The Truth Behind The Lies

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*Before Lucy’s arrival at Fairy Tail on that terrible day*

Natsu bounced on the balls of his feet, glancing at the door every so often. He was waiting for Lucy to show up, his anticipation growing. Happy sat at his side, nervously munching on a fish. He was worried about his mother-figure, one of his true best friends.

Juvia and Gray were sitting with Jellal and Erza, patiently talking. Jellal was worried the most, as Lucy was his best friend. His savior, his support. He wouldn’t know how to live with himself if something bad happened to her.

Laxus quietly sat alone, fists clenched and shoulders tensed. He stared at the door, wanting nothing more than to run to Lucy and apologize. He missed her...why did he mess up so bad? He shouldn’t have gotten so upset over her mission with Lila and Kaden. The two new members had been distant for the last few days, attending to their living arrangements or something. Lucy had been correct...he had been being possessive. He just couldn’t help it.

Levy was quietly sitting with Gajeel, her current focus the thick novel in her hands. It was Lucy’s book, one Levy thought was astounding. It made her eyes tear up when she read certain parts.

“What book is that?” Gajeel asked, peering at the hard-cover book.

“Oh! It’s Lu-chan’s! It’s absolutely amazing! The detail and passion Lu-chan puts into her stories is stunning! She should really get it published...she could be famous with this talent,” Levy replied cheerfully, raising the book to her eye level.

“Eh? What’s it about then?” Gajeel said, leaning against his hand.

“Fairy Tail!,” Levy smiled, holding the book out so everyone could see the title. In crisp, bold lettering, it stated ‘Fairy Tail, the Story of Lucy Heartfilia’.

“Really? It’s about us?” Happy cried, flying away from Natsu to settle on the table to peer at the novel with admiration.

Other Fairy Tail mages listened in, gravitating towards her. Natsu skipped over, his curious grin eye-blinding. Even stoic, quiet Laxus casually approached the table, his inquisitive nature peaked.

“Am I in it?” Gray asked, sitting beside her. Levy nodded enthusiastically.

“We all are!”

“Read some! Read some!” Natsu chanted.

“I’m not that far anyway, so I’ll just start from the beginning!” Levy stated, fingering the crisp pages.

Just as Levy gingerly opened the book, her mouth wide as she attempted to start the story, the guild door slammed open. Everyone’s eyes glanced over to the entrance, hoping it was Lucy or maybe Master Makarov. Master was gone to a meeting, so they all assumed it was Lucy. She was finally showing up; Maybe they could ask her to read her book to them.

But it wasn’t Lucy.

Everyone looked away with disappointment when they realized it was only Kaden and Lila. Both were dressed in a scary fashion. Lila adorned a crimson red and black dress, with spiked sleeves. It was appalling to see such a sweet looking girl in high heels and stockings as well. Her azure hair was laid down, the usual pigtails forgotten. Kaden wore a pair of jeans and his usual leather jacket. He always looked scary, though. His snow white hair was spiked, flopping in its usual unkempt fashion.

“Hey!~” Lila cooed, skipping over, a devilish smile on her face. Her thoughts were running a mile a minute, and she hoped her outfit would help disguise her apprehension and nerves.

In the corner of the guild, where everyone was crowded, no one knew what was about to unfold. No one suspected anything when Lila asked to be introduced to everyone. Not even when she shook everyone’s hands. Physical contact; It was already happening. No one questioned anything when everyone’s eyes started to glaze over. When their thoughts became jumbled and unbearable.

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