Fooled Again

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It was the day. The day everything would change.

Lila knew it. As well as Kaden. Today would be their last day in Fairy Tail. A wretched feeling seemed to permeate the air as if everyone somehow knew deep down that today was going to mark the day everything went wrong.

Lucy wasn't there. That was the first sign things weren't right. Laxus noticed immediately, but he was still "fighting" with her. Maybe she had just slept in. Oh, how foolishly wrong he had been.

Jellal noticed she was gone too. He missed their usual banter and her cheerful laugh. She was never this late. He was a little worried, along with Erza, but they were sure that she had just stayed home. She was fine...everything was okay.

Natsu was worried sick. He had no shame in admitting his fears. She was his friend, his best friend. She always greeted him at 8:30 sharp. Maybe he was overreacting, being a baby. But, he wasn't the only one worried. All her friends were feeling her absence.

Mira's wary glances were noticeable, her hands gingerly drying glasses. Juvia and Gray noticed, but didn't assume anything horrendous happened. She was just having a lazy day. She just didn't feel like coming in early; It was no big deal.

It was no big deal...everyone had lazy days. The truth was never so bitter.

Everyone was present in the guild that day. All except Lucy. The sun blazed across the sky, as bright and cheery as a lemon candy. Clouds drifted across an endless expanse of baby blue, their white surfaces thick and misty. They resembled fat marshmallows, which only added to the happy disposition.

The pleasant atmosphere, the calming and serene aura, would soon spiral. Whether anyone knew it or not, a cataclysmic event was about to unfold. And no one could prevent it.


Lucy could feel it in her gut. Something was wrong. Walking to the guild, her stomach shifted uncomfortably. Even though she was wearing a cute navy blue dress with a white sash, even though her hair was curled and her lips were painted a pretty peach, she felt...strange. Her white flats grazed the cobblestone ground as she quickened her pace towards her guild. She was later today, due to the fact that her overbearing nightmares had terrorized her last night. Added to her usual anxieties and worries, she knew she deserved an extra hour of sleep.

She planned on patching issues with Laxus once and for all. She hated to admit it, but she missed him terribly. Life just wasn't the same without his deep laugh, his constant scowls and attempts at appearing aloof. His shy, sweet gestures, his quick hugs, and kind smiles. She longed for the soft, supple feel of his fur jacket against her shoulders and the tickle of his slightly shaggy blonde hair between her fingers.

Flicking a stray lock of golden hair behind her ear, her eyes brightened with determination. She'd be the bigger person, and admit her mistakes. She could concede to herself that she was growing glum without him. She hated being in an argument with him.

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