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Runaway Princess (NaLu) by JeRein_14
Runaway Princess (NaLu)by 👑 Rein Astraea
Lucy Heartfilia has been keeping a big secret from her guildmates.. She is the famous Runaway Princess from the far away kingdom of Zentopia. She was so sick of being lo...
Searching~ Nalu~ sequel to Found by ngardnersenpi
Searching~ Nalu~ sequel to Foundby NG
Lucy Heartfeilia has awoken from her coma, only to find that Natsu is gone. Sad and angry, she goes on a quest to find him. . .................. Natsu Dragneel, or END...
Her Little Secret by _team_fairytail
Her Little Secretby team.fairytail
Something's up with Lucy... (Things that happened in the anime/manga don't go really go with this story). *Sequel: The Side Where No Stars Shine*
To Any Cost by r_umbrella9
To Any Costby Rachel Elizabeth
When the Fairy Tail Guild Hall is destroyed a second time, Master Makarov needs money for repairs, and quick!!! However, when none other than Mira-Jane Strauss begins pl...
Ruthless Winds and Raging Seas  by Fantasyandromance516
Ruthless Winds and Raging Seas by Fantasyandromance516
Fairy Tail is the wackiest pirate crew in the seven seas. With their fearless Captain Natsu Dragneel leading them, they set out in search of the most sought after item i...
The Princess And E.N.D (NaLu) by 666reddog
The Princess And E.N.D (NaLu)by Red
The war with Zeref was going good for Fairy Tail. The was winning the war turning Zeref's demons onto their side or ending their lifes. It was going great for them until...
Nalu - The Demon Criminal by Dragneeel_Twins
Nalu - The Demon Criminalby Dragneel Twins
Summary: Criminal - Classified Crime - Classified Status - Classified The Classified isn't always fair. Lucy learns that quickly. All inmate's files are open to the publ...
Blast to the Past | Ft Next Gen✔️ by Suicide_DeathGod20
Blast to the Past | Ft Next Gen✔️by Dead
What if there was a next generation of Fairy Tail? What if 5 of them went back in time and then the others? What will the future parents do? How can the next generation...
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Falling For A Vampire ✔️ by WolfieWild
Falling For A Vampire ✔️by WolfieWild
Lucy and Natsu. They're best friends and tell each other everything! Except for one thing. They both have secrets. One of them is bigger than the other's. Natsu was bo...
✔| Celestial training ~ (Nalu) by Ashy_Doki
✔| Celestial training ~ (Nalu)by Ash ♥
Natsu, Erza, Gray decides to go on a +6 years mission without Lucy. Lucy, wanting to make them proud when they'll come back decides to go training with her celestial spi...
Big or small secret? Nalu fanfiction by Princesslucydragneel
Big or small secret? Nalu Princesslucydragneel
what will happen if natsu and lucy were in relationships but no one know?? how they will keep going together? and why lucy dont want to tell anyone?
Summer and Light (NaLu Oneshots) by thatyanderechick
Summer and Light (NaLu Oneshots)by Umi Seragaki
Different Collection of NaLu oneshots, All Compiled Into One!
Calming the chaos | NALU FF by kookoo-sann
Calming the chaos | NALU FFby 트리샤
Natsu Dragneel was not raised by Igneel. He was instead raised by Acnologia, the chaos dragon. He grew up to be quiet, rude, and he has a short temper. What happens wh...
The Stars' Guardian by haunted-by-the-past
The Stars' Guardianby Ally
Due to injury, Team Natsu temporarily replaced Lucy with Lisanna. However, like always, Lucy is desperate for rent money and takes on a simple solo mission. Easy enough...
[Book 1] Luminos Sun ~ A Nalu Fanfic by rubyrosemc
[Book 1] Luminos Sun ~ A Nalu rubyrosemc
Lucy Heartfilia, daughter of the previous Heartfilia Kozurn and is now a member of the #1 guild in Fiore, Fairy Tail. She lives a happy life there with her friends. But...
Fairy Tail Training Camp {Nalu, Jerza, Gale, Gruvia, Miraxus FanFic} by haazzel10
Fairy Tail Training Camp {Nalu, haazzel10
Completed. When the Master of Fairy Tail announces a training camp to help improve the abilities of the wizards, everyone is super excited. But, what everyone doesn't kn...
Fairy Tail: It Was A Mistake by anloriiee
Fairy Tail: It Was A Mistakeby anloriiee
The next day after the wild party at the guild, four female Fairy Tail mages found themselves not in their room, and of course, not in their bed. It wasn't long enough w...
||The Forgotten One || Nalu||✔ by Xxx_Day_Dream_xxX
||The Forgotten One || Nalu||✔by DayDream
All of Lucy's friends get into relationships; Gray & Juvia, Erza& Jellel and the one that hits Lucy right in the heart- Natsu and Lisannna Everyone becomes so close th...
Nalu: That Damn Cat (completed) by mawsome99
Nalu: That Damn Cat (completed)by mawsome99
Happy loves Lucy like a mother. He wants Lucy to be his new mother. But Natsu, being the dense idiot he is, doesn't realise his feelings for the blonde. It's up to the d...
NaLu - The Painful Feelings (Complete) by stargalaxydr3am
NaLu - The Painful Feelings ( 🧡Sad Star💜
It hurts Lucy so much to see Natsu with Lisanna but when Natsu finally realizes that he is in love with Lucy will it be to late.