Lost Girl

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▶┆Chapter ninety-six [96]

❝In all of this uncertainty, you're still the one thing I'm sure about.❞


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Laxus stifled a gasp; had he heard correctly? He attempted to cloak all of his movements, as he watched Lucy talk to the damn white-haired bastard. His blood burned in his veins, rage seeping into his soul. It was all his fault. And that little brat. 

Lucy looked so scared—and it made him seethe in his spot hidden in the shadows. He had snuck in alone, spread out from the others. They were fighting the forces opposing them, and he could even now hear the distant explosions and echoes of magical blasts. 

He wanted to take Lucy now, but he had to wait for Kaden to unlock the shackles and cage—that was another thing that made his blood boil. Her body looked two seconds from collapsing; she looked dead. It frightened him—she could die any second, and he was asking her to fight? This so-called "master" wanted her to kill all of them? Laxus knew she was strong, but there was no way she could kill all of the members of Fairy Tail who had traveled with him to save her.

Kaden moved to open her cell, seemingly ignorant to his presence and Lucy's inner turmoil. The heavy cell door creaked open, and Lucy merely watched with stone-cold eyes as he hurriedly started unlocking the manacles. 

He grabbed her by her waist and supported her weight as she stumbled—she was unused to her own weight, and could barely stand on her own. She was weak—if she wanted her freedom, she needed to be stronger. 

"Let's go!" Kaden said, his voice urgent. "We have a healer who will cure your injuries so you can fight."

Laxus hesitated. He was going to take her now, and knock Kaden out, but he thought it would be more beneficial for her to be healed. That way, she would survive. Wendy hadn't came with them, and Lucy looked two seconds from collapsing.

So he let them be. He followed the two, doing his best to avoid detection. When they arrived at a room, he waited as she emerged a little while later, all healed and in new clothes. 

A wave of horror washed over Laxus—he recognized those clothes. 

She was in a pair of ripped black jeans, and an ice blue crop top. She was wearing a black leather jacket and a pair of spiked combat boots. A black cloak was clasped atop her shoulders, and her hands were adorned with black leather gloves.

And all he could think about was that vision he had. When they had been looking for her, he had seen her as...this. 

This person, this girl who looked nothing like the Lucy he knew and loved. She looked stoic and sad and unbelievably detached from the world around her. 

Her hair was short, no longer a flowing expanse of gold. Everything about her made him feel like she had changed too much. That perhaps when they finally saw each other, face to face, things would never be the same again. 

Lucy started to walk away, until a huge explosion sounded, knocking chunks of plaster and slabs of stone out of place. They ricocheted across the hall, and despite her earlier condition, Lucy swiftly dodged all debris flying her way. When the dust finally settled, Laxus could see from his position hidden behind a corner that the rest of the Fairy Tail members were in the exposed part of the building. Lucy's eyes narrowed and became unreadable. She stared at the people in the large foyer and felt resentment and hatred bubbling in her stomach.

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