Out of the Fire

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A pain laced shout cuts through the battlefield, the feminine voice gasping for air. A tangle of golden blonde hair can be seen, as the bloodied girl struggles to rise to her feet. She desperately scrambles to move her tired limbs but finds the effort futile. He was just too strong.


Lucy doesn't look up and ignores Laxus's taunting voice. She had been fighting him for what felt like an eternity. She had thought she had been doing well, but she had found out the hard way that he was just toying with her. After everything she had done, after training her ass off, she still couldn't beat him! 

She panted, stray grimy pieces of blonde hair fall into her face. She partly knew it was because she didn't want to beat him...She was still holding back, still praying for the Laxus she loved to break free and get control of himself again.


A sob nearly bursts past her pursed lips. He sounded so similar to her Laxus, that she felt near mental breakdown. What could she do to knock some sense into him? What had even happened to him? Lucy didn't know what to do. Tears prick her eyes at the thought. Was he okay? Was he all alone, trapped in his own head?...Was he scared?

"Darling, are you hurt?"

Lucy's eyes hardened once more. With a new renowned strength, she pushed herself up, her eyes narrowed with a newly determined glint. This was not Laxus! She had to fight back. She had people counting on her, people who would miss Laxus if he were to fall into the darkness.

She couldn't allow him to lose himself...she couldn't let him! 

"L-Laxus," She rasped out, her voice rough, but somehow still retaining its soft quality. 

"You have to fight this...please!" She pleaded, stumbling towards him. Her hand reached towards his and gripped onto it as if it was a lifeline. He froze for a second, his mind seemingly in a struggle. She watched his eyes soften, before hardening once again. She could tell her Laxus was fighting for control...but apparently, he was losing that battle.

"Sorry, Love, but Laxus isn't in at the moment...but, don't worry, I'm still here!"

Lucy huffed and moved to recoil away from him, and push his hand off of her. She found herself unable, and her breath stopped when she saw a smirk creep up his face.

"Your mistake was getting close to me, love."

"I'm not your Laxus. He's never coming back. You might as well get used to me, after all, you'll be with me for a long time."

Lucy clenched her fists and rigidly pulled back her fist. Her trembling fist collided with the lightning dragon slayer's smug face, knocking him backward. He stumbled a few steps, before regaining his bearings and turning his burning gaze on the quivering blonde.

"Shut up! Laxus is in there! He has to be!"

Lucy felt like she was just trying to convince herself. She felt anger swirl through her veins, numbing her sensibility to the pain that thrummed through her body. Her magic supply wasn't empty yet, she had just got hit by Laxus's harmful paralyzing lightning, which lowered one's physical strength.

"Open, the gate of the lion and the gate of the bull! Leo, and Taurus!"

Her summons appeared in a split second, already sensing her struggle. Loke immediately sprung forward, wielding his fiery gold fists of light. Taurus followed the lion spirit's lead and created a fissure using his colossal ax. They both fought together with ease, their movements swift, and fluid.

"Water dragon secret art! Holy water!" Lucy shouted, thrusting a boiling, churning ocean wave of water at Laxus. The wave swept him away, and he swore madly.

She noticed his dazed state, and hurriedly gathered the rest of her magic supply, for one last powerful spell.

"Celestial enhancer armor!" 

She requipped into her armor that enhanced her spells. It was black two-piece dress, with shades of lime green and jade accenting the sides.

 It was black two-piece dress, with shades of lime green and jade accenting the sides

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"Survey the Heavens, Open the Heavens...

All the stars, far and wide...
Show me thy appearance...
With such shine.
Oh, Tetrabiblos...
I am the ruler of the stars...
Aspect become complete...
Open thy malevolent gate.
Oh, 88 Stars of the heaven...
Urano Metria!"

The sky was painted with hues of pale pink, baby blue, and periwinkle, creating a stunning display. Stars could be seen glinting randomly, almost like sparkles in the colorfully smeared sky. Dozens of planets could be seen, their smooth and chalky surfaces reflecting the dazzling colors. Lucy's hair was flowing down her back, fluffing up to create a halo around her face. Her features were warmed by the blinding lights emitted from the entrancing sky display, making her seem almost angelic.

She put all her remaining energy into one last spell, that could hopefully make Laxus pass out. Her spell collided with Laxus's form, blasting him backward. She crossed her fingers, praying to anyone who would listen that her spell would be effective.

Lucy's eyes drooped, and her body started to shut down. She had been fighting a bloody, intense battle, and she supposed her fragile human body couldn't handle the stress any longer. Her body crumpled to the ground, her limbs numb and her chest heaving. She had done all she could. 

Just as her vision started to get spotted with inky blackness, she noted something with apparent alarm. Her eyes widened at the stumbling figure of Laxus, who was dragging himself to his feet. Somewhere in her mind, a voice screamed at her to rise. She couldn't let it end this way. If she passed out now, he'd take her away. He'd win if she passed out now.

But, it was as if she was submerged in water. Everything was dulled, and all her thoughts were slow and sluggish. Her eyes blinked blearily, and the darkness ate away at more of her vision. Her body had finally reached its max. She had tried...and she had failed. A single tear trailed down her cheek, making a track through the blood and grime at the thought. She really had failed, hadn't she? 

"I'm sorry, Laxus...I failed you..." She whispered before she was engulfed in the endless abyss that was unconsciousness. The last thing her eyes saw before she passed out, was a pain filled, smirking Laxus, holding his bleeding side. 

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