumped in their seats. Laki and Max were seated at the bar, Laki poking at her food. Kinana chatted with the two, seemingly the only upbeat person in the whole building. Jet and Droy were staring at the mission board. Nab was nowhere to be seen, probably out on a request. Reedus was painting, a sad smile plastered on his face. Bisca and Azlack sat together, seemingly in love. Warren and Vijeeter were both out as well.

Lucy felt like slapping herself. They all looked so much older, much more mature. Much stronger.

Then her attention got caught on a specific kid in the background. He was sitting alone, reading a book. He was about ten and had dark violet hair and coal black eyes. Lucy then spotted the glossy black-haired exceed seated a table away, picking at a bowl of kiwis. Romeo...Pantherlily....She had nearly forgotten that Gajeel had left him here.  Lucy tugged at the scaled scarf wrapped around her slender neck. She was wearing Natsu's scarf and Laxus's jacket. She didn't care if she looked like Edolas Gray, it was comforting to wear them. Almost like she was carrying a piece of them around with her.

Lucy hesitantly walked farther into the building, closing the door softly.

"I-I'm back!" She said, her voice echoing across the small guild. Everyone's eyes turned to stare at her in shock. Romeo's head snapped up. It couldn't be...It had been years. Four years to be exact. She actually came back!

"Lucy-nee?" He whispered out, holding back his tears.

"Lucy!" Pantherlily exclaimed, flying to her, his kiwis forgotten.

"Oh my god!" Kinana yelled happily. She dropped the glass she was holding and it shattered on the ground.

"Lucy!~" She chirped, hugging the startled blonde. Lucy smiled but started to lose air.

"'t br-eathe..." She choked out. Kinana giggled sheepishly.

"Sorry," She said. Everyone had gotten over their shock. They swarmed Lucy, reminding Lucy that these people really were her family. 

"Stop guys. Let her sit down. She must have been through quite an ordeal," Kinana ordered. For a second, Lucy swore she saw Mira. Beautiful, strong, kind, Mira. She shook her head and the image flickered back to Kinana.

"So...Lucy. What exactly happened?" Macao asked. Lucy took a deep breath. She had already mentally prepared herself for this. She just wished she didn't have to be the one who crushed all their hopes. 

"Everything was going smoothly at first..." She started, avoiding their hopeful gazes.

"But...Grimoire Heart attacked us for Zeref, who is very much alive. We barely defeated them. Then, the worst happened. Acnologia, the black dragon attacked us. We were already weak, and even though we had five technical dragon slayers, we couldn't defeat him," Lucy said, her eyes downcast. It hurt to talk about this. Saying it all out loud made it all final. That her friends were really all dead. That it was the bitter, ugly truth, and final. Unchangeable. God, did it hurt.

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