The Crush Prediction

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A/N: Sorry for the late chapter, I'm getting a major writer's block.  I'm trying to get inspired to write again.


~Lucy's P.O.V~

I was slouched over the stand, sipping on a glass of lemonade. Everyone was up, as the second day of the GMG was supposed to begin soon. I was staring off into space, my mind too occupied to actually focus.

I can't believe Natsu loves's unbelievable that numbskull actually KNOWS what love is. And what am I supposed to do about Laxus? Should I tell him? Or...keep it to myself? 

"You okay, Lulu?" Jellal asks, walking over to me. We both had fought yesterday, so we definitely didn't have to compete. He had fought Jura, and won! His fight was way more impressive than mine. He had come over to sit beside me, as I had opted to sit away from everyone until the games began.

"Yeah...I'm fine...I guess." I shuffle my feet in dismay, still trapped in my tangle of thoughts. 

"Just fine...?" He asked curiously, nudging my side. I sigh and lean my head back. 

"Everything is just a mess," I confess, combing my fingers through my blonde hair. He laughs half-heartedly

"Agreed. But Lucy? What happened yesterday? Erza told me something...interesting happened," Jellal said with a smirk.

"She told you! Damn you, Erza!" I shouted, shaking my fist angrily. She better not have told him about Laxus! Jellal snickers, and dodges a punch I aim at his side.

"Geeze! Stop, Lucy! She didn't tell me anything, just that a certain someone confessed to you," Jellal said waving his arms in submission. 

"Oh...that...blargh," I snort, crossing my arms. He raises a blue eyebrow.

"What does 'blargh' even mean?" He asks, amused. 

"It means, 'GOD, DON'T GO THERE UNLESS YOU WANT TO GET SHOT IN THE FOOT!' " I respond, earning a crack of a smile from Jellal.

"So, Natsu was the one who confessed, right?" He asked, changing the subject.

"'d you know?"

"Just a hunch...and I can't imagine Laxus professing his undying love for anyone," Jellal laughed.

"True!" I exclaim, breaking into peals of laughter. But, inside I shriveled up. Laxus wouldn't confess to me, would he? Of course not, hell would freeze over before he did that. So that meant...if I wanted anything to happen between us...I'd have to do something. Frick balls! I suck at romance. Sure, I read lots of romance novels, so many, that normal people would throw up. But I only read so many because they make me feel less lonely, and the make me feel better about my sad romantic life.

"So, what did you say to Natsu?" Jellal asked, clearing his throat. I blinked back into focus and twidled my thumbs under his questioning gaze.

"I told him no...because he chose Lisanna, and not me....before you say I'm salty, remember what he did!" I defend, crossing my arms stubbornly.

"I wasn't going to say you're salty. I'm happy you said no to him. He doesn't deserve you. You're like my sister, and as long as I'm alive, any guy who's interested in you has to get by me," Jellal stated.

"AWWW, KAWAII! Jelly-bean, are you being protective?! You're so sweet! Are you like this with, Erza?!" I shout, making Jellal's cheeks stain pink.

"S-Shut up...I haven't told her yet..." He whispered to himself, but I caught it.

"Oooooolalalala! Are you in loooovvvveeee?" I ask excitedly. He flushed even darker when he realized I heard him.

"Ummm-no-Um..."He stutters. He's just too cute!

"Fine Jellal. I'll make you a deal. Tell me about your little 'crush' and I'll tell you mine!" I said seriously. He raised an eyebrow and shook his head with a sigh.

"Why don't you talk about this kind of stuff with your girl-friends? I bet Erza, Levy, Juvia, and especially Mira would love to hear about this."

"It's more fun to talk to you, blueberry! Plus, Erza already knows. And I would NEVER tell Mira, not even if someone threatened me at gunpoint," I replied with a grim look. Mira was a DEVIL when it came to matchmaking. It was one of the only things that scared me shitless.

" first," He said.

"No, you."

"You're the one who wanted to do it, Lucy!"

"Fine! GOD, I like Laxus!" I shout, then I realize I said that really loudly.

"Fudging criss cross bagels, man! I hope no one heard that!" I exclaim to myself, nervously looking around.

"L-Laxus? But he's so...." Jellal starts.

"Stupid? Cuddly like a koala bear? Big, like the size of Mount Everest? Or-" I start naming off traits of Laxus.

"No...I was going to say, he's so different than what I imagined. Honestly, I thought you'd end up with Sting or Rogue."

"Blargh. Sting's cute, but his head's too big. Unless he gets his act together, he's just another friend to me. Rogue is chill, and handsome, but he's not interested in love. He's got too much swag to be worrying about something as incompetent as love," I say with a chuckle.

"So...who do you like, blueberry. It better be Erza, or I'll murder you," I said threateningly.

"I like Meredy," He says, making my eyes darken.

"Just kidding! I like Erza! Isn't it obvious?" He mutters the last part.

"Yeah, it is obvious."

"Ladies and gentlemen! Welcome to the second day of the Grand Magic Games! We'll start our day off with a game called, Chariot!"

"Oops! We better get back to our teams! Bye, Jelly!"

I rush off to our team's spot and watch Natsu volunteer. By the time I make it to the others, I smack my forehead.

"What's up, Lucy?" Gray asks, looking at me worriedly.

"Natsu just signed up for an event called 'Chariot'. Chariot is a type of transportation! We're sooo going to lose!" I said with a snicker.

"Oh shit! You're right!" He curses. I laugh to myself, remembering the motion sickness pills in my requip storage. Oh well, this would be more interesting. Before the game started, and I watched Sting, Natsu, and Laxus, who volunteered, glaring at each other. At one moment, I even caught Sting staring right back at me. Natsu and Laxus weren't too happy about that.

The game began, and everyone rushed off. Except for Natsu, Laxus, and Sting. Of course, they all had motion sickness and were all practically useless, but none of them even attempted to move. What in hells name were they doing? They started yelling insults at each other. Then it escalated into a personal argument. I could already feel myself blushing

"Oh, dear folks! It seems these three dragon slayers, are fighting over a particular water dragon slayer from Fairy Tail!"

The crowd went wild, fangirling at the idea of some weird harem. I hid my face in my hands, and I felt Gray throw an arm over my shoulders. He was laughing and I had to restrain myself from hitting him for laughing at my expense.

"Poor you," Gray snickered. Suddenly, Natsu and Laxus's heads snapped up to look up at me, making Sting search for me in the crowd too. They all glared at Gray, and I froze like a deer in headlights.

"Oh dear god, save me."

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