Lucy's Anger

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~Lucy's POV~

My world fell apart at Natsu's words. After all, we went through together, after all the great moments we shared, they're going to kick me off the team? Am I really weak??

I felt tears stream down my face. How could they...? I could see their guilt, but I also saw no regret for what they did. I felt rage streaming through my veins. I curled my lip up in a snarl, and stand up, facing them head on.

"Fine! I didn't want to be on your team anyway! You all are a bunch of hypocrites!" I yelled, catching the whole guild's attention.

"How are we hypocrites?" Gray asked.

"You guys talk about Nakama all the time, but you just kicked me off the team! I thought we were family?!" I scream. I was enveloped in a golden light, and all my spirits were standing around me.

Loke and Aquarius were furious, they stood next to me, backing me up.

"Fairy tail was my family, my home! But now you all ignore me and treat me like trash! JUST LIKE MY FATHER! I loved you Natsu!! And you broke my heart! Erza, Gray, you guys were some of my closest friends! And you abandoned me! So you know what!? Great! I would love to leave!!! I hated this team anyway!" I scream, allowing my pent up feelings to burst.

Erza was crying and looked ashamed. Gray was mumbling to himself and seemed to be in shock and processing my words. And Natsu looked like he had seen a ghost. My spirits disappeared and I started walking towards the speechless Wendy.

"Y-you l-loved me?" Natsu asks, grabbing my arm.

I twist my arm out of his grip.

"Yes, I did!" I say glaring at him.

"L-luce?" He says, hurt.

"Don't give me that hurt expression. You just kicked me off the team and called me weak! We were partners, best friends! Now just leave me alone! Your precious Lisanna can join the team! It'll be as if I never existed. As if I never met you..." I say trailing off.

Natsu stares at me, nearly crying.

"I'm sorry Luce.... I w-wasn't thinking! I love you too! Please forgive me!" Natsu begged, tears leaking from his eyes.

My eyes soften a little, before hardening again.

"Sorry isn't going to cut it this time," I say, before storming out of the guild, everyone's eyes trailing after me.

"Wait up Lucy-nee!" Wendy shouted, running out of the guild with Romeo.

"LUSHY!" Happy cried, flying out with Charla.

"Poor Bunny girl.....let's go shrimp, Pantherlily," Gajeel says, picking Levy and up and running out of the guild with Pantherlily hot on his heels.

"You guys are all idiots," Laxus says, before speeding out of the guild using his magic.

"Wherever Laxus-sama goes, we go!" Freed shouts, running after Laxus with Evergreen and Bickslow.

~Normal POV~

The guild, excluding Team Natsu, was shocked. They couldn't believe they all had been ignoring her...They never knew she was feeling abandoned. Mira was crying, cursing herself for not noticing. She was supposed to be one of Lucy's friends. Juvia was crying rivers too. She never noticed her love rivals pain, and hated herself for it. She was alone as a child and knew how it felt. Lucy was the first girl to ever treat her kindly, and consider Juvia a friend.

Juvia stopped crying suddenly, to the relief of the guild. She got up with determination clear in her eyes. She had to at least apologize to Lucy. Even if Lucy didn't forgive her yet, at least she would be trying to make things right. Juvia ran out of the guild, looking everywhere for Lucy. She wasn't in her apartment, or at the library, so Juvia ran to where she would go. The forest. There was an amazing waterfall there, were Juvia would go to think.

When she got there she saw Lucy was curled up in a ball, sobbing, clutching Plue to her chest. Laxus was holding her, much to Juvia's surprise. The Thunder God Tribe looked on in shock, sympathy, and in Freed's case, jealousy. Levy and Wendy were sitting next to Lucy, saying soothing words. Gajeel stood next to Levy, trying to comfort Lucy too. Romeo patted Lucy's back and promised her everything would be ok. Charla, Happy and Pantherlily flew in the air above Laxus.

"I can't believe they did that to you!" Wendy exclaimed angrily.

Lucy stopped crying and wiped her tears.

"Guys, it's ok, really, it is. I mean with Lisanna back, I knew this was coming, it was just a matter of time. To be honest, I was surprised they waited this long before saying anything," Lucy says giving them all a smile, that didn't quite reach her eyes.

"Lucy-nee, how can you be like that? Smile after what Natsu just did to you? I want to go over and punch him in the head and knock a few screws back into place for you!" Romeo said, his hands clenched into fists.

"I'm with the squirt," Gajeel said, nodding his head.

"Natsu's a jerk, Lucy! If you want I can yell at him," Happy offered, his face twisted up in a scowl. Lucy sent Plue back to the spirit world, before enveloping Happy in a soft hug. Then she hugged Romeo, hoping to make him understand.

"It's ok guys! Do you want to know why? It's because I still have all of you! Gajeel is like a big brother to me, Levy is my best friend, Wendy's my little sister, Romeo's my little brother, my three favorite cats, and the Thunder God Tribe, my favorite team!" Lucy says looking at Happy's now glossy eyes and Romeo's smiling face.

"And as long as I have you guys as my family, I can keep smiling. I love you guys more than you'll ever know," Lucy said, giving them a real smile this time.

Wendy started crying.

"We l-love y-you to L-L-Lucy!" Wendy shuddered out, practically sobbing at this point. Lucy gives Wendy a tender hug, stroking her, trying to calm the small dragon slayer.

"Lu-chan, you're so strong," Levy said, her eyes shining.

"Lucy-san?" A voice said, which turned out to be Juvia.

Lucy removed herself from Laxus's arms and approached Juvia.

"Yes, Juvia?" Lucy asked politely.

Juvia leaped onto Lucy as if she would disappear.

"Juvia is so sorry! I was always so busy watching Gray-sama, that Juvia never noticed your pain. Juvia hopes you can learn to forgive Juvia, and that Juvia and Lucy can be friends again!" Juvia sobbed out. Lucy smiled and pulled away from Juvia.

"You're forgiven."

"W-What? You're really willing to forgive Juvia?" Juvia asked.

"Of course. You're very familiar with what loneliness feels like, so I doubt you'd make anyone feel that way on purpose. You're a great person, and you were just busy with Gray. So I forgive you. And now I have two best friends in my family!" Lucy exclaimed. Juvia smiled, the last of her tears sliding down her cheeks.

Lucy considered her a best friend? She was glad she decided to apologize. Lucy was the type of person, once you found, you should never let go.

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