The Elimination Round!

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A/N: Do you want me to change the fights for the grand magic games? Or stick to the original ones? Just a question before I actually dive into writing the actual fights.

~Lucy's P.O.V~

I stare, flabberghasted at the sight before my eyes. We had to compete now? Ughhhh...Didn't these game directors know I was tired, and I was NOT up to fighting at midnight? I grumbled to myself when the weird pumpkin guy went on and on about how there are too many teams, and how we have to eliminate some.

'Ha. This will be too easy! Especially since we had that three months of training!' 

~Flashback, 3rd person P.O.V~

"So blondie, are we training together, or what?" Laxus asked, startling Lucy a bit. They left for training tomorrow, but Laxus wasn't on the GMG team...

"What do you mean, thunder thighs? You didn't make it onto the team, remember?" She said, tauntingly. He scoffed.

"Gramps made a second team. So, yeah, I did make it onto a team, blondie," He hissed. 

"Really? Oh, that's just splendid." Lucy said, with a teasing smirk. Laxus scowled. 

"Oh, and did I forget to mention Gramps promised us, that if our team won, could have the other team as slaves for the whole day?" Laxus said with a smirk. Oh, he'd definitely win this. Lucy looked up in shock and stomped over to Master Makarov, who was calmly sitting at the bar. 

"Is this true, Gramps? If you're going to make a bet like that, it has to be the same for both sides. So if we win, I can force Laxus to do anything I want, right?"

Master Makarov nodded, chuckling sheepishly.

"Yes, it's true Lucy. And yes, you can make Laxus do anything you want if you win."

Lucy smiled devilishly. Her mind filled with images of Laxus wearing a dress, and him making her food. Yes, this would be great!

"Bring it on Pikachu! I'm sooo going to beat you!" Laxus laughed and shook his head.

"Sorry, Blondie, but there's no way I'm letting this chance slip past my fingers," He said, his eyes boring into her. He licked his lips, and Lucy shifted uncomfortably. What the hell did he want out of this?

" you want to train together for the first month of training? We work well together, plus I miss spending time with you!" Lucy chirped, breaking the awkward silence. She also ignored the pink that dusted across Laxus's cheeks. 

"Yeah, sure blondie..."

"Yay!" Lucy already had her training schedule. First, she'd train with Laxus, and catch up. Then, she'd train with Erza and Mira. Then with Jellal. Ultear had already opened her second origin a long time ago, so she didn't bother joining the others, who were currently getting there's opened. 

~End Flashback Still 3rd P.O.V~

Lucy walked over to the others and was prepared to win. She knew what spell she needed to use, since the pumpkin man, Mato, or Mito, or something, had explained some of the rules of the maze.

"Where's Wendy?" Lucy asked suddenly, not spotting her anywhere. Everyone froze and realized she was right. Wendy was missing.  

"What are we going to do?!" Gray and Natsu exclaimed. 

"We'll just have to search for her later. Elfman will stand in her place," Erza said calmly, but Lucy could tell she was worried. Natsu looked like he was going to protest, but Lucy shook her head.

"She's right Natsu. I'm as worried as you are, but we have to win this preliminary round," Lucy said softly, placing a hand on his shoulder. He nodded. 

Once they ran into the maze, Lucy immediately cast a spell.

"Star Dress! Pegasus form!" She shouted. Her body glowed an iridescent gold, before shimmering into a gossamer white gown. Wings protruded from her back, and she raised her arms to signify the flight magic to pick up her friends.

She laughed at her friends awe-struck faces, attempting to school her features into a calm mask.

She carefully avoided the falling wizards, as the maze twisted and contorted into an awe-inspiring creation. After five minutes of flying at full speed, Lucy spotted a large charcoal-colored gateway. She pushed herself to her limits and raced through the doorway.

When they emerged, the crowds were unsure if they should applaud or scoff.

"And 1st place goes, you're kidding me! Fairy Tail team A!" Mato the pumpkin man said with disbelief. 

"Wow, Luce! That was amazing! You made us fly!" Natsu cried, with a huge grin.

"Thanks, Natsu. It was nothing..." She said bashfully, hiding her flushed cheeks.

"Oh, hello, Hell's Angel!" Lucy turned to see Sting, and the rest of Sabertooth's team, who were steaming with anger because they placed second.

"Oh, Hello, Stingy Bee!" She said back, cheerfully, ignoring his irritation.

"How in god's name did you beat us?" He asked, getting straight to the point. Lucy smirked and tilted her head sassily.

"Well, I do have more skill than you, bee boy," She jeered, laughing at his scowl.

"We're going to beat you, Lucy!" He snapped, making Lucy's laugh falter.

"Trust me, when I say this, Sting. I refuse to lose this. So, hit me with your best shot."

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