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~Lucy's POV~

It's been a few weeks since Team Natsu kicked me off their team. I have been going on missions a lot, and have decided to go training. But now the hard part is telling my friends my decision. I hope they don't think I'm abandoning them. I invited them all over to the same waterfall in the woods they all comforted me at. 

"Lucy-chan is there something wrong?" Juvia asks tilting her head.

"Yeah, and why are we in the middle of the woods? Are you finally having a breakdown?" Gajeel asks laughing. Levy elbows him in the side, effectively shutting him up.

"Yeah, Lucy, whats going on?" Happy asks, flying around my head. I take a deep breath and stare them down.

"I have decided to leave the guild-" I start.

"What! Please don't leave me Lucy-nee!" Wendy says, clutching my arm.

I ruffle her hair and give her gentle smile.

"I'll come back, I just want to train for a little while."

Wendy breathes in relief and smiles in understanding.

"If that's what you want to do then we'll support you," Romeo says, stepping forward.

"I'm coming with you..." Laxus says, moving to stand beside me.

"Me too!" Happy exclaimed landing in my arms.

"But what about Natsu?" I ask concern marring my features.

Happy's features darken.

"What about him," He hisses out.

"He's your best friend-"

"No, he's not! We stopped being friends after we had an argument. Why do you think I've been staying with you? Lucy please, just take me with you," Happy pleads.


"Natsu!" Happy yelled. He just arrived at his house and sees Natsu and Lisanna kissing!

Natsu and Lisanna break apart.

"Happy?! It's not what it looks like!"

"Oh really? Cause it looks like you're kissing Lisanna. When earlier today I heard you tell Lucy you loved her. Did those words mean nothing to you!?" Happy screamed, tears streaming down his face.

Lisanna hurriedly left, as she had never seen Happy so upset.

"Happy I don't know who I love anymore! I love Lucy, but I love Lisanna!"

Happy flys over to Natsu and smacks him with his tiny paw.

"You called her weak! She's my mommy! I love Lucy! Why can't we go back to the old days when it was just you, me, and Lucy!?" Happy said, sobbing while tearing open his locket which had the picture of the three of them.

"First off, Lisanna is your mom, not Lucy. And second of all, we are in the good old days. When it was Lisanna, you and me!" Natsu yelled back, his eyes flashing dangerously.

"No Lucy is my mommy!" Happy yelled back with rage.

"Lisanna helped me raise you!"

"SO WHAT?! LUCY HAS BEEN MORE OF A MOM THAN SHE EVER WAS!" Happy shouted, before flying away.

Natsu chased him outside.

"If you leave, don't even think about coming back here!" Natsu yelled, not thinking about what he was saying.

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