If You Could See Me Now

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(Song Above)

"How can I say this without breaking
How can I say this without taking over
How can I put it down into words
When it's almost too much for my soul alone," Lucy sings to herself, sweeping the dirty hardwood floor. Jellal was out grocery shopping, so she decided to clean the house a little.

"I loved and I loved and I lost you
I loved and I loved and I lost you
I loved and I loved and I lost you
And it hurts like hell
Yeah, it hurts like hell," She continues, her voice soft and full of raw emotion.

"I don't want them to know the secrets
I don't want them to know the way I loved you
I don't think they'd understand it, no
I don't think they would accept me, no." She sweeps the same spot over and over, caught in the past for a second. She snaps out of it and sweeps faster.

"I loved and I loved and I lost you
I loved and I loved and I lost you
I loved and I loved and I lost you
And it hurts like hell
Yeah, it hurts like hell," She is near tears now, her pain clearly visible.

"Dreams fight with machines
Inside my head like adversaries
Come wrestle me free
Clean from the war," Her voice is loud and clear, breaking the stale silence of the old house.

"Your heart fits like a key
Into the lock on the wall
I turn it over, I turn it over
But I can't escape
I turn it over, I turn it over." She smiles now, and it seems bittersweet.

"I loved and I loved and I lost you
I loved and I loved and I lost you
I loved and I loved and I lost you
And it hurts like hell." She takes a deep breath and nearly screams when she hears a person.

"Good job Lulu."

"Blueberry!!" She says, flustered. Jellal chuckles and strolls into the kitchen, his arms gripping three paper bags. He sets them on the counter. He shoots her a small grin. His subtle smile is contagious; She finds her lips contradicting themselves, while her eyes give her away.

"Singing again? Maybe you should just quit being a wizard and become a pop star," He says jokingly, shoving a box of Cheezits in the cupboard next to the sink.

"As if blueberry. I'm nowhere near talented enough to pull that off," She replies, helping him put away all the groceries. Once they were all put away, they entered the living room, were Pantherlily was watching television on a lacrima screen. The sit next to each other, with Lucy's head leaning on his shoulder.

"So...how was your mission?" Lucy asks wistfully. Jellal sighs and sends her a tired smile.

"The usual....destroyed another dark guild. I wish you would've gone. Didn't you take a mission with those asshats, Sting and Rogue?" He asks, his eyes darkening at the twin dragon's names. He wasn't all that fond of them, and quite frankly thought they were arrogant bastards, who only thought of themselves. He was utterly stupefied to find out Lucy was friends with them. She must really be magic if she got those two to warm up to her (Or she's just Author-sama's favorite character xD).

"They're not that bad Jellal. It's just the image all Sabertooth's mages have to have. They're both actually....really nice," She answers, oddly serious. He grunts in response.

"Still, I don't approve," He scolds, a frown plastered on his pale face. She ruffles his blue locks, grinning cheekily at the simmering bluenette (Lol bluenette)

"I don't need your approval blueberry. Or you in general," She says, sticking her tongue out with a funny smile.

"Oh really...?" He says, smirking. She starts to get a little nervous. Jellal, suddenly attacked her, tickling her. Since he was her best friend, he knew where her ticklish spot was.

"NO! S-stop blueberry!" She chokes out, her body spasming. He cracks a grin at her flushed face.

"Admit you need me!" He exclaims. She scrunches up her nose.



"You know I could kill you right?! You're lucky I'm such a nice person!" She says, the tickling hurting her sides.

"Just admit it," He says, tickling her armpits.

"S-stop! Fine, I need you okay! I need your approval and blah blahbeddy blah." He finally stops and she takes a few breaths and glares daggers at him.

"That was just plain rude," She says, miffed. She sits next to Pantherlily, who's been watching the whole scene with amusement.

"Awww come on Lulu! You know you love me," He says, turning on the waterworks, and his adorable puppy eyes. A deathly mix. She hesitates at his face.

"Don't look, he's faking. Don't look, he's faking," She repeats to herself. But, she sneaks a glance at him and cracks.

"Fine....but only because you're crying," She says, moving to sit next to him. Jellal smirks internally. She was such a softie... He wraps his arm around her shoulders, and Pantherlily waddles over to settle in her lap. They watch a movie, and Lucy falls asleep on his shoulder.

Jellal watches the movie until the end. Once the movie finishes, he notices Pantherlily is also asleep. He shakes his head. He tucks Pantherlily into his bed in Lucy's room, and then he returns to take Lucy to her bed. When he approaches Lucy to pick her up, he notices the tears staining her cheeks. Is she crying? Crying in her sleep?

Jellal carefully lifts her up and carries her to her room. After she's in bed, he attempts to walk away, but a hand shoots out and grabs his wrist.

"Please don't leave....everyone always seems to leave me..." She mumbles, her eyes bleary from being half-asleep.

"Lucy..." He tries pulling his hand away from her, but her iron grip doesn't budge.

"Please Jellal..." She whispers, before yawning. He nods silently. At least she knew who he was. He climbs into her bed and stiffly lies next to her. It didn't last long before Lucy turned and snuggled into his chest, her tears still falling.

"I just don't understand Jellal...why does everyone I love always get taken away from me. Why does everyone I love die? What if you die Jellal?! I wouldn't be able to keep living if you died. I miss them all so bad..." She sobs out. He rubs her back and holds her close. She was similar to Erza in this aspect. Kept all sadness locked deep within herself, and only showed it to her closest people, or to no one at all. Stayed strong, even when her life was falling apart.

"Lucy...I will not die. I promise you that. I'll always be alive, and right by your side. And I miss the others too....but Erza and the others would want us to be happy. We have to fight through this," He says, his eyes slightly pained. Lucy smiles her mind at ease.

"Thanks, Jellal..." She says warmly, her eyes closing softly. Her breathing evened and she drifted into a peaceful slumber. Jellal stared at her in happiness. Yes, he'd keep living. That's what Erza would want. For them to stay strong.

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