If Only...

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Lucy twisted in her sleep. Her eyelids felt extremely heavy. She shivered slightly, wrapping the blanket tighter around herself. Suddenly, her cocoa-colored eyes flew open. Her eyes darted around the room, taking in every detail. It was quaint and very bold. The walls were painted like a galaxy, which looked so realistic, it felt like you could reach out and grasp one of the sparkling stars. She sat up, rubbing her eyes. The bed she was laying on was plush, with a navy blue comforter. Lucy switched the lamp on her bedside table on. Where was she? 

Wait...! She exploded from the bed, and onto her feet. Acnologia! Grimoire Heart, Zeref! The memories rushed back into focus, like a tidal wave. She sat back on the bed, her head aching from the intenseness of the flashback. Loke opened the door and rushed to Lucy's side.

"Lucy!" He exclaimed, his eyes filled with worry. Lucy massaged her temples.

"I'm...I'm okay," She muttered, her eyes wrinkled up with pain. Loke called Virgo and the pink haired maid appeared in a flash.

"Princess, please swallow these," She advised, handing Lucy some aspirin and a glass of water. Lucy threw her a weak smile and swallowed the dry pills. Her headache finally cleared.

"Thank you, Virgo." Virgo placed a hand on Lucy's shoulder.

"Rest some more, Hime. You've been through a lot." Virgo exited the room, unaware of how Lucy's eyes dampened at her words.

"Loke...what did happen? Everything is blurry," She said, her face scrunched up with concentration. She remembered how Grimoire Heart attacked, and Acnologia. But, how had she ended up here? She recalled holding hands with Natsu, and Gray. Everyone was holding hands...and someone grabbed her...but, what happened to the others?

"Lucy...Acnologia attacked everyone, remember?" Loke questioned as if speaking to a child. Lucy nodded.

"But, what saved me? That roar would have killed us all..."

"Horologium managed to save you before the attack hit," Loke responded.

"So, I'm in the spirit world?" She wondered.

"Yes, you're in the celestial spirit world," He assured, avoiding her eyes. He knew what she was going to ask next.

"What...what happened to the others...?" She whispered, afraid to know the answer.

"The-They didn't make it...Tenrou island has completely disappeared, and they've been presumed dead for two years..." He said, his voice cracking at the end. 

Lucy just stared at him. It was as if her head had detached from her body. They...they were dead. Gramps, Mira, Charla, Wendy, Juvia, Gajeel, Levy-chan, Gray, Erza, Natsu. And most devastating of all, Happy and Laxus. Everyone she cared about was dead...gone...she would never see them again. Why was it the day she decided to mend her broken relationships, she lost all of them?

"All that's left of them is...this," He said, offering her two items. A scarf and a fur jacket. But, they weren't just any jacket and scarf. They were Natsu's scarf and Laxus's jacket. She hugged them to her chest as silent tears streamed down her face.

"How...how long have I been here?" She choked out suddenly. Hadn't he said two years? How was that possible?

"Two years...three months in the human world is equal to a single day here." She just clutched the two items tighter.

Lucy...do you want to go home, back to Fairytail?" Loke asked softly. Her eyes slowly met his and they seemed dead. Cold. Lifeless. She didn't want to go home...what if they hated her again? What if they were mad that she lived and their loved ones did not? Lucy couldn't do it...at least, not right now. She was too emotionally broken to be able to face any of them. Plus, Fairytail wasn't Fairytail without Natsu, Happy or Laxus. She couldn't bear to be without any of them. If only she had died alongside them...

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