No Time To Waste

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▶┆Chapter eighty-four [84]

❝Loving you was never a choice.❞


SHE WAS GONE. Here one second, gone another. Like a pretty butterfly, always flying out of his reach. Sting didn't even know why she left. Had she just decided Sabertooth wasn't her place? He clenched his fists. No, that couldn't possibly be it. She had been so distraught...she had looked broken. Those people had beaten her heart to a bloody pulp, shattering her so badly she was struggling to pick up the pieces.

The thought spurred a tidal wave of worry. She had been weak emotionally. What if someone had taken advantage of that? He felt the urge to pace rear its head but managed to rein in his impulse. Everything was amuck. 

He wanted to search for her; he had to make sure she was alright. But where would he even begin? He had no idea of where she'd go, and less so of who else would know her location. He grits his teeth, feeling frustration tear at his mind. What was he supposed to do?

How could he save her? Why couldn't he figure it out? He just wanted to protect her. But the truth was he couldn't. He had no clue where she was. And he hated to admit it or to even acknowledge the possibility that she had turned evil.

But there was a voice in the back of his mind, whispering that it couldn't be ruled out. She had been acting differently, and after what she went through it really wasn't astounding that she switched sides. Had she maybe...met someone? Someone who had offered her the one thing she was craving most? 

She...she wouldn' couldn't

Lucy was too good...she couldn't let the influence of power or revenge corrupt her thoughts. The thought still seemed to nag at him. How could he be sure?...

He had to find her before that happened. He could fix it all right? Or at least ease her pain. Fairy Tail was merely a group of fools; Sting had once been willing to forgive them, but no longer was that the case. He was done. As far as he was concerned, they had declared war.

His princess...Lucy...his stupid blondie...was hurt. All because of their obliviousness and harsh brutality. 

They had caused her destruction.

And he'd be sure to return the favor


Laxus was all alone. Everyone was off searching for Lucy in some random towns, but he already knew where he needed to go. He needed to go to Sabertooth. He knew Lucy like the back of his hand, and he knew she was best friends with the idiot guild master. She would seek him out, right? Laxus hated to think it, but he knew in Lucy's eyes she believed she didn't have any other friends. That they all hated her.

But it wasn't true

He adored her; he still did. That was a fact that could never change. If she was with Sting, he could only hope Sting could make her feel better. 

He used to loathe Sting and Lucy's friendship. There was just something annoying about watching a man so obviously in love with your girlfriend laugh and joke with her.

He knew time was limited. He had noticed Lila and Kaden had disappeared, and that only meant they had wanted something to do with Lucy.

He would have to be faster. If he wanted to save her, he'd have to hurry. He couldn't afford to waste any time. Getting off the train, he felt the presence of another person. He immediately knew it was Natsu from the sick noises the person was garbling out.

Laxus luckily had anti-motion sickness pills from Lucy. He felt extremely smug about it now. Natsu walked with shaky legs up to him, while Happy sighed.

"T-Thunder t-thighs! Y'know where Luce is! Don't you!?" Natsu slurred, his voice filled with queasy nausea. Laxus glared, already through with Natsu's nonsense. After Lucy had fled the guild, Laxus had changed for the worse. He didn't like talking to the other guild members. All he could focus on was Lucy.

What did she think of him now? She probably despised him...and it was all Lila's and Kaden's fault. They had initiated everything, and now Lucy could be in major trouble. 

"Hey, you! I'm talking to ya'!" Natsu yelled, finally regaining his strength. Laxus sighed, irritation and impatience leaking into his tone.

"What the hell do you want, flame head?" He snapped.

Natsu's nose crinkled in distaste, but he made no effort to fight. He had more important things to worry about then Laxus's insults.

"You seem like you know where Lucy is," Natsu responded. 

Laxus contemplated telling him; sure, having backup would be helpful. But would Lucy be angrier? After all, they were the two boys who had broken her heart. Natsu had trampled on Lucy's sweet and forgiving heart, fully aware of his actions. And well...Laxus hadn't done anything. He hadn't actually betrayed her at all. 

Actually, all he really wanted was for her to return home. For him to be able to cradle her in his arms and remind her of how much he loves her. Remind her that Lila and Kaden's illusion was all lies. Everything it said was untrue. 

"I have an idea..." He said finally. Natsu perked up, abruptly looking happier than Laxus had seen him look since Lucy left.

"I'm coming with you," Natsu demanded, and Laxus didn't doubt that Natsu would through a fit if his "request" was denied.

"Fine, just don't be an idiot. This is about Lucy; we have to find her." 

Natsu nodded, his usually bubbly features corrupted by an uncommon seriousness. In any other situation, Laxus would probably say he was impressed. Natsu being serious? How unnatural. 

"So...where are we?" Natsu asked sheepishly, as he looked around.

Laxus sighed exasperatedly. "Are you serious? You boarded the train too, dumbass!" 

Natsu shrugs. Again, Laxus wasn't too particularly shocked. Natsu was the type to get on a train and completely not remember where he was headed. 

"We're headed to Sabertooth. I'm almost positive this is where she went."

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