When It All Falls Down

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Lucy limped along the dirt road, her body battered and bruised, but anger surging through her veins. She clenched her teeth when another flare of agony tore through her body. She was making a slow pace, a snail’s pace to be frank.

She had been walking for only a few minutes, the fresh tears still bubbling past her eyes. The bitter sensation only seemed to grow as she stumbled her way through town, blindly searching for her house.

She didn’t know where she’d go. Maybe somewhere far away, devoid of people. Away from everyone; even those she would miss. How could she trust anyone after this?

She had forgiven them!

She had been the bigger person; she thought she had done the right thing! But, forgiving them seemed to be what had led her to her doom. How could she have trusted them so easily? How could she have trusted Laxus so easily?

She wished she had never met Laxus.

Hiding away from all people was an alluring thought, something Lucy considered actually doing. She knew deep down, she wouldn’t be able to isolate herself completely. She’d grow lonely...maybe she could go to Sabertooth…? Sting was her friend...at least...she thought he was...she couldn’t be sure anymore, now could she?        

She finally reached her house, blearily collapsing in the doorway. Activating a healing spell, she only healed the major wounds. She couldn’t seem to focus, and everything made her mind race a million miles per hour. Her vision was blurry, tears streaking past her brown and blue flecked orbs.

Anger was settling in once again, and she stormed around her house packing her bags. Slamming another book into her bag, a bitter laugh escaped her, dry of all humor. Her novel, the one she had spent so much time on, was with Levy. Her not-so-nice ex-best friend. More like an enemy.

Enemies…The thought was a strange wisp in her usually sweet mind. She, of course, had enemies. People who didn’t like her were common, always vengeful due to her strength and place in Fairy Tail. But, she had never considered them enemies. She tried to search for the best in everyone, even if she had to search in the deepest cranny of a person’s heart.

She would pay them back for how they had used her.

She would show them scary...make them regret ever treating her like a piece of trash. All of them, no one would be spared from her rage; when she was through, there wouldn’t be any Fairy Tail left.

How could they use her kindness against her? How could they make being a loving human being a bad thing?

She had been discarded like a crumpled piece of paper; tossed away, treated like she was useless. She felt hatred burn in her heart, almost making her snap the books in half like twigs. She had never felt such strong negative emotions; it burned. All she wanted was for the feeling to disappear, to leave her be. She was miserable, stuck in a never-ending loop of being useless.

She glanced around at her house, and though battered and emotionally torn, she still felt a sort of bittersweet sense of longing. She loved her house, it had so many memories she cherished. Her eyes lightened thinking about Jellal and Pantherlily, along with her adventures with Team Natsu. Her eyes darkened considerably, glossing over like a new sheen of ice on a lake.

It always came back. No matter what she thought of, the looming monster that was Fairy Tail haunted her. Even happy memories had turned sour. Had they really been lying? Had it all been lies, twisted into a harsh truth? That nobody, not even Happy, had been her friend.

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