Who You Are

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Lucy sat quietly on the train ride home, both exhausted and feeling terrible. Even though she had used the last of her strength to heal Kaden, she still felt...well, awful. If she hadn't been so weak-hearted, he wouldn't have hurt himself. She now knew how dreadfully she had been treating them. Acting as if they had been deceiving her, and reading her thoughts?! How crazy could she be?

All doubts cleared from her head, she was determined to make up for the way she had acted before. No longer would she be so distrustful of her guildmates, and new friends. They weren't like Fairy Tail...they wouldn't betray her...

Meanwhile, Kaden and Lila were having opposite thoughts. Everything had gone perfect, exactly how they'd planned. Lila knew Lucy's sweet nature would be a useful tool. They had fooled her, her trusting nature corrupted once again.

She no longer shot them wary glances or uncomfortable smiles. Her trust was put in them, people she believed to be her friends. Soon, Lila and Kaden could unfold their big plan.

Lucy leaned her head against the leather back of the seat. She tried to clear her head, all worries floating past her. She really wanted to berate herself some more. She could feel foolish thoughts slinking up on her, reminding her of her naivety. The wyvern's wide, terrified gaze barreled into her mind like the razor impact of a bullet.

She couldn't seem to rid herself of its gaze as she had snapped. It had looked almost betrayed...but hadn't it betrayed her first? She sighed, letting her eyes flutter shut for a few long moments. 

Nestling against the crook of her chair, she leaned towards the warm exposed glass of the train window. Basking in the bright rays of sunlight that filtered down on her face, her blonde hair lit up a beautiful gold shade.

Unaware that a pair of eyes gazed at her, her mouth split open in a yawn. Kaden gazed guiltily at his so-called "enemy". He hated himself right now...why had he gone through with Lila's plan? He knew it had to be done...but he was so through with everything. At this point, he just wanted to kill himself and rid himself of his sins. Be done with the Crimson Flag, just be...free. That was a word that wasn't quite within his reach. Always a small inkling away, giddily flittering around his grasping hands. But it was always too far from his reach. Freedom was something Kaden would never experience...

They were dragging Lucy down with them too, clawing this poor, sweet girl down to the depths of hell they had emerged from. And...eventually, she'd end up exactly like them...except worse. She'd be a tool...a mere object used and discarded for their dark guild's current aspirations and goals. They'd break her...and, she'd be easy to manipulate. Just like them.

When they got back to the guild, Kaden felt worse seeing the tension between Lucy and Laxus. Laxus wouldn't even look at her, his stubborn gaze trailing towards his half-empty mug of beer. Lucy tried her best to hide the stab of pain at the harsh treatment, instead rushing towards the welcoming face that bounced up to her, namely Natsu. Laxus clenched his jaw.

"How was your mission?" Natsu asked, smiling sweetly. She blushed slightly, damning his adorable grin. 

"It was fine...anything interesting happen here?" She inquired back, changing the subject. She didn't feel like going over what had unfolded during their mission. She honestly felt emotionally exhausted. 

"Nah...nothing interesting happens without you around!" Natsu chirps, a toothy grin lighting up his face. Lucy smiles half-heartedly, still distracted from her mission.

"That bastard Laxus is still mad at you...tch, idiot," Natsu spat, mumbling slightly.

Lucy shrugged, scoffing.

"Let him be mad. All I did was go on a mission with the new members to be friendly...at least I don't have a stick shoved up my ass," She ground out, hoping that the lightning slayer's sensitive ears would pick up her jab. Unknown to her, she had guessed correctly. Laxus had been eavesdropping on their conversation. His ears twitched, and he scowled.

He could still hear their argument ringing in his ears, and he'd never admit it to her, but he had been worried sick the entire time she was gone. He just had a horrible feeling, one that made his skin crawl and his entire body recoil.

Lila and Kaden weren't normal, friendly guildmates...he refused to believe it. He trusted this feeling...especially since it concerned Lucy. She may not be paranoid, and she may not be looking out for herself, but he was. He'd protect her this time.

Lucy looked at him again, and he recognized the familiar fire behind her gaze. She was annoyed with him. He understood why, but he didn't like her being angry with him. He was just trying to protect her...

Lucy turned away, walking away when Natsu and Lisanna chatted for a bit. She skipped over to her one available friend, Jellal. Erza was on a mission, and Levy was cuddling with Gajeel in the corner. No one knew where Gray and Juvia were, probably on another mission, and Mira was serving people at the bar.

"Hey, blueberry!" She sang, sitting beside him. He merely rose an eyebrow and continued munching on his strawberry cake. Erza had gotten him addicted.

"Oh..." He swallowed his tasty treat. "Hey, Lu. What's up?...wait. Don't tell me. Laxus is mad at you again? What did you do this time?" Jellal asked incredulously. Lucy slammed her head on the table.

"He was ordering me around again...He's such a jerk! I don't belong to him!"

Jellal opened his mouth to respond, but Lucy cut him off.

"I mean, do you boss Erza around? Ha, scratch that, does she boss you around?" Lucy snickered at his flabberghasted expression. His cheeks flamed red, and a scowl made its way to his face.

"So...she does tell you what to do...?"

"God damn it, Lucy! This isn't about me!"


She burst into laughter.




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