Thank You

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Hey guys...I know, I know, this isn't a chapter. You can skip if you want. I just...I have to thank you all. This story is at 194k reads at the moment, and I know it'll probably hit 200k. I just...I'm so happy. You guys mean so much to me...when I started Wattpad, I was just a lonely, bored thirteen-year-old, who thought it would be fun to write a fanfiction. As I started, I thought twenty people was a lot, and used to feel so dumbfounded.

But now...200k...that's more people than in my town. I just...I can't believe I've gotten so far....I'm literally crying right now, writing this. I know you guys probably don't think much of it, but when you comment on my stories and compliment me on my makes me cry almost everytime. Sometimes it doesn't feel that many people are actually reading my crappy story...

All I've ever wanted was to make a difference...I mean, I'm a nobody. I come from nothing, and I have been told to get a boring job and live a boring, normal life. But...I want so much more than that. And I'm happy that I can make a difference in your lives, even if it's a small difference. I know how it be feel like nobody understands or cares...I really do, believe me. But I also know how nice it feels to feel like someone actually cares. And I really do care...I read all of your comments, and I feel like I actually know some of you...

I know I'm not all that special...there are plenty of fanfiction writers like me out there...I just wanted to thank you all for supporting me. Writing is one of the only things that makes me happy and gives me the will to keep fighting.

I love you all...and please...promise if any of you, ever need someone, don't be afraid to message me, okay? I might not answer right away because of time differences, but I promise I will ALWAYS answer...Sometimes we all need someone, who won't prejudge us, to lend an ear.

Welp, I've made this chapter too long...hehe if you've made it to the end, then congrats! You have dedication! 

Duck_Ninja is out...bye bye everyone! <3  ♥(ˆ⌣ˆԅ)

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