The Battle

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A/N: Sorry it took so long to update. School's been a bitch lately, and I haven't been inspired to write. But, here you go! Love you guys, hope you enjoy <3

Lucy wiped the sweat from her brow, smiling as she stared at the island ahead. She was eager to show her new powers. Lucy for the first time, felt strong. Now that she had several celestial spells, star dress, and water dragon slayer magic, she felt like she actually had a chance.

"Are you ready?" Happy asks, snapping her out of her thoughts. She nodded, getting ready.

After the ship stopped, and master explained the first trial, she ran to exit the ship. Noticing the ruins placed by Freed, she smirked in glee. She rewrote the ruins, allowing Happy and her to leave. She secretly enjoyed the stunned looks she got from almost everyone.

"Good job Luc-"Natsu started, running smack into the ruins. He rubbed his aching forehead, giving her a confused glance.

"Sorry Natsu, but right now we're enemies," She says, getting picked up by Happy. Levy followed Lucy's lead and left with Gajeel.

"Damn it...." Gray grumbled, watching their figures disappear.

Lucy stared at the dark tunnel ahead of her.

"You ready Happy?" She asks, giving him a grin.

"Aye, sir!"

They walk through the endless black, before finally reaching their destination. A large cave, big enough to battle in. A cage of magic formed behind them, making them unable to go back the way they came.

Lucy pushed her bangs out of her eyes and smiled. She glanced at the empty cave, before sighing. It would be a while. Lucy leaned against the jagged cave wall, letting Happy land on her shoulder.

"Hey, Lucy? Who do you think we'll have to fight?" He pondered. Lucy angled her head so he could see the sly smirk tugging at her lips.

"Natsu and Lisanna," She responded casually, smoothing out her white crop top. It had the fairy tail symbol on it. She was also donning a pair of black shorts and boots. Her katana was strapped to her back as usual, and her new belt and keys were attached to her waist. Her hair was flowing down her back in soft, golden waves.

"Why them?" He questioned, giving her a confused look.

"Well, we chose path E, and knowing that idiot, he'll choose this path because he'll think Erza's down here," She snorted.

"Come on, Natsu isn't that stupid," Happy replied, sticking up for his friend.

"You'd be surprised...." She muttered under her breath.

Once the five-minute ruins fell, everyone scrambled to the island, intent on getting their first. The battles ended as followed.

Juvia & Cana vs. Freed & Bickslow

Wendy & Charla vs. Gray & Loke

Elfman & Evergreen vs. Mirajane

Levy & Gajeel vs. Laxus

Lucy & Happy vs. Natsu & Lisanna

Lucy perked up when her sensitive ears picked up the sound of footsteps.

"Someone's coming..." She whispered to Happy. He nodded. Lucy waited expectantly for Natsu to stumble his way into the light.

And low and behold, a broody Natsu and a cheerful Lisanna stepped into the light. Lucy had a once-over when she saw Natsu's disheartened expression.

"It's okay Natsu...." Lisanna said, not even looking in Lucy's direction.

"No it's not! Without Happy, I had to swim! I just slowed you down," He yells, apparently not aware of Happy or Lucy.

"Natsu, it's fine. We still weren't last. It was Juvia-chan and Cana. Now let's focus on fighting our opponent....wait," Lisanna says, finally seeing Happy and Lucy. Her friendly smile turns somewhat sinister.

"Hello.... Lucy," She says, smirking. Lucy gives her a nod of acknowledgment.

"Hi, Lisanna, Natsu," She replies politely.

"No way! I have to fight Luce?!" Natsu exclaims, staring at Lucy in shock.

"Yeah. I'm not the same weak Lucy you guys kicked off the team. I'm stronger now," She stated, her voice as cold as ice.

Natsu's face saddened at the memory of his disgusting decision.

"I'm sorry..." He says because he truly felt bad. What he did was wrong...How could he ever think Lisanna could replace Lucy?!

"Ready Happy?" Lucy asks, getting into her fighting stance.

"Aye, sir! We got this in the bag!" Happy bubbled, sprouting his dazzling angel-like wings.

"W-Wait!" Natsu shouted, making Lucy's smile falter.

"What?" Lucy snaps, annoyed.

"I-I can't fight're my partner...and my best friend...." Natsu reasoned quietly. Lisanna felt angry tears swarm her bright blue eyes. She was supposed to be Natsu's best friend! Lisanna felt rage bubble in her stomach. She'd kill that stupid bitch.... She didn't hate Lucy personally, Lucy was just in the way.

"Natsu..." Lucy was conflicted. She was jubilant at what he said but also enraged.

"I'm sorry Natsu...but at the moment, my best friend and partner is Laxus. Your's is Lisanna...." Lucy says sadly, a tired smile plastered across her angelic face.

Natsu feels angry tears prick his eyes. Why couldn't she understand how much he cared about her?

"Uh...Lucy?" Happy piped up, snapping the disgruntled girl out of her thoughts.

Lucy suddenly runs forward, so fast, Natsu nearly missed it.

She swings her fist at his head, and he barely dodges. She huffs in annoyance.

"Lucy, you're my best friend!" Natsu protests, blocking another hit from her, wincing from the strength.

His words seem to only enhance her rage.

"Happy!" She yelled, getting pulled out of the way before Lisanna could attack her with her claws. She landed in a crouch, eyeing Natsu's now alit fists.

"Finally you're getting serious," she quipped. He snarled at her, his anger lit anew.

"Fire Dragon's Roar!" He bellowed, sending out his signature move. Lucy smirked in happiness.

"Water Dragon's Roar!" She screamed, sending a flood of violent, gurgling water back at Natsu. Her spell countered his.

He stared in absolute shock and horror at his best friend.

"Y-You're...Y-You're a dragon slayer...?" He stuttered out.

"But how!?" Lisanna exclaimed, standing behind Natsu.

Lucy simpered, her hair flowing behind her, and her blue highlights seemed brighter than ever.

"Yep! I'm like Laxus! A lacrima was surgically put in me. That's where this scar's from," Lucy responded, pointing to the long scar running through her eye. Natsu eyes her scar and remembers his confusion about where it came from. But he never pressed for information, because he knew he had no right to ask.

"Open! Gate of the scorpion, Scorpio Open, Gate of the maiden, Virgo!" Lucy abruptly yelled. Her spirits appeared in a flash.

"Can you guys please take on Lisanna? I can handle Natsu."

Her spirits nodded, and Scorpio smirked.

"Of course," He said.

They run to Lisanna and engage her in combat. Lucy smirks at Natsu's worried expression. Even he's worried. The outcome was obvious. Water beats fire.

To be continued........

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