Where's My Hero?

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▶┆Chapter eighty-five [85]

❝The road to hell is paved with good intentions.❞


THE SKY WAS A DARK NAVY. Nightfall was upon the world, and the speckles of stars just beginning to appear managed to make Lucy admire them. Everything was exactly how she liked it; dark, quiet, and serene. Maybe she could finally have a break from her merciless thoughts. Just a moment of repose where she wouldn't have Laxus haunting her thoughts, where the guilt of leaving Sting wouldn't rip at her heartstrings. Where the memory of her "family" betraying her wouldn't constantly loop in her mind. 

But as much as she tried, the thoughts wouldn't stop. They ricocheted inside her skull like bullets, each sending a web of pain through her heart. She wanted to scream; to let loose the chaos plaguing her. But she couldn't―She couldn't.

'I want to be numb...why must I feel everything? All I want is to not be alone anymore! Is that so much to ask? Why is it, I can't seem to find where I belong?!'

'Why am I alone?'

Lucy clenched her fists, resisting the urge to run away. To run away from everyone. Even Lila and Kaden. But they had what she wanted―what she needed. With a little training, she was sure she could get rid of the wretched feelings that tormented her. She could totally cleanse herself of sentiments. Become an emotionless husk of herself―because at least that way, she wouldn't feel this heart-wrenching agony anymore. 

 She gazed up at the ominous looking building that they were approaching. The place Kaden had said would aid in giving her what she wanted. She didn't seem to feel as anxious as she usually would. At this point, she couldn't seem to find enough energy to care about her safety; about anything. Although, one thing still remained on her to-do list. And that one thing was fairly obvious; she'd ruin those who had made her like this.

Nobody deserved to feel so alone; so unwanted. Nobody. Lucy had never felt so utterly abandoned before. Enough so, she had even contemplated giving up completely―just letting go. Like how she had wanted to when she had taken a hit meant for Lector. The sweet release of death would mean she wouldn't have to take the pain anymore. It would almost be like she was asleep; merely dreaming. 

She didn't know if death would mean freedom from the shackles of her mental pain, but it had tempted her. Her spirits and Sting were the only drawbacks. After she had seen exactly how people really were, there was no way she'd ever trust her keys with another human. She didn't care if they seemed nice; all humans were evil at the core. Even herself. Some just controlled it better than others. She had learned the hard way that you never really know who's on your side, and who's fake. And Sting...he had been the only one who hadn't deserted her. He had shown her that although humans were cruel, they were also so, so good. 

Lucy bit her lip; Fairy Tail had definitley been fake. Acting like she had been one of them after the first incident. They treated her so kindly. Yet, it was all a ruse. 

'Backstabbers. All of them,' She mentally spat out.

Her feet came to a stop, her eyes flashing to glare at the building. It was a dark looking place, that loomed up like a palace. It was obviously old, but not in bad shape. It gave off an air of power and destruction. Just the appearance in general, made it seem like a terrible idea to enter. 

But she did anyway.

Mistake number one


Lucy was brought to a large room; it reminded her of a throne room, or a large meeting hall. A table was there, and Kaden led her to a seat. Her gut twisted in a way that told her this was a bad idea.

"Lucy Heartfilia," A raspy voice announced. She swiveled her head to look at the man who had spoke

The man was intimidating, with a long jagged scar torn down from the corner of his right eye to the bottom of the left side of his parted mouth. His eyes were a merciless gray, soulless and unyielding. They hid a storm. His hair was a tangle of blonde hair, as bleached as a sandy beach.

She stared at him warily as he sat across from her. She didn't at all like that look in his eyes. He stared back, his eyes cold and full of greed. His eyes flashed to Lila and Kaden and he looked...proud?

"Well done, my servants," He supplied a grudging nod of respect. Lucy was confused, but the thought passed quickly. He was already looking at her again.

"Lucy. I've been told you're looking to get stronger."

Lucy smiled, her mouth curving into a bitter-sweet grin. "Yes, that's correct."

He smirked, his lips twitching up. "I have a proposition I think you may be interested in."

Lucy quirked an eyebrow and signaled for him to go on. 

Mistake number two

"We, the Crimson Flag, would be more than happy to teach you everything we know. We could make you the mightiest wizard in the world," He purred. He rose to his feet, knowing he had her undivided attention.

"You could get your revenge...yes, I know about that. You could prove to them you're better. You're stronger. Show them what it feels like to be betrayed; to be useless," He kept playing on her weaknesses, and he could feel his excitement rise when he spotted the desire in her eyes.

"And all I want in return is simple."

"All I want is for you to join my guild, and when you're strong enough, you'll bring me the entire Fairy Tail guild. Every member. I can finally activate my machine, and use their magic power to run it."

He had changed his mind. He wouldn't use her magic. Why would he when he could have an entire guild's? He now had this extremely powerful wizard on his side―and she was only going to get stronger. He would have the top guild on their knees, and Lucy would be his ultimate weapon.

She'd get him what he desired most.

He was sure of it. And if she said no, he'd make her. 

Lucy sat there, stunned. Her mind was in turmoil. How was she supposed to respond? Her words were jumbled, and her mouth seemed to dry instantly. A part of her begged to say yes. The evil side of her wanted to make them regret everything. To die wishing they had treated her better. She wanted to be their demise. 

But, there was a part of her that detested the idea. 

That knew it was wrong.

Even if they didn't consider her a friend, she always would. And that sucked.

It sucked because it didn't change anything. She was still alone. Still unwanted. Who cared if she still loved them? It didn't change the fact that they didn't love her.

That Laxus didn't love her.

The thought strengthened her resolve. Why should she care about their futures anymore? They had left her there to die. They had attacked her, both with words and physical attacks. They had left her broken and bruised and crying herself to sleep. So why should she care?

The answer was she shouldn't. They had made it clear they weren't friends or family; they were enemies. Enemies, that would never get along. Enemies that would one day destroy each other.

Laxus's face flitted through her mind once more, making her eyes narrow in anger. 

'No more...no more! I can't do this anymore!'  

She knew at that moment, that she couldn't choose the nice option. She wouldn't be selfless, and she wouldn't forgive. She'd bring them hell, exactly how she had told them she would. 


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