They're Back!

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~Lucy's POV~

"Blueberry, whats going on?" Lucy asked, nudging his shoulder. Everyone was rushing outside the guild. She had just woken up from a nap. Somehow, she fell asleep on one of the tables, using Natsu's scarf as a pillow and Laxus's jacket as a blanket.

"I'm not sure....we should go check it out," He replied dragging the bleary-eyed blonde out of the guild. She yawns and trudges along behind him. She perks up when she spots the huge flying ship outside. Christina! Is Blue Pegasus here? Why...? She runs off in front of Jellal, ignoring his protests. She rolls her eyes. Jellal had been super protective of the blonde wizard ever since her little "mental breakdown". 

"This purfume is unpleasant!" Ichiya exclaimed, bouncing down to the small group of people watching their arrival. 

"Ichiya-sama!" Hibiki, Ren, and Eve shout, following him. Immediately, Ren, Eve, and Hibiki flirt with the surrounding ladies, such as Kinana, and Laki. Laki cringes and Kinana shoots them a tight smile.

"Wha-" Lucy starts before the three play-boys are surrounding her. Hibiki wraps an arm around her shoulders, and Ren grabs her hand.

"Oh, hello Lucy-chan. You look absolutely stunning, let's go on a date later. I'll make sure to show you a good ti-" Lucy slams her fist into Hibiki's nose, sending him flying. Ren and Eve sweatdrop at her evil aura and back away.

"Yeah, you better run..." Lucy grumbles to the remaining trimen. 

"So....why are you here?" Jet asks, breaking the ice.

"Oh silly me! Well, we've had progress in scanning Fiore for ethernano levels. Tenrou Island is back!" Hibiki explained, holding his nose, trying to recover from Lucy's punch.


~Timeskip, a few minutes later, because Author-sama is a lazy sack of sour crout~

Everyone left, except for a few members. This included Romeo, Jellal, Pantherlily, and Lucy. Meredey and Ultear were on a mission alone because Jellal decided to stay with Lucy. He was watchful of her, wouldn't even let her go on solo missions anymore! Oh and Macao and some others are there too, though. Romeo settles into a chair and starts reading. Lucy sits beside him, with Jellal and Pantherlily in tow. 

"Hey, Lucy....?" Romeo asks hesitantly. She pauses abruptly while drinking her vanilla shake. She swallows and rubs the back of her neck sheepishly. She probably looked like a pig. Good thing she's the almighty pig queen! Just kidding, just kidding.

"Yeah?" She asks, twirling the straw of her milkshake. He shuts his book quietly and stares at her.

"Do you think there's even a possibility they're still alive?" He asks buoyantly. His eyes are filled with hope. She cringes slightly. Flashes of memories crash over her, making her momentarily absent. She was there...She knows how awful, how mind-numbingly terrifying it was. Could they be alive....? Laxus is strong, way stronger than her. Could he have survived? But then, the cold, bitter truth hits her, like a hard smack to the face. It's been seven years.....she is now twenty years old (A/n: Her time in the spirit world, plus I like twenty. SUE ME!) If they were alive, wouldn't they have shown themselves by now? 

"Romeo...I honestly don't know. I'd like to think they're out there somewhere, but it also has been seven years. I just...don't know," She says softly, her milkshake forgotten. Suddenly, the door is launched open.

"This place looks even more deserted today. Seems less like a guild and more like, I dunno, a club?" A voice shouts. Lucy immediately stiffens.

"Teebo!" Macao snarls.

"Twilight Ogre..." Lucy growls, clenching her fists. They never, and I mean, never came when Lucy was here. Lucy had no problem beating the shit out of the asshats, unlike her guildmates who held back due to Master Macao's wishes. But Lucy couldn't care less about Macao's wants. SHE wanted to stand up for her guild.

"The payment isn't until next month," Macao says flatly. Lucy spots Romeo clenching his book tightly.

"Yeah, about that, our master says no deal. The master insists it's a problem if you don't pay on schedule." All of the bumbling idiots from Twighlight Ogre snicker and sneer, and Lucy clenches her fists, and stands up, knocking her chair over.

"Fuck you! We ain't payin' you anything! Just get the hell outa' here before I beat the crap out of you!!" Lucy snarls, her face twisted up in anger.

"Lucy, stop!" Macao orders.

"'s you. Hell's angel. Meh,'re strong, but obviously still a dumb bitch. You owe us remember?" Lucy cracks her knuckles.

"The others may think bowing down to you will make it easier, but I for one, refuse to let the Fairytail name be disgraced like this! I'm going to fight, even if I have to take on the entire guild of Twilight Ogre on my own!"


"That idiot!"

"The names already been disgraced, you dumb bimbo," The guy sneers, lifting his weapon into the air. Lucy requips her katana and glares menacingly at them. 

"You'll never be better than us..." The man starts, his arm hovering in the air. Lucy's eyes get colder at his words.

"For as long as you live!" He launches the sword down, but, before it collides, a person punches him, with lightning circling his fist. 

Lucy's sword clatters onto the ground, her eyes glued to the figure standing in front of her. His eyes lock on her, and even though she's surrounded by people, she tunes it all out. Laxus... She runs forward, tears slipping from her eyes. 

"LAXUS YOU DUMBASS!" She exclaimed sobbing. He hugs her back, trying to calm her down.

"YO-YOU LEFT ME! I THOUGHT YOU WERE DEAD!" She cries harder. Everyone in the guild just stares in shock at Lucy. The people who were with Lucy through the seven years were especially surprised. Finally, the strong, powerful, Lucy Heartfilia, known as Hell's angel, crumbled.

"I'm sorry blondie...I'm sorry," He soothes. Lucy smiles slightly at the nickname, it felt like a hole inside her was being patched back up.

"LUSHY!" Happy yells, joining the hug. Lucy laughs and hugs them both tighter, making Laxus smile slightly.

"You have no idea how much I've missed you guys..." She whispers. Her eyes travel to Jellal hugging the now blushing Erza, and Pantherlily clinging to Gajeel. Jet and Droy sticking to Levy's side, and Natsu and Romeo talking.

"Blondie...what's all happened since we've been gone?" Laxus asks, his eyes traveling over the guildhall distastefully.

"Come on, let's go to my house. I'll tell you all about it." Lucy led them outside, ignoring Natsu and Lisanna's laughter from inside. Even if Lisanna made her feel like a replacement, and Natsu was oblivious to the white-haired girl's obvious hatred for Lucy, Lucy tried to just forget about it. Mostly, because that made her life ten times easier.

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