Dead End

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Natsu gulped, a flicker of realization and fear ghosting across his features. Lucy stiffened, noticing the sadistic way Laxus's lips curled downwards into a snarl. His whole body was tense and coiled up like a compressed spring.

"She's mine, Dragneel..."

And, as quick as lightning, Laxus spiraled into motion. 

He sprinted towards the pink-haired male, his movements harsh and filled with unfiltered rage. His eyes were pinched, an unbelievable amount of jealousy and possessiveness swirling in his navy orbs.

"Natsu!" Lucy cried in horror, dashing towards the frozen pinkette. He had realized the gravity of the situation, and for the first time, doubted his strength. He witnessed how serious Laxus was. He could tell by Laxus's rigid shoulders and hateful glare, that he was very genuine about his death threat.

Laxus's eyes flickered to her for a moment, and his eyes softened considerably. 

"Sorry, love," He whispered softly.

Before Lucy could even react, a ball of sizzling electricity was thrown at her. At first, she was dumbfounded. The lightning was a surprising, alluring baby blue. She hastily ducked, noting that the lightning seemed to bend. Much to her horror, even though she had successfully dodged the attack, it bent sharply and was sent barreling back towards her. Before she could react, the attack engulfed her. She closed her eyes, anxiously preparing herself for the inevitable pain. 

But...nothing came. She apprehensively peeled open one eye. Her mouth gaped open slightly, at the very unfamiliar spell Laxus had sent to her. She was trapped in a cage of restless, sapphire sparks. 

"No..." She whispered to herself. She was trapped! Without her help, Natsu might lose, or worse...She banged her fist against the electric blue cage. Electricity shot through her body, startling her to the core. It was only enough to be painful. Laxus had obviously made sure it wasn't lethal. 

Lucy watched helplessly for a few minutes, her desperate gaze raking over the struggle. It had only been eight minutes since their scuffle with the lightning dragon slayer began, and they were already losing. 

The sound of crumbling earth captured her attention. Her eyes flitted to the fight and a gasp escaped her parted lips. Laxus had slammed Natsu into the ground, causing the earth itself to shift and break. He was smashing Natsu's face with his bloodied fists, and suddenly a wave of panic washed over her.

'Natsu will die if I don't help him...!'

Lucy forlornly tried to think up a plan. She prodded at her brain and stomped her foot in mild frustration. She could try to hold him off...

Lucy's eyes snapped open when she heard a yell of agony. Natsu was sprawled on the ground, his body battered and bruised. Laxus loomed over him, his figure seemingly deadly and downright vicious.

"Star dress! Virgo form!" Lucy briskly said. She appeared in a flash of gold light, her outfit now a short, frilled maid's uniform with a stylish white headpiece. 

She harnessed Virgo's earth magic and tunneled through the ground. She cut straight past rocks and hard-packed earth as easily as a knife through butter.

Lucy sprung from the ground, propelling herself away from the long forgotten lightning cage, and towards the two.

"I'm going to enjoy snuffing the world of your existence...after hurting my Lucy, and getting in my way, you deserve much worse than death..." Laxus smiled, but it held no warmth.

He raised his fist, a sadistic smile now tugging at his lips.

"Slash of the water dragon!" 

Lucy bit her lip as her attack collided with Laxus, sending his bulky form veering back into a large tree.

She whispered an apology, rushing to help Natsu to his feet. Natsu wobbled on the pads of his feet, leaning on her shoulder for balance. Lucy's eyes glanced back over at Laxus and noticed he had risen to his feet, his eyes....she nearly shuddered at his eyes. They were nearly glowing with anger and jealousy this time. His intense stare pierced into her soul, seemingly breaking past all of her barriers.

"Natsu..." She whispered, and his eyes traveled up to meet her own.

"Run. Go get the others. I'll hold him off..." Lucy muttered, her eyes never straying from Laxus's form. He seemed to be listening to their conversation, a small smirk now playing on his features.

"But, Lucy...!-" Natsu protested weakly, but she brushed him off.

"Don't worry, Natsu...I...I'll do my best, okay?"

"Promise me...promise me you'll be alright...." He demanded quietly.

Lucy didn't meet his gaze and bit the inside of her cheek.

"You know I can't promise that....all I can say is, I'll do by best not to die..."

"That's good enough for me...good luck. I'll be back as quick as I can," Natsu replied, before briskly jumping off to fetch the others.

Lucy observed her opponent, her face stoic and collected. Inside, she was a mess of emotions and wanted to rip her own hair out due to her frustration. She knew it was risky to fight him, especially because she knew he would be playing sneaky. He would probably be aiming to knock her out or trap her somehow again. 

Lucy requipped into her hell's angel armor and decided she couldn't fight lightly with Laxus. She would have to go all out if she had any chance at beating him.

"Love...don't do this. I don't want to hurt you, but if you don't behave, we'll have to do this the hard way..."

Lucy's face scrunched up as if she had sucked on a lemon. He was nothing like her Laxus. She flipped him off, finding satisfaction in that act alone.

He chuckled. It was dry, and humorless, and made chills race up her spine. She started to feel breathless, almost as if she was in a tight space and the walls were closing in on her.

"Sorry love, but it's time to go."

 "....I'm sorry, Laxus, but I'm not going anywhere with you..." She snapped, crossing her arms. She didn't care if he was the man she loved...she wouldn't let... whoever or whatever this is, make him do something he'd regret.

"Oh, Lucy. You don't have a choice."

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