Stronger Than You Think (Fairytail)

Stronger Than You Think (Fairytail)

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Mari ❤🌸 By Duck_Ninja Updated 5 days ago

Lucy Heartfilia was never the strongest. She always knew she wasn't as strong as Erza, Natsu or Gray. Even little Wendy was more capable in a fight. She had always ignored this fact, trying to convince herself she wasn't weak. But when Lisanna Strauss returns from Edolas, everything changes. People she cared about, people she thought were her closest friends, forget about her. When Lucy's worst nightmare, being asked to leave team Natsu, becomes reality. Lucy decides to get stronger, not just to prove to them that she's strong, but to prove to herself that she's stronger than she thinks.

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~This story doesn't exactly go with the normal Fairytail ark, but bear with me~

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