Falling Apart

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▶┆Chapter eighty-six [86]

❝You wish you could take it back― but it just doesn't work like that

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❝You wish you could take it back― but it just doesn't work like that.❞

  ▶┆Author's Note┆◀ 

Hey guys! It's meee again! (: I have a question for you guys! I've been wondering for a while, but are you guys still content with the ship? At this point, if you guys want I can do a re-vote (: <3 Mostly because even I AM mixed up on what to ship XD 


"YOU!" STING SNARLED. Laxus flinched, genuinely surprised by the pure hatred in the light dragon slayer's eyes. He knew he probably should have been prepared for it. Was he expecting one of Lucy's closest friends to just welcome him with open arms? After all, in Sting's eyes, he was the villain; he had hurt Lucy. But he hadn't! He had done a lot of dense things in his life, but that was one thing he'd never do!

Sting, on the other hand, was livid. How dare he! How dare Laxus even think about showing his damn face here! After everything he had done, he'd be lucky if Sting allowed him to leave in a coffin! The blue-eyed blonde planted his feet firmly on the ground and allowed strength to course through his veins in the form of magic power. 

With clenched fists, Sting's blue orbs narrowed into slits. His eyes once again resembled dragon eyes. They gave off an eerie glow and accomplished in omitting a ghostly ominous aura. He stalked towards the taller blonde male, not caring that he was less muscular and shorter. He didn't care if he was weaker, or if he wouldn't win.

It was as if all reasonable thought had dispersed from his brain. An endless loop cycled through his skull instead, a circuit of Lucy weeping in his arms. His warm cerulean eyes froze over like a pond in winter.

Laxus...that bastard...he deserved no mercy. 

Sting abruptly propelled himself. Snarling and hissing like a cat, he crushed his fist into Laxus's chest. He took pleasure in the sickening sound that followed; just watching Laxus travel hundreds of feet backward made him satisfied. 

Laxus collided with a wall, and it crumpled like paper. Rocks tumbled to the earth, and fragments began to pepper the grass. Like a collapsing castle, the mass of stone caved in on itself and became a heap of rubble.

Laxus, who had been too appalled to block the attack, rose onto shaky legs. Wiping away the dribble of scarlet liquid trailing down his chin, his mouth curved into a sharp frown. His midsection and chest area hurt; more than hurt, it was in pure agony. He shouldn't have underestimated Sting's power. 

"Eucliffe...let me explain," He said calmly. The lightning dragon slayer's eyes flickered from Sting's outraged form to the pink-haired male off to the side with his blue feline. 

They'd have to make him understand! He was the only one who knew where Lucy was...well, at least Laxus hoped he knew where Lucy was. At the thought, he visibly wilted. It was a possibility that Sting didn't even know where Lucy was...but, she had obviously been here. 

His eyes brightened, his back straightening. Sting had known about what had happened to Lucy...that meant she had to have come here! Laxus couldn't afford for her to be in the dark for much longer...he knew all to well what it felt like to think evil was the only option. Hell, he had been there! But, that meant he'd do anything to shield her from that kind of pain. 

"Just shut the hell up, Dreyar!" Sting cried, unable to listen. No...that was wrong. It wasn't that he was unable to listen, it was he just didn't want to. He didn't want to hear all of the petty excuses. Laxus couldn't excuse what he did.

Not only had he broke her heart...but he had rubbed it in. Like salt in her wounds. Kissing Mirajane in front of her had been a choice; it had all been a choice! And now, staring him dead in the eye, Sting swore he saw no guilt or regret. It was as if Laxus seemed to shed away his sins; like he hadn't done it in the first place.

Sick to his stomach, Sting's body was engulfed in light. He had promised himself; an oath he knew he'd keep. He knew Lucy better than anyone. He knew she had probably fled because it was too painful to be around people. Although it burned, he understood. The blonde male would probably have done the same thing if he had gone through what she had.

He...knew that if left alone too long...things could get ugly.

But...he could help her. He could show the Fairy Tail members just what they had done! Make them regret everything...the thought was pleasant. He couldn't undo the past―he couldn't delete their actions, or fully make it better for Lucy. But...what he could do, is assist in taping her heart back together again.


Sting ignored the call. A pink-haired male was fruitlessly trying to gain his attention. But he refused to even spare him a glance. Natsu was guilty; they all were. But Sting had a grudge with Laxus. 

"It wasn't us!" Natsu screamed, his voice scratchy. "I swear! It was an illusion!"

Sting's billow of strength faltered for a moment, before surging anew once more. So they were trying to lie to him? Were they joking? Was this all a big laugh to them? Why couldn't they just admit their sins―why couldn't they just admit they had hurt her!

"You're lying! Dragneel, you hurt her once, why is it hard to believe you'd do it again?! Why should I believe you assholes over her?!" Sting shouted, every word coated with a layer of venom.

Natsu shook his head frantically, feeling desperation claw at his throat. 

"It was Lila and Kaden! Two new members! Levy thinks they were trying to convert Lucy to evil!" Natsu was pleading with him at this point. Pleading for him to understand.

"He's telling the truth!" Laxus urged.

Sting froze for a moment. His hesitation caught their eye. They were getting through to him! Sting's fists lost their glow entirely when a small exceed flew up towards him.

Sting knew Lucy adored Happy...and maybe, just maybe Sting trusted the feline more because he resembled both Lector and Frosch.

"Sting! We would never hurt Lucy! Natsu is telling the truth!....for once," Happy mumbled under his breath. But, due to the dragon slayer's advanced hearing, all three caught his words.

Natsu's eyebrows rose in indignation. "Seriously, Happy? You decide to drag me now," Natsu asks in disbelief.

Happy shrugs. "You know it's true, buddy."

The Sabertooth mage stopped. Maybe he should consider the possibility that they were telling the truth...he swallowed thickly.

If they were telling the truth...oh no. Things were a lot worse if they were telling the truth. That meant Lucy...his princess, was in the clutches of a dark guild. 

It explained why she had disappeared...she had gone seeking for power.

With horror etched across his features, he dashed away, leaving two flabberghasted dragon slayers chasing after him. But he didn't care. He could only worry about one person.


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