The New Members

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Lucy walked along the cobblestone street, her eyes trailing along the flowing channel. The canal bubbled, the waves flowing peacefully down in a calm, swelling path. She balanced along the edge, Happy chastising her.

"Lucy, if you fall in, I'm not helping you out," Happy snarked, flying beside her, watching as Plue wobbled next to her. Laxus huffed at the blue cat and swatted a calloused hand at the feline.

"She doesn't need your help, cat," Laxus laughed, knocking Happy through the air.

Lucy giggled as Happy hissed at him, regaining his composure. She was wondering what Levy could possibly want to show her. Maybe a new novel? Levy and she did share a love of literature, and all things books. After all, one of Lucy's absolute favorite pastimes was writing. Lucy didn't think that a new book was the reason Levy wanted her, though. Maybe it was something serious...? The thought subconsciously made her pace increase exponentially. Oh no! What if Levy somehow found out about that little thing Lucy did the last time she was at her apartment? 

Once at the guild, she seemed to break away from Laxus and Happy immediately, Plue fading back to the Celestial world with a jolly wave. She rushed to Levy, her brown eyes only focused on her blue-haired best friend. 

"What is it Levy-chan?! Did someone die!? Or is it about all the croissants I ate at your house secretly?!" Lucy exclaimed, shaking the petite girl's shoulders dramatically. 

Levy placed her tiny hands on top of Lucy's, willing the strong blonde to quit shaking her. She could feel dizziness swimming in her vision. What had Lucy said about the croissants? Levy's face pulled into a tight frown. So that's where her scrumptious midnight snacks went to...why was she even surprised? Natsu must have rubbed off on her.

"'s not about the croissants..." Levy coughed, gesturing to her right, where a man stood, looking both amused, and downright confused. "I wanted to introduce you to the newest members of Fairy Tail. This here is Kaden."

Lucy looked straight at the new member and had no reaction for a second. Lucy was excellent at reading people, it was a way of protecting yourself. Knowing who was a good deceiver, could keep you from being lied to, or tricked. But...this man, masked his real emotions perfectly. He had a patient smile painted across his lips, but Lucy swore she could see the spark of devilish intent in his eyes...maybe even disgust from their affectionate display of friendship.

"Hello. My name is Kaden. It's a pleasure to meet you," The man purred in a sweet, polite voice, making Lucy perpetually sick. She swallowed her uncomfortableness and forced out a smile. She did her best to mask the wariness in her voice and the distrust she felt. 

Kaden was tall, probably a good three to four inches taller than Lucy, with white hair, as pure as the snow itself. It seemed to defy gravity, spiking in all directions in a messy due. His bangs fell in waves around his face, the snowy strands almost covering one of his piercing eyes. His eyes were an icy blue. He was pale, his skin tone only brought out more by his colorless hair. He was wearing a black T-shirt, with a high-quality leather jacket, that made him look both daring and badass. He wore this along with some dark jeans and a pair of worn boots.

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