Fairy Tail's Angel slayer  by W0lfAng3l
Fairy Tail's Angel slayer by ☁️Wolf Angel☁️
Fairy Tail X Reader ~ This book is a bit of everything~ You were taken from your family for 3 years. Whilst in captivity you witness the miracle of seeing an angel. You...
  • angel
  • fan
  • roguexreader
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Untouchable (Fairy Tail x Male Reader Volume 1) by alphafox270
Untouchable (Fairy Tail x Male Wyn Eurus
Fairy Tail is known as the number one guild in both popularity and power, however, not everyone seems to know exactly who they are. Adventures can be quite dangerous, bu...
  • malereader
  • erza
  • lucy
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The Neglected One: Naruto of Fairy Tail by Animenin117
The Neglected One: Naruto of Sup yall?
Book 1 I can see every tear you've cried like an ocean in your eyes All the pain and the scars have left you cold I can see all the fears you face through a storm that n...
  • konoha
  • ninja
  • sasuke
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The Nature Dragon Slayer (Fairy Tail x Reader) by I-am-THE-Random
The Nature Dragon Slayer (Fairy TheREALRandom
[F/n] Marvell is a Nature Dragon Slayer, who was left at the age of 11 to explore the world around her. One day, she stumbles upon a wizard guild, called Fairy Tail. On...
  • erzascarlet
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The Lazy Wizard (Erza x Male Reader) by meoweycats
The Lazy Wizard (Erza x Male Ca Caw Imma Crow
(Y/n) was a kid when he came to Fairytail. The thing was he was always napping. Being the rival of Erza can be pretty tiring. One day Lucy Heartfillia comes to the guild...
  • erzascarlet
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The Saint Maiden's Love (Fairy Tail x Reader) Fairy Tail Fanfic by MelloriaJazel
The Saint Maiden's Love (Fairy OtakuChicaArmy
Y/N is the 1st Wizard Saint known as the 'Fairy Goddess' because she is very beautiful like a Fairy and very powerful like a Goddess. Her rank is even more powerful than...
  • jellalxreader
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Kitsune Of Fairy Tail by AnimeMLife
Kitsune Of Fairy Tailby Anonymous
A change during the Rescue Gaara Arc changes everything. Thrown into Earth Land, Naruto must adapt to a life among mages and fulfill his new destiny. ___________________...
  • natsu
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  • tail
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ᵂᴱᴬᴷ ||  ғaιry тaιl by YeonheeSK
ᵂᴱᴬᴷ || ғaιry тaιlby Mrs.Scarlet
Hello! This is a love story between a reader and Erza. Note, I don't own Fairy Tail, it's plot, or characters. I only own my plot and OCs. Enjoy! This will also be follo...
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  • erzascarlet
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Stronger Than You Think (Fairytail) by Duck_Ninja
Stronger Than You Think (Fairytail)by CHAT NOIR BOI
Lucy Heartfilia was never the strongest. She always knew she wasn't as strong as Erza, Natsu or Gray. Even little Wendy was more capable in a fight. She had always ignor...
  • laxusxlucy
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Erza X Fem Reader- Fairy Tail by GayFairyGirl
Erza X Fem Reader- Fairy Tailby GayRainbowGirl
Being the kings best knight was always hard on you. The big fact that you where like Mulan and had to dress act and be seen as a man. But after the GMG's the king sets...
  • fairytail
  • erza
  • love
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Fairy Tail X Male Reader(The Innocence in Our Guild) by TheOtaku4905
Fairy Tail X Male Reader(The ◇Shoto◇
Everyone loves Y/n. Y/n loves everyone. Why? Because he is just too nice and innocent. Will he survive from a weird, crazy yet funny family?
  • malexmale
  • bxb
  • boyxboy
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ForBITTEN Love (Male!Reader × Sting Eucliffe) by DirtySmiles
ForBITTEN Love (Male!Reader × Dirty Smiles
On a mission, Freed and Laxus adopted a baby named (Y/n). This little boy was meant to be mated with a dragon slayer when he got older. As time grew on, everyone believe...
  • wattys2018
  • yoai
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ImHappySee? (FairyTail x Reader) by HiboIbrahim7
ImHappySee? (FairyTail x Reader)by 爆豪
On hold, I guess;;ˢᵒʳʳʸ Ever since a new girl named Lucy joined the guild Y/N became forgotten her 'so called' team also ignored her.She always sits in the darkest corn...
  • lucy
  • alone
  • romance
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The New Queen of Dragons by LilyWintersAster
The New Queen of Dragonsby Samantha Lee
Lisanna has returned from Edolas . Everyone in the guild is celebrating except for one. Lucy has been invisible to the whole guild except to Lisanna, Wendy , Mirajane...
  • love
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  • princess
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Fairy Tail x Reader Oneshots by Lord-ofthe-Fandoms
Fairy Tail x Reader Oneshotsby Lord-ofthe-Fandoms
Highest Rank: #53 in Fanfiction Highest Rank: #1 in Gajeel tag Highest Rank: #1 in Mira tag I think of cute/sad scenarios with FT characters and write them for you to re...
  • mirajane
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Dragon Mating Season by kittycat4661
Dragon Mating Seasonby Kitty Cat
I know there are like a hundred of these but I don't care. The dragon slayers are experiencing some changes, no one notices these changes but the dragon slayers. These c...
  • stingue
  • romeo
  • gratsu
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Memories(Nalu) by shmmmmm
Memories(Nalu)by shmmmmm
When the whole team is in danger, and defeat is prominent, Lucy uses an ancient spell to save them. But the cost of the spell, was none other than everyone's memories of...
  • nalu
  • wattys2018
  • natsu
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|Fairy Tail| Scenarios by KatrinaZilla
|Fairy Tail| Scenariosby splanky🏳️‍🌈👌🏼🦀
This book is about the stupid scenarios that you come up with your head but never write about. Ranging from extreme shipping to crack couples. __________________ Author...
  • levy
  • jerza
  • natsudragneel
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Just admit it (Natsu X Reader) by sparkadian
Just admit it (Natsu X Reader)by sparkadian
I'm (Y/N) Dreyar, Laxus' little sister. We've been in this guild since we were kids so we all grew up together, looking back on it now I realised how much mine and Natsu...
  • erza
  • guild
  • long
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Female Various X Male Reader Book 2 (Request Close For Now) by RevDavid13
Female Various X Male Reader RevDavid13
One-Shots and Remaster of my older works.
  • harem
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