Slave For a Day

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A/N: Heyyyaaa guys! Sorry, it's been a while, I've been just uninspired lately. Okay, before you skip past this, I have to tell you all something!

 I was thinking maybe I could do a live stream. I found this app, Rabbit a little while ago, where you can watch movies with like hundreds of other people, and talk in a chat room. I think it might be fun! And, if you guys preferred it, I could put on my microphone and make "my hilarious" commentary. (You have no idea lol ୧༼✿ ͡◕ д ◕͡ ༽୨)

If you guys think it's a good idea, then comment that you want to do it! Also, put what you want to watch...I'm thinking Fairy Tail, since it's what we came for, duh!

If we all want to do it, I'll make an author's note with the day and time I'll do it.


Lucy stood in front of Master, her whole team surrounding her. The whole 'eclipse gate' fiasco had finally ended, and Lucy relished in the fact that all the stress was somewhat over. She was still somewhat haunted by her future self's death and the insanely sad things she had told her. 

"Okay...well, we're going to have a game of rock-paper-scissors to decide which team orders the others around!" Master cheered. Erza stood proudly, walking towards Laxus, who was smirking.

"I will defeat you!" Erza chortled, a determined smile plastered on her face.

"You're on, Titania."

They both shook their fists, and to Erza's horror, she picked scissors, while he chose rock. The color drained out of Erza's face, as her clenched fist shook.

"We have our winners!" Makarov chirped. Everyone on Team A froze. Lucy nearly shivered at the stare Laxus was sending her way. She just knew it meant trouble for her.

"I want the duo of Lucy, and Natsu," Laxus snarked out, and everyone nodded. They had expected that answer. Lucy grumbled unintelligently under her breath. She was already over this...

"Obviously, Juvia chooses Gray-sama!" Gray turned paper white, and Lucy stifled a chuckle. He really wasn't adjusting to being Juvia's boyfriend.

"I'll take Erza!" Mira said a little too sweetly, standing up from the hot tub Fairy Tail Team B was huddled in.

"I guess I'll take you..." Gajeel muttered, pointing at Elfman.

"T-That means...I'm with her," Wendy said with a shudder. Cana smirked evilly over her shoulder.

Lucy huffed when everyone took their choice and exited the room for 'punishment'. Why did Erza have to lose...? Now she was going to die of embarrassment. Apparently, Natsu felt the same. He scowled, crossing his arms.

"Natsu. Go fetch me some pizza, will you? Oh, and a vanilla shake for Lucy." Lucy watched, semi-amused as Natsu's mouth gaped open at the favoritism Laxus gave her.

Natsu stalked off, flipping off Laxus as he went. Lucy let lose the giggle she was holding in. Laxus looked at her and motioned for her to come closer. She hesitantly approached him, her face expressing her distrust.

"Go put on that," He said, pointing at a folded onyx black outfit on a chair in the far corner. Lucy padded over to the outfit, and when she lifted it, she blushed.

"Bastard..." She growled, not at all pleased with the revealing bunny outfit. Why did everyone think she looked like a bunny? Lucy got even more irritated at the thought. Why couldn't she have won the bet?

Lucy glared at the smirking lightning dragon slayer. His smile only widened at her displeasure. She copied Natsu and flipped him off while giving him a dark smile.

Lucy slipped into the outfit, and admitted to herself she looked good. But, that didn't mean she wanted to waltz around half naked in front of Laxus, and the soon returning Natsu.

 But, that didn't mean she wanted to waltz around half naked in front of Laxus, and the soon returning Natsu

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(HER OUTFIT IS SOOOO KAWAII! I wish I could pull off an outfit like that...ʕ ಡ ﹏ ಡ ʔ)

Lucy trudged out of the bathroom, dragging her feet with her cheeks puffed out in mock anger. When she reached the main room Laxus was settled in, she shifted her arms and crossed them in front of her chest uncomfortably.

He looked her up and down, and Lucy gave him a look. She stood there for a good minute, before finally snapping at him.

"What now?" She inquired, tapping her foot in annoyance. A chuckle reverberated through his chest.

"Nothing...all I want from you, is for you to hang out with me later. I just want to punish Natsu..." Laxus muttered the last part darkly.

Lucy's aura brightened, and she smiled. She skipped over to the chair in the corner and pulled it over to Laxus's hot tub. She didn't get the point of wearing this outfit, but she wasn't going to look a gift horse in the mouth. All she had to do, was sit here. Well, and hang out with him later...but she wasn't going to complain about that. After all, she had to do something important tonight.

She requipped a book and settled down in the chair. A long, peaceful stretch of silence followed, and Lucy relished in it.

"Are you really not going to talk to me...?" Laxus asked, a fake pout on his face. Lucy giggled, rolling her eyes.

"You did tell me nothing else was expected of me," She sassed, with a twitch of her lips. He grumbled to himself.

"Well, I take that back. I order you to talk to me, blondie."

Lucy tsked, with a mocking smile.

"You order me? Pikachu, what happened to your manners?" She asked dramatically. 

"Yep, I order you, blondie. After all, you are my slave for this whole day."

Suddenly, Natsu reentered the room, panting tiredly.

"Sucker," Lucy laughed, watching the tired Natsu hand Laxus his pizza, and a milkshake.

Laxus handed her the milkshake, and Lucy took a sip, still amused.

Natsu glared at the both of them, realizing he would be the only one receiving a punishment in the room. God damn, Lucy had weaseled her way out of getting embarrassed. 

"I hate everything..." Natsu cried when Laxus handed him a bunny suit similar to Lucy's.

Lucy leaned back in her chair and sipped her drink casually. Oh, boy, she knew this would be good.

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