Two Worlds

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A/N: Hello everyone! It is I, Author-chan!! 

I just wanted to give a shoutout to Roselover555 She is such a sweetheart and an amazing writer! I would be so grateful if you gave her books a read! I love her to pieces!

Welp, on with the story I suppose (:


"Are you ready to go?" Sting questioned, his muscular arms wrapped firmly around a grass green colored duffel bag. Lucy peered up at him through her fringe and merely shrugged. She tightened her grip on her pale pink suitcase and glanced one more time at her vacant house.

"It is hard to leave this house..." Lucy admitted, her brown and blue flecked eyes crinkling.

Sting chuckled and grabbed her wrist. He tugged her out of the house, and Lucy quickly glanced back at her home one more time. 

"Well, too bad. You're coming to live with Rogue and I. So let's go! We still have to tell Master Makarov!" Sting exclaimed, an ever cheerful smile plastered on his tan face.

Lucy rolled her eyes but smiled back at him. She still hadn't told any of her friends about her leaving...She knew it was really irresponsible of her, but she just couldn't seem to work up the courage to confront them. She knew it was wrong to just leave and not give them any clues to where she had run off to. So, when they arrived in front of the guild. She fumbled slightly when reaching for the doorknob. 

She could do this. She had already thought it over. She would probably be safer at Sabertooth much as she hated to admit it, Laxus's letter had unsettled her. It made her feel paranoid like he was lurking behind every corner and was just waiting for the opportunity to pounce on her. Lucy inhaled sharply when a sudden thought struck her.

She couldn't leave her friends here unprotected. Laxus had said he'd be returning soon...Lucy shook the thought away. She had already decided she would go to Sabertooth for awhile. She would return when she felt ready.

"Well, let's go!" Sting hassled impatiently. Lucy flipped him the middle finger, with a contradictory toothy grin painted on her face.

She pushed the door open, and immediately ducked to avoid a stool that had been hurled towards the door. Sting wasn't so lucky, and the offending object crashed into his head, sending him sprawling on the floor. He bounced up with a scowl and death glare, searching for the person who had thrown the item. His eyes landed on the long raven-haired male, whose mouth twitched into a smirk at Sting's rage-filled expression.

"Gihi. Looks like that blonde from Sabertooth is here," Gajeel snickered, nudging Gray who was beside him.

Sting flew over to the two, fists already raised. He dove straight into the brawl, and Gajeel and Gray gladly took him on. Lucy sighed and approached the girls who were sitting at a table far away from the fight.

When she got close enough, she noticed that they were talking in hushed voices. She rose an eyebrow but waved at Juvia who had spotted her. The group stopped their heavy discussion and smiled at Lucy. But their smiles didn't seem to reach their eyes.

"Hey, Lucy-chan!" Juvia chirped happily, greeting Lucy with a hug. Lucy smiled in return and sat beside the crimson-haired women clad in armor.

"Hello everyone! I...I have some news!" She said, watching as everyone's attention diverted completely to her.

Juvia, Levy, Mira, Lisanna, Cana, Erza, and Wendy watched as Lucy took deep breaths.

"You're pregnant?!" Cana exclaimed, shocked. Lucy blushed, before waving her hands dramatically.

"No! I-" She started.

"You're getting married?!" Mira squealed, clasping her hands together hopefully.

"No! I am-" Lucy began again, only to be interrupted once more.

"I think Lu got a boyfriend!" Lisanna said with a pretty smile.

Lucy sighed. She took a deep breath.

"I am leaving Fairy Tail temporarily again!" She shouted into the chattering girls' faces.

When their faces bled from cheerful, cheeky grins to horror-struck expressions, Lucy sucked in her breath.

"You're...what?" Erza asked slowly.

"Sting asked me to join Sabertooth for a while...just so I can get back on my feet after the whole...Laxus thing..."

Wendy's mouth quivered. 

"Y-You can't go! Lu-chan, we'll miss you!" Levy begged, tugging on her best friend's arm. Lucy smiled sympathetically. 

"I'm sorry...I just need a slight break. I'll probably be back in a couple months. I couldn't be away from you all for very long!"

Wendy throws herself onto Lucy, squeezing her into a hug. Lucy hugs each of her friends, taking extra care with Erza. She didn't really want brain damage.

The last person she engulfed in a hug was Mira, who leaned forward until her mouth was right next to Lucy's ear.

"Go find him...someone has to drag his ass back here after all," Mira whispered, a gentle smile playing on her features.

Lucy pulled away with a nod, even though she had no clue as to where Laxus was.

Lucy waved farewell to her girl-friends, before continuing on to were Natsu was huddled alone in a corner with Happy. 

"Lucy!" Happy sang out. He flew over to her and landed on her head with a plop. She giggled and sat beside Natsu who was grinning at the display.

"Hey, Luce! What's up?" He asked, crossing his arms behind his head casually.

"I just wanted to tell you I am heading to Sabertooth for a couple of months." 

"What?!" He exclaimed, his onyx eyes narrowed. His eyes trailed over to Sting, who was still locked in a heated fist fight with Gray and Gajeel.

"So that's why he's here," He muttered bitterly. Lucy laughed sheepishly and rubbed her neck nervously.

"So you're leaving...with him," He bit out, gesturing at Sting, irritated.



"What?" Lucy asked.

"I forbid it."

"Shove it up your ass, flamethrower," She snarked back. He crinkled his nose and scoffed.

"If you're going, so am I!"

She paused mid glare and stared at him blankly.


He rolled his eyes, before repeating his sentence.

"Happy and I will come with you."

"Aye, sir! I've already gone with you the first time!" Happy said.

"You do realize, I'm leaving Fairy Tail temporarily to join Sabertooth, right? You'd have to quit Fairy Tail for a bit," Lucy said slowly, emphasizing her words.

He huffed, before nodding.

"I'm not letting you go anywhere with bee boy over there...he gives me the creeps!" Natsu said shivering.

Lucy sighed but shrugged.

"I suppose it wouldn't hurt for you to come..." She mumbled. He smirked in victory and stood up from his chair.

"Well, let's go!"

She stared at his outstretched hand, and gingerly locked her fingers with his. 

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