Kindness Can Be A Weakness

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Lucy sprinted through a thicket of trees, agilely dodging the twisted limbs. Her two guildmates were right on her heels. They had set off to find this monster and had found tracks in the mud, along with clumps of scaly feathers.

Lucy had worried they were too late and had run off, following the precariously left trail. Smashing plant life, her steps were solid and steady as she finally dashed out from behind a big tree to see a spongy area, with large mushrooms sprouting from the earth, along with a giant cave-like cavity, which appeared to be two rocks tilted against each other, ultimately supporting one another's weight. A large gape in the flat rock showed a nest, a large one, with a person's limp body huddled in the corner.

Horrified at the sight, she impulsively came out from behind a colossal butter-yellow mushroom, running towards the alcove. Upon closer inspection, she quietly gasped at the many bones that littered the ground around the den. Some were obvious animal bones, with clear body organs and tissue still attached. But others...they could be made out to be human, with countless human skulls scattered around, like flower petals. Some were so fresh that clumps of hair still clung to the useless detached heads.

Lucy walked towards the woman and immediately felt for a pulse. Though faint, the steady throb of a heart beated. Sighing in relief, she requipped her key.

"Open! Gate of the maiden, Virgo!" Lucy summoned the lovely pink-haired girl, who appeared with a wave of a key. Bowing, Virgo blankly looked at Lucy.

"What is it you desire, princess?" Virgo inquired.

"Could you please take this woman back to the village?" Lucy requested sweetly. Virgo bobbed her head, nodding. Bundling the woman into her arms, Virgo sunk into the Earth, and disappeared.

"Wow, Lucy-nee..." Lila murmured.

"So...what do you two want to do? We can wait here for the monster to return, or we can actively go search for it. It's your call. I don't care either way," Lucy informed them. Lila shrugged, knowing it didn't make a difference either way.

Kaden spoke finally. "Waiting here seems to be the smartest option. Judging from these dry prints, it's been gone awhile."

Plopping onto the ground, Lila stretched her legs. Lucy held back a cringe as she walked into the nest area. A foul stench seemed to permeate through the air. That combined with the bones crunching beneath her feet, made Lucy slightly nauseous.

Observing the crimson red scales and clusters of bright, fiery-colored fur, Lucy pondered what could be the cause. Reaching out to brush her fingers against it, she hissed. Retracting her hands instantly, the scales and fur were boiling hot. Almost fire hot, making her think they'd have fire to deal with. She knew she'd be fine, as her water magic would protect her.

She had her doubts and suspicions about Lila and Kaden, but she didn't want them to get hurt. Ushering them closer, Lucy finally noticed a minuscule, almost invisible to the naked eye, dot in the vast sky. It was gradually becoming closer. Lucy felt a spike of panic as she realized that whatever this mystery monster was, it could fly.

"Guys, it's coming!" She spoke hurriedly, engulfing her fists with water. They both tensed up, and Lila squealed in fright. Lila pulled out her bow and arrows, knowing she couldn't utilize her thought influencer magic because it would be a red flag to Lucy.

Kaden moved into an ice-make stance, his features pulled tight with determination. Lucy left the two inside the cave, rushing out just in time to finally see the large monster.

Lucy stared up, with wide doe-like eyes at the colossal monster. It was actually a wyvern; a legendary winged creature with a dragon's head and wings. Its scales glistened with a fiery sparkle, and its reptilian body lurched with every flap of its wings. The massive tail slithered in the air, resembling a barbed dragon's tail.

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