Let The Fight Begin!

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"Okay everyone, we're going to start our individual battles now!"

"Our first battle is between Raven Tail's Flare Corona and Fairy Tail team A's Lucy Heartfilia!"

Lucy jumped off of her team's balcony with a sinister glare, while Flare stalked down to the arena with a maniacal grin. 

"Competitors! This entire arena will be your battlefield, ladies. You have a thirty-minute time limit," The pumpkin man, Mato exclaimed. 

"Good...plenty of time," Flare droned, her head tilted like a puppy. Her mouth was curled up in a sadistic smile.

"I refuse to lose to the likes of you!" Lucy snapped back, her eyes unusually filled with anger. 

"If you can knock out your opponent, or make them forfeit in the time given, you win! I want a good clean fight! Now lets rumble!"

Lucy crouched down, keen on letting out her anger on the bitchy looking red-head. This girl's guild hurt Wendy, and Lucy swore that they couldn't get away with that. She would make Flare pay!

"Open the gate of the giant bull! Taurus! Open the gate of the scorpion! Scorpio!"

"Sand buster!" Scorpio shoots a stream of sand at Flare, but she blocks it with...her hair? And was her hair on fire too? Lucy snickered to herself. Well, at least she knew what her magic was.

"And Lucy Heartfilia Heartfilia opens up the fight strong with TWO celestial spirits!"

"Now! Taurus, Scorpio!" Lucy shouted. Scorpio sent a spiral of sand at Taurus's colossal ax.

"Sand Storm Ax!" Taurus boomed, sending sand everywhere, making people duck their heads.

"What an attack folks! Not only did she summon two spirits, but she combined their powers! This girl has some real skill!"

Lucy smirked. That was nothing. She sent Taurus and Scorpio home, thanking them for the help. But now she knew how to defeat this woman. She used fire magic, with weirdly enough, her hair. Lucy's water dragon slayer magic would be a pretty good match for Ms. psycho fire hair.

"I'm gonna kill her! Hair shower, Wolf fang!" Flare screeched angrily, as she sent a huge flaming wolf made of her hair at Lucy.

"Water dragon roar!" Lucy shot out a huge river of gurgling water at Flare's wolf. The wolf dissipated, as the water made Flare's hair lose volume.

"Y...You bitch! You got my hair wet!"

"Would you look at that?! Lucy Heartfilia is a dragon slayer!"

Flare lashed her hair out at Lucy's ankles, but Lucy managed to dodge. 

"I can do this...I promised Wendy I'd win," Lucy says to herself. She jumps into the air, dodging yet another strand of angry alit hair. While airborne, Lucy requips her katana Bloody Rain.

"Bloody Rain!" She sneers, the crimson blood colored water engulfing her sword. She slashes at Flare and smacks her across the field. Flare hits the hard packed ground with a thud. She shakily rises to her feet, her snarl twisted and vile.

"What a scary looking attack, folks! Lucy Heartfilia is definitely talented!"

"You're going to pay, you useless, blonde bimbo!" She shrieked, sending her hair into the ground. Lucy prepared for another attack to be launched at her, but nothing came. She glanced around warily when she saw a strand of hair snap at her. She ducked and jumped back. The strand came forward again, but this time Flare moved with it.

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