Be Alright

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In a dark room, a little ways from the majestic guild that was Fairy Tail, a man with salt and pepper colored hair sat. Surrounded by maps and planning boards, his brown eyes burned into his two charges. Crimson Flag needed Lucy Heartfilia, as his master had told him a little while ago. So, he had done any logical thing, and had taken two of their soldiers, kids raised to be fighting machines and had used them for his own mission. Both were exceptionally skilled, great at deceiving and finding an enemy's weak spot.

"Ritsu-sama...I did what you asked..." A child's voice spoke, a round, pale face peering up at him. Even through the kid-like appearance, one could spot the harsh gleam in her eyes. Her partner, though he was older, was more soft-hearted and stubborn. He had the appearance of a strong male, but even as a teenager, he still fought the way of the Crimson Flag. He refused to accept his fate.

"Great. Have you found a way to capture Lucy Heartfilia, Lila?" Ritsu questioned sharply, his cold gaze lingering across the girl with the pale blue hair.

She swallowed thickly, a grim smile in place. She had used her memory reading magic on Lucy when she had hugged her. So many terrible, scarring memories. But...fodder for opportunities. People had been cruel to Lucy, especially the people right beside her. Her fellow guildmates weren't so family-centered after all.  Lila already had an idea sparking in the back of her head. She knew how to get Lucy to their side. All it would take is for them to hit her breaking point. Distrust for her guildmates was already in place, showing through her memories and thoughts.

Lila almost felt sorry for her. The girl had already suffered enough but would be put through the same pain Lila and Kaden went through if their plan succeeded. 

"Yes...I have, boss. But, I'll need some time to gain her trust, Kaden as wel-" 

She flinched when her voice was rudely cut off, her master rising to his feet in a spur of anger. She nearly threw herself to the floor when he approached her in quick, lumbering steps. She saw Kaden stiffen beside her, using every ounce of his strength to not rush in and block her from sight. He would just be punished harshly for disobedience.

"We don't have "time"! You have only a week to get this girl, or the boss will have our heads! Master Kuriso is impatient!"  Ritsu snapped, spittle flying from his parted mouth, splattering on her face. She resisted the impulse to wipe her face.

"Of course..." She whispered, forcing strength into her words.

"We will have her on schedule, master," Kaden said, sarcasm tinging at the word master.

Lila sucked in a shaky breath when the echo of a harsh impact shattered the quiet exterior of the room. Kaden stood there, his proud scowl never wavering, his will never cracking. His cheek had a massive hand imprint, the affected area already tender and a bright apple red. There was even a bruise forming, it's pear yellow shape fading into a dark violet.

"Watch that tone around me, boy. If you weren't ideal for this mission, I'd have you whipped."

Kaden sneered, thinking of everything he would be forced to do on this so-called mission. He thought of Lila, of her forced matureness. Of how fast a sweet girl had to grow up, and how she'd have to hurt someone she'd already come to like. He thought of Lucy, someone so scarred and pained by the past, but strong and positive. Someone so happy, despite such peril. A girl who, despite being his enemy, made him confused. Despite being his enemy, he couldn't help but see beauty in her. In the way, she laughed, or the way she smiled and complimented Lila. He in no way liked her that way, at least, not yet, but he couldn't help but see an innocent girl, who he'd end up hurting more.

"Lucky me then," He barked at Ritsu. Ritsu barred his teeth at him but backed away.

"Umm...Master? I was thinking the best way to get Lucy to join us, wouldn't be kidnapping someone for blackmail. After I viewed her memories, I came up with the perfect plan using one of her weaknesses."

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