Cage Of Blood

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Lucy's brown orbs dart around, her mind desperately searching for a way to make her messily designed plan work. A punch was launched at Laxus's face, and the bones of his nose crunched in a painful spray of crimson and scarlet. She flinched at the display.

"Water dragon roar!" She snapped, her gush of water catching him by surprise. Even though he wasn't fully prepared for her attack, he seemed to have no problem jumping backward and gracefully edging his way from the gurgling waves that chased him. She quickly rushed to Laxus's side, throwing one of his muscled arms around her shoulders. She was burdened with most of his weight as she struggled to bring him to his feet. He was dazed, the crimson splash of blood still gushing from his crooked nose.

"This room is a cage. We can trap him in here like he did with you. Then, when we're free, maybe we can find someone who can delete him," She rushed out, her voice barely above a whisper. She wanted to illustrate her plan as quickly as possible. Even though the unsubtle burn of pain, Laxus heard her and focused on her voice and plan.

She gasped when the ebony-haired Laxus charged at her, his burly arms outstretched. She hastily dropped Laxus and winced at his groans of pain.

"Open gate of the lion! Leo!" She immediately yelled, and Loke appeared, protecting her with his fiery fists that shone like rays of the sun.

He blocked the onyx-haired Laxus's raging hit, barely grunting at the effort. Lucy wobbled over to then, ignoring her Laxus's pleas for her not to fight

"Water dragon secret art; Holy Water!" She unleashed a spiraling tube of boiling water, that steamed and hissed like a snake in the otherwise chilly air. The water blistered with her rage, which was as wild and untamed as a young filly.

When the gurgling funnel of water collided with Laxus, his arms were already outstretched, a whip of electricity at his beck and call. The rage of lightning crackled and popped, trailing along his fingertips like veins or the web of a poisonous spider.

When his ecstatic electric attack stormed into her destructive wave that looked like an agitated sea, both Lucy and Laxus stared at the other. Unblinking in his stare, the dark-haired Laxus rose the intenseness of his attack, the lightning hissed and fizzled like a raging wildcat. The hissing grew, until Lucy's water spiral become uncontrollable, throbbing with electricity.

She dismissed the attack, and the water sank to the ground, an ocean of hate and anger. The water fed off of her feelings of negativity, forming a sphere or cage around him. He realized what she was doing, and dove through the crack in her water, the place the lightning thrived the most. He swam to the other side, pushing past the water that slammed into his sides like a merciless sledgehammer.

She hurriedly dived into the fray, abandoning Laxus on shore, his clothing sopping wet from her magic. Her fists were submerged in gloves of water, the electric blue spurring and bubbling. Even though she hadn't used her holy water spell, her water responded to her emotions. Like an old friend, she felt its familiar touch, as it ghosted through her. Like her, it was angry. It was livid with emotions she could barely control. And like her, it wanted one thing. It wanted Revenge.

Loke had long disappeared, his body unable to continue in the mass of water that didn't seem to bother Lucy. She launched at him, fists swinging with a fury even he was unprepared for. So much heartache, so much betrayal, and for what? He had torn her apart, whether he knew it or not. So many people she had pushed away, always afraid she'd become attached and lose another precious person. But, in the end, all she had done is spread the pain. Caged it within herself, and had watched as she started to erode away, like pollen drifting in the breeze. Now, she felt that swell of anger. The familiar feel of hatred and burning bloodlust. He had started everything. He had done this...

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