Stealing the Playboy's Heart by LadyTruckrr
Stealing the Playboy's Heartby Tiffany
When Natsu Dragneel lost the girl he loved as a child it hurt him in a way he could never imagine. So to cope with his pain he turned into a playboy determined to never...
  • fancic
  • romance
  • lucyheartfilia
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The Divine Empress by kirariidol
The Divine Empressby kirariidol
It was her dream to be able to join Fairy Tail, the strongest guild in all of Fiore. But now, was she really all that joyful that she joined that guild? She was now 16 a...
  • fantasy
  • zerlu
  • revenge
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Stronger Than You Think (Fairytail) by Duck_Ninja
Stronger Than You Think (Fairytail)by CHAT NOIR BOI
Lucy Heartfilia was never the strongest. She always knew she wasn't as strong as Erza, Natsu or Gray. Even little Wendy was more capable in a fight. She had always ignor...
  • jelu
  • natsu
  • juvia
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Memories(Nalu) by shmmmmm
Memories(Nalu)by shmmmmm
When the whole team is in danger, and defeat is prominent, Lucy uses an ancient spell to save them. But the cost of the spell, was none other than everyone's memories of...
  • nalu
  • wattys2018
  • fairytail
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You're My Everything by kirariidol
You're My Everythingby kirariidol
She was never born to be loved and she herself knew that. As far back as she could remember, there wasn't a single time where she had been loved; even now, she wasn't. H...
  • natsu
  • fairytail
  • lucy
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His Antidote (CoLu Fanfiction) by theakimsewriter
His Antidote (CoLu Fanfiction)by Ekana A.
Following the Eclipse Project incident, the dumb Magic Council arrested Lucy and Yukino for being parts of a life-threatening fate, and Lucy also for being part of the I...
  • oracionseis
  • lucy
  • colu
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The Nature Dragon Slayer (Fairy Tail x Reader) by I-am-THE-Random
The Nature Dragon Slayer (Fairy TheREALRandom
{[UNDER EDITING!! SO SORRY TO DISAPPOINT YOU GUYS (>_<)]} [F/n] Marvell is a Nature Dragon Slayer, who was left at the age of 11 to explore the world around her. O...
  • anime
  • gray
  • wendy
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The New Queen of Dragons by LilyWintersAster
The New Queen of Dragonsby Samantha Lee
Lisanna has returned from Edolas . Everyone in the guild is celebrating except for one. Lucy has been invisible to the whole guild except to Lisanna, Wendy , Mirajane...
  • natsu
  • rowen
  • nalu
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Nalu - The Demon Criminal by Dragneeel_Twins
Nalu - The Demon Criminalby Dragneel Twins
Summary: Criminal - Classified Crime - Classified Status - Classified The Classified isn't always fair. Lucy learns that quickly. All inmate's files are open to the publ...
  • crime
  • lucy
  • magic
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Forever Yours [NaLu❤] by thefinestwine
Forever Yours [NaLu❤]by Thunderbitch
✿◉●•◦Natsu x Lucy◦•●◉✿ Mira will stop at nothing until Lucy and Natsu realize their feelings for each other. But little did she know that nature has also paired them tog...
  • lucy
  • gruvia
  • dragneel
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Her Mafia Boss by Nalu4life1317
Her Mafia Bossby Risa_Royal17
A mysterious girl transferred into a new school. Not just a new school, the worst possible school there could be in the entire country. -- Academy. Not only did she make...
  • lucyheartfilia
  • lucy
  • natsudragneel
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Don't Leave Me by Rabbitgloves
Don't Leave Meby Rabbitgloves
After Lucy's heart is broken, one of Fairy Tails enemy's helps her feel better and they soon form an unexpected bond. Is her heart really repaired, or has she only just...
  • lucy
  • wattpride
  • fanfiction
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Lock Me Up |NaLu| by SerenadeThis
Lock Me Up |NaLu|by Aiah Mendez ♥
"She was always a bad girl, but what he wanted was a good girl." Highest Rank Attained #237 in Fan fiction 11/23/17 #215 in Fan fiction 11/26/17 #213 in Fan fi...
  • lucy
  • fairytail
  • natsu
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Open Your Eyes by Duck_Ninja
Open Your Eyesby CHAT NOIR BOI
When Lisanna and Natsu start dating, Lucy doesn't know how to feel. She knows she loves him, but, she wants him to be happy. So, she plasters the same fake smile on ever...
  • wattys2018
  • anti-nali
  • grayxlucy
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Not Your Average Girl (Sting X Reader X Gray) by yuki078
Not Your Average Girl (Sting X Akane
(Y/N) Dragneel is the little angel of Fairy Tail, and Natsu's sister. What happens when she's back 5 days before the tenrou group comes back? Who will be the one that is...
  • fiore
  • fairytail
  • natsu
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It hurts to have a heart (completed) by _pokemon1o_advanced
It hurts to have a heart ( _pokemon1o_advanced
When Lucy and Juvia get betrayed by the guild and the people close to them, they venture on their journey together to share one wish. What happens when there wish comes...
  • lucy
  • nalu
  • natsu
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Ms Heartfilia (NaLu) by Frances854
Ms Heartfilia (NaLu)by Frances854
Lucy Heartfilia, a 22 year old women works as a Gr 4 teacher at Sunshine Hills Public School. Natsu Dragneel, a 25 year old man, is the boss of the multi billionaire co...
  • billionaire
  • fairy
  • love
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Spriggan 15(Rewritting) by MavisVermil0
Spriggan 15(Rewritting)by Nikko
What if Lucy, Levy and Gray were kicked out of fairy tail and received a mission from the western continent, the Alvarze Empire. They head off to see why the emperor has...
  • zercy
  • larcadexlevy
  • happyxcarla
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The Light to his Spark by Tiger05star
The Light to his Sparkby Commander
Lucy joined the guild at age two. She had angel and demon magic that was very strong. When she joined the guild a lighting mage fell in love with her but sadly something...
  • demon
  • fairytail
  • lucy
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The Thunder King's Girl by jem29179
The Thunder King's Girlby jem29179
What if Lucy saved Laxus as a little kid? What if they met again in the future? What if only Laxus remembered it? What if Lucy saved Laxus from being kicked out of the g...
  • lucy
  • lalu
  • fairytail
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