Lucy's Harem?

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Lucy stared in embarrassment at the possessive dragon slayers, glaring daggers at Gray. Gray noticed their hostile auras and chuckled nervously. Lucy then noticed the heated glare Juvia was sending her way.

"Ice Princess! Let go of my Lucy!" Natsu boomed, his eyebrows furrowed in jealousy. 

"Your Lucy? She's NOT an object!" Laxus interjected, with a scowl. Lucy blushed and was oddly proud of how Laxus stood up for her.

"You tell'm Laxus!" Mira shouted from Fairy Tail Team B's stand. She shot Laxus a thumbs up, and mouthed 'go get your woman'. Jellal was shooting Lucy a smirk. Lucy stuck her tongue out at him, before realizing Gray's arm was still wrapped firmly around her shoulders.

"Um...Gray?" She asked awkwardly.

"Oh! Sorry, Lucy!"

"Oh...and good luck! You're a very...lucky girl," Gray said, with a huge Cheshire cat grin. He slinked away, opting to stand next to Elfman, who was the farthest away from Lucy. Lucy glowered at his mocking grin.

"Flame bastard! Blondie is definitely not yours!" Sting snarled in Natsu's face. All the fangirls squealed at the love harem. Lucy sweatdropped when she noticed Mira was one of those fangirls. Mira was a really amusing best friend. It was like her main mission in life, was to help Lucy get a boyfriend. 

"Quit calling her blondie, Bee-boy! I already told you, that's my nickname for her," Laxus snapped, irritated. Sting bristled at 'bee-boy'.

"Oh shove it, Lightning crotch! It's my nickname now! Afterall, you were gone for almost four years of Lucy's life!"

"That wasn't my choice! A fricking dragon attacked us!"

"Yeah, and what are you?! Oh, yeah, right, a dragon SLAYER! That's your job! And even with five dragon slayers, you failed!"

"You couldn't have done any better!" Natsu added, joining in on the argument.

"Would you all just shut up!" Lucy's voice echoed across the arena. The three dragon slayers looked up at the blonde, who was panting from having to strain her voice so much.

"You all are being dumb! Fight later! You're in the middle of competition!" Lucy shouted. 

"Natsu if you lose, I swear to god I'll kill you!" Lucy shouted once again, making a mischievous smile spread over Natsu's face.

"If I get at least third place, can I have a reward of anything I want?" He asked with a smirk.  Lucy didn't like that smirk. It scared her...what was HE thinking?

"Within certain standards...I supposed I can try to give you something you want..." Lucy stuttered, flustered.

"Lucy! If I get at least SECOND place, can I have anything I want?"Laxus asked gruffly, glaring at Natsu from the corner of his eyes.

"U-Um I-Sure..." She replied, her eyes flashing nervously between the two. Why was she so nervous? She wouldn't lose...they were already so behind. She'd be fine. She let out a sigh of relief.

"What about me?" Sting whined.

"Sorry, Stingy bee, but you winning doesn't benefit me at all! Actually, if you want to impress me, you should aim for last place!" Lucy said with a smirk.

"Ha, fat chance. Sorry, Luce, guess I'll have to beat your fanboys," Sting said, stealing Natsu's nickname.

"Trust me, Lucy, I'm going to win!" Natsu said, racing off. Lucy chuckled until she noticed he wasn't getting motion sickness. 

Her blood ran cold when she spotted the 'pills', both Natsu and Laxus had swallowed. Ultear must've given them some motion sickness pills! God damn it! Lucy felt like crying like a baby. She was going to lose! And she had NO idea what those two would want from her. 

"Fuck my life...." Lucy grumbled, collapsing onto the railing with a grunt.

Laxus was using his lightning transportation, and Natsu was sprinting like a madman, his pace so fast, you could see flames licking at his ankles. Slowly but surely, they passed basically everyone. With every person the passed, Lucy shrunk a little more.

"And first place goes to Bacchus Groh of Quatro Cerberus! Second place goes to Laxus Dreyar of Fairy Tail Team B! Third place goes to Natsu Dragneel of Fairy Tail Team A! Fourth place goes to Kurohebi of Raven Tail! Fifth place goes to Risley Law of Mermaid Heel! Sixth place goes to Yuka Suzuki of Lamia Scale! Seventh place goes to Ichiya Vandalay Kotobuki of Blue Pegasus! And last place goes to...Sting Eucliffe of Sabertooth?"

Lucy held back her laughter at Sting, who was struggling to move. His motion sickness had definitely gotten the better of him. 

Lucy then realized BOTH Laxus and Natsu had hit their goal. Cheese and sprinkles...


Lucy stared in utter shock at the battle going on before her. What the hell was Mira thinking? Her and Jenny were showing off their bikinis, making the boys howl.

"T-They're not going to make me do something like that, are they Lucy-nee?" Wendy stuttered out, pointing at the scantily clad girls with a shaky finger. Lucy smiled down at her.

Wendy had woken up earlier and had insisted on watching the fights. Lucy had reluctantly agreed and blissfully filled her in on how Lucy had placed first in both Hidden and her battle.

"No, Wendy, I'm pretty sure this is just an arrangement for them," Lucy said, her voice laced with amusement.

Then all of a sudden, a bunch of other guild's female members jumped into the arena, spouting about love, and how they're just as beautiful. Lucy shakes her head.

"You guys should go down there too!" Mavis cheers suddenly, appearing out of nowhere. Lucy's eyes widen and she shakes her head frantically.

"No way in hell am I demeaning myself like that!" Lucy protested. Erza crossed her arms nodded at Mavis.

"If Master Mavis wants us to do it, then we will! Now, let's go!" Erza barked, dragging a struggling Lucy.


To be continued......

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