Who Will Win?

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"Wendy!~" Lucy exclaimed, glomping the bluenette. Wendy's eyes widened before her mouth settled into a stunning smile.

"Why are you so happy today Lucy-nee?" She asked, watching Lucy's grin grow. 

"I get to see you, of course!" It was one day after the Tenrou island group returned. Lucy had spent a whole day with Laxus and Happy out at a restaurant. Lucy realized, that the people from Tenrou had no idea how much Fairy tail missed them. Seven years was a long time to wait.

"Lucy!" Erza exclaimed, standing up from her spot eating strawberry cake. She stomps over to her, and Lucy prepares for the head-clash that is to come. As Lucy predicted, Erza slams Lucy's head into her armor, in what was supposed to be a hug.

"I'm proud of you. I heard you got the guild through very hard times. Kinana even tells me you're competition for Fairytail's strongest woman," Erza said, making Lucy wave her hands dramatically in denial.

"Of course not Erza, you're way stronger than me!" Natsu threw an arm over Lucy's shoulders, earning an 'eep' from the startled mage.

"No way, you're way stronger than Erza, Luce!" Lucy sighed, and Laxus walks over.

"Get your hands off, Lucy." Lucy shuddered. Laxus rarely called her by her name.

"Make me, lightning crotch," Natsu snapped, his eyes narrowed into slits. Laxus growled and everyone's eyes fly to stare at the little fight.

"Lucy-chan sure has a lot of admirers. Hopefully, Juvia's Gray-sama isn't in love!" Juvia cried

"Who do you think will win?" Mira asked with a grin, placing a glass in front of Jellal. Surrounding him are Erza, Gray, and Lisanna.

"I bet 20,000 Jewel on Laxus. He'll kick Ash tray's butt!" Gray laughs.

"Hmmm, I'm not sure, but I bet 30,000 on Natsu. When he's serious, he's quite strong," Erza nods, placing her money down.

"Of course my Natsu-kun will win! He's like the strongest of all wizards!" Lisanna exclaims, throwing down a 20,000 jewel. Jellal smirks at all their answers.

"Lucy will win. She'll punch them both and walk over here to get some blueberry pancakes." Jellal holds in his amusement at their shocked looks.

"What, I've been with her for a freaking seven years!"

"As if! Lucy couldn't touch Natsu! She's too weak," Lisanna growled, making Jellal scowl.

"Lucy's way stronger than you, Lasagna, oh oops, I mean Lisanna," Jellal snarked, bursting out in peals of laughter when Lisanna stormed away in anger.

"BOTH OF YOU SHUT UP! MOMMA JUST WANTS HER PANCAKES AND COFFEE! GOD!" Lucy screams at the bickering and fist-fighting dragon slayers. She punches them so hard, they fly to the second floor. She mutters to herself, plopping in the seat next to Jellal.

"Oh, hey Lucy."

"Hi, Blueberry. Sorry I took so long, those idiots held me up," Lucy says. Jellal slides her plate of pancakes and bacon over to her, as he already ordered it.

"Yummy! Thanks, Blueberry!" She exclaims, packing pieces of pancake onto her fork. Right as she was about to place it in her mouth, Master yelled. He started talking about the grand magic games, making all the Tenrou island people excited. But Lucy, and Jellal, or anyone who was at Fairytail when they games were created, wasn't excited.

'Shit, we sucked at the games. Stupid Sting, stupid Rogue.' Lucy had been visiting the twin dragon slayers in secret and was fairly close to the two. They were nothing like Sorcerer Weekly portrayed them, nor were they anything like the rumors said. Every freaking time Sting saw her, he'd ask her to quit Fairytail and join Sabertooth. God, eventually it got annoying. Sure, it was nice he cared about her, but she didn't need to be reminded every day that her guild was basically the weakest in Fiore.

"Team A will be, Erza Scarlet, Wendy Marvel, Gray Fullbuster, Natsu Dragneel, and Lucy Heartfilia, with Elfman Strauss as the reserve!"

"Hey, old fart, why the hell am I not on it?! You put blondie on it, but not me?" Laxus questioned angrily.

"I guess hell's angel is too much for you to handle," Lucy singed dramatically.


"Me, gosh! Ooh I forgot, I learned a lot of new fighting techniques! Someone fight me so I can show off my amazing skills by beating the ever-loving shit out of you!" Lucy chirped. Gajeel was about to volunteer, but a voice spoke before he could.

"Fight me, Lucy. I'm going to prove to everyone, that you're the same, weak Lucy, who got her heart broken by Natsu-kun!" Lisanna shouted. Lucy glares at her and is suddenly right in front of her. Lisanna squeaks and falls back in shock.

"Don't you ever call me weak, got that Bitchanna?" Lucy snarled darkly. Laxus stands behind her, with an identical dark aura. 

"Yeah. If anyone's weak here it's you." Laxus said gruffly, ut groaned in frustration when Mira and Elfman hurriedly block their scummy sister from view.

"Meet me outside, Lisanna. We'll fight, fair and square." Lucy storms out, with Jellal, Laxus, and Happy following her.

"...." Natsu stands there. How could Lisanna be so rude? She was always kind to him, but a bitch to Lucy. What a meanie. He walked out of the guild, actually deep in thought. He did break Lucy's heart, didn't he? He stood there watching Lucy. She was wearing a pair of black skinny jeans and a shirt with a cute chibi pig. Her hair was up in a ponytail, while her shoes were high-heeled boots. She looked so confident, so ready. There was no doubt she would win this!

~Yuno says hello and Duck_Ninja says goodbye~

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~Yuno says hello and Duck_Ninja says goodbye~

P.S.-Should I make Natsu or Laxus or someone yandere? Just a random thought. Oh and, did you know there's 41 different ways to kill someone with a banana? Lol, I'm so stupid.

 Oh and, did you know there's 41 different ways to kill someone with a banana? Lol, I'm so stupid

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