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A/N: Sorry, I'm really getting writer's block for my other stories. I promise I'll update Dying Flames, but the others I'm not all that sure about. Thanks for reading, because I know this chapter SUCKS!

"Treat me like a queen, and I'll treat you like a king. But if you treat me like a game, I will show you how it's played."

Italics- thoughts, telepathy, or emphasized words. 


Normal-Speaking, or just writing (Like descriptions).


"Ready for action? Let's get things started with our first contest of the grand magic games, one that we call, hidden!"

"At this time, we'd like every team to select one member to compete! Once your selections have been made, we will explain the rules!"

"The first challenger has stepped forward. Representing Quatro Cerberus is Yeager!"

"From Mermaid Heel, the adorable Beth Vanderwood!"

"From Raven Tail, we have Nalpudding!"

"Blue Pegasus sends out Eve Tearm!"

"From Sabertooth, the minstruel who sings to the red moon, Rufus Lore!" The girls in the crowd squeal loudly, making Lucy and all the dragon slayers cover their sensitive ears.

"They're going nuts for the pretty boy? I don't get it...?"Natsu asked, making Lucy slap her forehead. 'Wow, he really doesn't understand anything about girls.'

"Guessing by the name, stealth will be a key skill to win," Erza commented and Lucy nodded.

"Too bad Wendy's out of commission...she would have been perfect for the job," Gray said sadly. 

"I will go-" Natsu started.

"No! I'm volunteering, Fire-head," Lucy interrupted, leaving a fuming Natsu. 

"What did you just call-"

"Shut up," Lucy said, interrupting him again.


"Shut up."

"Aye Ma'am!"

"From Lamia Scale, we have Lyon Vastia!"

"Yeah, In that case, I got this one. I've been itching to see what this tournament is all about," Gray stated, about to walk forward, when Lucy grabbed him by the arm and threw him into Natsu.

"Bitch, get in line," Lucy said sassily. She flipped her hair and walked forward, ignoring her teams shocked, and amused looks.

"Stay greasy, peasants!" She exclaimed cheekily, with a wink at Erza.

"Make us proud, Lucy," Erza replied with a smirk

"From Fairy Tail Team A, the beautiful, but terrifying, Lucy Heartfilia!"

"Hehe, seems she was serious about us going. Well, I'm taking this round, okay," Laxus said gruffly and Mira grins.

"Lalu!!!!" She squeals, twirling.

"From Fairy Tail Team B, we have Laxus Dreyar!"

"Everyone participating, please step forward!"

"You got this Lucy!" Gray yelled.

"You better not lose, Luigi!" Natsu shouts. Lucy twitches and raises a fist.

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