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Suki Daisuki... Onii-chan | NaLu | ✔ by SerenadeThis
Suki Daisuki... Onii-chan | NaLu | Aiah Mendez ♥
He's my brother... And I like him.... Warning: Lemon inside... Highest Rank: Romance #509 General Fiction #77 DateStarted:05-03-2015 DateFinished:06-24-2017
  • ally
  • tail
  • angst
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Together by kirariidol
Togetherby kirariidol
Lucy Heartfilia is a 16-year-old. Her mother had died early and her father's business collapsed. Finally having been able to join the most renown guild in Fiore, Fairy T...
  • natsu
  • kouempire
  • sabertooth
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Who said I need a hero? I'm the heroine (Fairytail x Assassination Classroom) by macarons_253
Who said I need a hero? I'm the macarons_253
She has a secret. She has been hiding it for a while now. She hid it from the ones she loves but now they have betrayed her feelings. All of them did, well except for...
  • crossover
  • assasinationclassroom
  • gruvia
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Playing with fire  by ArtGeekJ
Playing with fire by It’s_me_fabulousness
Natsu dragneel, the schools bad boy. Fresh out of jail and ready to fight. For him things come easy including girls, but what happens when he meets a already taken girl...
  • juvia
  • levy
  • lucy
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The new and improved Lucy Heartfilia by Fairy4Ever
The new and improved Lucy 🤑Tawana😄
lucy heartfilia now 18 years old was betrayed by fairytail. the only person who paid attention to her was lauxus, the thunder God tribe and lisanna. everyone else on the...
  • minerva
  • revenge
  • stinglu
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Celestial Warrior by ShadowJokers
Celestial Warriorby Shadow Jokers
After the GMG, Lucy is abandoned by the people she thought as family. She is summoned to the Celestial world to learn the lost magic of the stars. 'I promise you, I will...
  • heartfilia
  • lucy
  • fairy
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Tale of the Dragon Queen by SparkleQuack
Tale of the Dragon Queenby SparkleQuack
Lisanna came back from the so called dead and everyone has been treating her like she's an angel, and they have been treating Lucy like she's a demon of some sort, and o...
  • fanfic
  • lucy
  • dragons
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Lucy's True Past  by Soul_Rose
Lucy's True Past by Soul Wolf
Read to find out! Fairytail belongs to Hiro Mashima and others that worked on it, only the changes made to the story line and changes to the characters belong to me!
  • fairytail
  • zerlu
  • natsudragneel
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Achnologia's slayer by ABSolutely_Awkward
Achnologia's slayerby ABSolutely_Awkward
Lucy Heartfillia, Fairytail's beloved celestial wizard, was ignored, and used as a 'practice dummy' to test their magic out. Or, was abused by her so called "friend...
  • sabertooth
  • minerva
  • lucyrevenge
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Fire Heart by marisalynn394
Fire Heartby Marisa ✌️️
Highest Ranking: # 1 in natsudragneel 1/4/19 # 1 in Nalu 1/16/19 # 1 in Gray 2/20/19 Lucy lives in a town where there's two feuding dark guilds. One of them is Paradis...
  • natsuxlucy
  • gray
  • juvia
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Left behind. by Jade1370
Left Raven_Ysabella_Jade
Most of the guild left for Tenrou island. There was only 7 people remaining,Lucy was left in charge all member grew in power as the years passed. Who was brought to the...
  • powerfullucy
  • kids
  • lucyheartfilia
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LAXUS AND LUCY by AndrewChibiger
When a ship that doesn't makes sense comes true . . . In this fictional universe. - "What are you doing here Laxus?". His eyes wandered down to my stomach re...
  • love
  • action
  • heartfilia
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Breaking the Chains by Winterlogy
Breaking the Chainsby I am Groot
Natsu Dragneel, one of the richest man in Japan, seeks for a PA that doesn't flirt with him. Refuses on love because if he ever let someone let inside his heart it will...
  • mafioso
  • lucy
  • nalu
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One More Time (Fairy Tail FanFic) by NayyNayy93
One More Time (Fairy Tail FanFic)by NayyNayy93
When Natsu breaks Lucy heart, she struggles to pull through the broke up. With less than a week of the break up, she is forced to watch Natsu and Lisanna parade around i...
  • laxus
  • love
  • nalu
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The Celestial Princess by GoddessLucy
The Celestial Princessby Lushee
After Lisanna returns from Edolas, everything Lucy's ever known has been changed. Over time she becomes the girl that no notices, much less cares about. It gets even wor...
  • slayer
  • dragneel
  • otaku
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Lucy Heartfilia was found by Master Makarov at the age of 12. Shy and Cute Lucy had three magic: Ice dragon Slayer magic, Celestial Spirit Magic and Celestial God Slaye...
  • natsuxlucy
  • natsudragneel
  • magic
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Back to the Start(nalu) by shmmmmm
Back to the Start(nalu)by shmmmmm
After a terrible accident leading to the death of someone he couldn't imagine losing, Natsu somehow wakes up on the day they had first met. He believes someone has give...
  • natsuxlucy
  • erzascarlet
  • lucyheartfilia
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Through Hell - NaLu Fanfiction [COMPLETED] by DarkDem0nGirl
Through Hell - NaLu Fanfiction [ FairyTailFanfics
Natsu and Lucy got arrested by the magic council, and tortured. How far will Natsu go to save Lucy? How will their relation turn out after this? Will they still be just...
  • fantasy
  • fairytail
  • adventure
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Lucy, Queen Of The Light And Dark by Red_Wolf_huntress
Lucy, Queen Of The Light And Darkby Sticy and Graylu lover
Lisanna returns. Everyone is partying and is slowly forgetting our beloved stellar mage. Lucy is okay with everyone ignoring she doesn't care. She and Lisanna are best o...
  • love
  • lucy
  • sting
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Angelic Blood [Fairy Tail/Nalu Fanfic] by alanaCowdery
Angelic Blood [Fairy Tail/Nalu Alana
Cover by @NyxAbsol (She's amazing!) xx Lucy is disturbed when Virgo appears. She warns her of a silver key spirit that has been changing things around, and messing with...
  • anime
  • nashi
  • fanfiction
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