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LaLu love story by emoyaoigurl123
LaLu love storyby emoyaoigurl123
I think they are so cute together! *fangirl scream*
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She is Powerful and She is strong by RandomFanFicAuthor
She is Powerful and She is strongby Maka
the classic lucy gets kicked out story and gets power boost. Natsu the idiot decides after Lisanna (Lisanna isn't evil) came back that he would -along with Erza and Gra...
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Stronger Than You Think (Fairytail) by Duck_Ninja
Stronger Than You Think (Fairytail)by 🌸Mari🌸
Lucy Heartfilia was never the strongest. She always knew she wasn't as strong as Erza, Natsu or Gray. Even little Wendy was more capable in a fight. She had always ignor...
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Team L.M.W by _Vixen_246
Team L.M.Wby _vixen_246
What happens when Erza, Natsu and Grey start to forget about the team because they are busy with their relationships? What will wendy, charla and lucy do? Well they ma...
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The Darkest Time of Fairy Tail by Swordfighterxl
The Darkest Time of Fairy Tailby Cake-chan
Okay! Here is my third Fairy Tail FanFic! It is about Lucy. She suddenly leaves. She is basically going to be like Natsu when he leaves to train. The prologue will expla...
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The Real Lucy by Kikokio_Ko
The Real Lucyby Kendall-Chan
What if all you knew was wrong? Well our favorite celestial mage has secrets even she doesn't know. It all start a week before the S-class exams. Lucy had started to...
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Laxus x Lucy My Electric Love by lovealine12
Laxus x Lucy My Electric Loveby Shadow Kitsune
Natsu puts lucy off the team angry lucy leaves Natsu standing acting like she doesn't care but when Laxus comes up to her asking her to join his little group will she sa...
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One More Time (Fairy Tail FanFic) by NayyNayy93
One More Time (Fairy Tail FanFic)by NayyNayy93
When Natsu breaks Lucy heart, she struggles to pull through the broke up. With less than a week of the break up, she is forced to watch Natsu and Lisanna parade around i...
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Mine (LaLu)  by GorgeousAce12
Mine (LaLu) by Robs
°Highest Rank° || 16 in ft || 16 in lalu || 472 in fairytail || Laxus decided to join his grandpa's guild not expecting anything but to his surprise, he found his beaut...
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The Last Queen by NeneLover
The Last Queenby NeneLover
This is probably gonna seem like another Lucy gets hurt and leaves the guild. And you might be right but you're not. She finds out a secret and leaves to comes back as o...
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The Light to his Spark by Tiger05star
The Light to his Sparkby t_money_in_the_house
Lucy joined the guild at age two. She had angel and demon magic that was very strong. When she joined the guild a lighting mage fell in love with her but sadly something...
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Lucy's crazy and stupid Harem! by milliewolf123
Lucy's crazy and stupid Harem!by milliewolf123
6 Men, One woman all with magic. All in a guild apart from one the poison dragon slayer his guild was a dark guild and he is just released from jail. Some friends some...
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Forgotten {Lalu/Laxlu Fanfic} by xXAqua_JacksonXx
Forgotten {Lalu/Laxlu Fanfic}by Aqua-Chan
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The New Me [LaLu fanfic] DISCONTINUED by Kyrie_Scarlet
The New Me [LaLu fanfic] Sinned.
Lisanna came back from the " Dead ", everyone has been partying for months and ignored Lucy except for Mira, Levy, Gajeel, Wendy, Happy, Lily, Charle/Carla, Li...
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I Can't Stop (A LaLu Fairy Tail Fan Fiction) by iiMushyxD
I Can't Stop (A LaLu Fairy Tail iiMushyxD
After the Grand Magic Games, Fairy Tail is invited to Akane Resort, where dangers are extremely high for a certain pair of blonde lovers. What could possibly be dangerou...
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Powerfull blonde by Dragonslayerl
Powerfull blondeby Dragonslayerl
Lucy has been in fairytail since Natsu brought her there. Not long ago. Lucy has been happy having a new family and enjoying her life. She even tried to get the anti-soc...
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Lucy Had A Brother by It_Just_Wasnt_Fair
Lucy Had A Brotherby Kelsey???
In a small village two siblings can be seen playing in a field of white flowers. Butterflies following them curiously. Who are they? Why are the butterflies so intrigued...
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LaLu: Lucy leaves the guild by MTiger1398
LaLu: Lucy leaves the guildby MTiger1398
lucy has been getting ignored ever since lisianna came back last year. she has been bullied btu she doesn't let that affect her. makorov knows she has become really stro...
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Left behind. by Jade1370
Left Raven_Ysabella_Jade
Most of the guild left for Tenrou island. There was only 7 people remaining,Lucy was left in charge all member grew in power as the years passed. Who was brought to the...
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Sparks of love by cfitz43
Sparks of loveby cfitz43
When Lisanna first rejoined Fairy Tail after she was thought dead most people ignored Lucy but that was okay because she still had team Natsu and her other friends but a...
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