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Caught on Land by StarKnightWonders
Caught on Landby Fanfic Writer
Gruvia Fanfiction Juvia is a mermaid and meets the human prince, Gray Juvia gets caught on land and has to find a way to be with her true love, Gray. Will she figure out...
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Out of the rain - Gruvia fanfic by Kittykin10
Out of the rain - Gruvia fanficby Cait
Every time Gray constantly rejects Juvia, it hurts more. She tries her best to hold the tears back and try to make him see her love. What will she do? She will try to gi...
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Fairy Tail - Bookworm and the Beast (GaLe/Gajevy Fanfiction) by spicenoodles
Fairy Tail - Bookworm and the Beas...by yona
A calm, reserved, and sensitive (about her height) girl. A rough, rebellious, and cold-hearted punk. Quiet Levy McGarden is assigned to a project with Gajeel Redfox, th...
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One Might Call This Love (Gruvia) by anime-hell
One Might Call This Love (Gruvia)by anime.-.hell
Juvia was a senior in highschool, who didn't really talk that much. She didn't have a single friend, and both of her parents had died. Though, she did have a boyfriend...
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Abandoned [Fairy Tail Gruvia] by GrayFullbuster591
Abandoned [Fairy Tail Gruvia]by notgrayfullbuster
Cover by @jeonsmiles Gray Fullbuster, hailed as the Ice-Prince at school had long stopped trusting people after being abandoned long ago by his parents. Vowing to close...
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Obvious Decisions {Gruvia} by gezusgeek
Obvious Decisions {Gruvia}by Colleen
Juvia hasn't been around lately. What was that about a decision to make? Gray was wondering that same thing when he too found himself needing to make a decision. Little...
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Falling for You by Gruvia011
Falling for Youby Gruvia011
Fairy Tail High. A school where magic is taught and lots of really strange things happen. Now let's get on with the story. Gray Fullbuster, a very popular, hot, sophomo...
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Feel My Heart [Gruvia] by Catsstolemypencils
Feel My Heart [Gruvia]by Catsstolemypencils
Juvia is always serious about confessing her love for Gray. This time is her thousandth time she had confessed to him and she wanted to do something beyond special like...
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The Celestial Dragon Slayer by RoyalPantaloons
The Celestial Dragon Slayerby Bayley
When Lucy gets kicked off Team Natsu, Wendy, Laxus, Juvia, Gajeel, and Mira follow her. Of course, they found out a "little" secret she`s been hiding from the...
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Sea bound ( A Nalu story) by Lala653
Sea bound ( A Nalu story)by Anime_Addict
Hi minna I don't like hate and this is my first fanfiction so it might be bad... I put my heart and soul into this story so please like!(Includes Jerza, Gruvia, Gale, an...
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Gruvia Fanfic - .:She isn't yours:. by measlymangoes
Gruvia Fanfic - .:She isn't yours:.by measlymangoes
Gray is forced to go on a job with Juvia. A man named Haruka attacks Juvia and afterwards it turns out he has a crush on her! What happens when he joins the guild? How w...
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Run Little Butterfly [Fairy Tail] by _DerpieDemon_
Run Little Butterfly [Fairy Tail]by Spechie
Run Little butterfly, Faster then the light. But as far as you go, I`ll always be right behind. The mystery of the Crystal woman, in caged in an unbreakable ice. No one...
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Gray Waters by hatsus_fanfics
Gray Watersby Hatsu
AU Gruvia fanfiction
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Juvia Who? ; Gruvia by gruviastan
Juvia Who? ; Gruviaby annika. ❥
After a horrible spell cast on Gray Fullbuster, he forgets the girl he secretly loved - Juvia Lockser. After all they've been through together, he forgets her, everythin...
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Our get along shirt by tobimasuu
Our get along shirtby Madison Larson
A Gratsu fanfic (fluff)
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My Bully Gray... by Juvia_is_here
My Bully Gray...by Fantasy
The rain follows Juvia because she never experienced true happiness. Because of this people made it easy to make fun of her along with rumors She is depressed and cuts h...
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Tears of the Heart by VioletStar_918
Tears of the Heartby VioletStar_918
"I walked slowly down the aisle between the wooden pews; focused on placing one foot in front of the other. It was proving to be rather difficult seeing as my legs...
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I Mɪss Yᴏᴜ. . . { Gʀᴜᴠɪᴀ } by IllOfMind
I Mɪss Yᴏᴜ. . . { Gʀᴜᴠɪᴀ }by Iʟʟ ᴏғ Mɪɴᴅ
Gruvia One-Shot
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The Rules of Dance | f.t by bundles-of-minho
The Rules of Dance | f.tby ❥ 𝓌𝑒𝓃𝒹𝓎
❝ she's always heard the saying 'dance like no one is watching'. except, as she stands on the stage, she knows everyone is watching. and she, most certainly, isn't danci...
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Learning To Love (Slow Updates) by Star_Supernova
Learning To Love (Slow Updates)by 🌟DESTINED 2 SHINE🌟
Juvia Lockser ~ a 17 year old girl who only lived with her mother because her dad abused them. Gray Fullbuster ~ a 18 year old boy who only lived with his father because...
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