A Small Step To Happiness

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A/N: HEYY FOOLS!! I AM BACKKK! I know it's been a while, and I apologize!! I'm slow as all-around hell, and school has been stressful! No matter how stressful and terrible my life turns, I promise I'll finish both my books! I love you guys too much for that (:

Andddd, I have a certain shout out for my fabulous friend Onii-chan101 ❤❤

They just wrote a Fairy Tail fanfiction called "Forgive and NEVER Forget", and it's about darling Lucy! I suggest you go read because it's so far amazing! And I'm sure you'll enjoy it!

Thank you guys so much for reading! I can't thank you enough for all your support and kindness! You guys make me feel accepted and wanted! And I hope you guys feel welcome here! I notice all of you, and you all make me so happy!

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Lucy blinked blearily, her brain muddled from sleep. But when her mind snapped to attention, she wished she had never awoken. Sleep was an escape, a way to avoid the pain she felt when her mind was actually awake. She wished it would just disappear...But, that was only a wish. She doubted this gut-wrenching pain would ever subside or disperse. It would stick to her like glue, for she surmised that the pain of Fairy Tail’s betrayal would never leave her.

It would be there forever, a constant reminder of who she had lost and how foolish she had been. Lucy watched as Pegasus strutted forward, and the villagers who resided in Sabertooth’s city were curiously gazing at her. Children cooed and pointed at the majestic being,

Normally, Lucy would find it adorable. But not today; she didn’t think she’d find something adorable again. Her heart was in turmoil, and she didn’t find joy in anything anymore.

She laid her head down against Pegasus’s soft supple white coat, her mind comforted by the steady warmth that was emitted. She just needed five more minutes. Five more minutes of peace before everything would be amuck again. Her eyes drearily fluttered, and she fell into a light slumber.

All too soon, a hand was shaking her awake, whispering soothing encouragements. Lucy sniffed and tried to pretend she was still asleep. It was Loke prodding her, and the last thing she wanted to do was talk. Loke would gaze at her with pity-glazed eyes and a sad sympathetic frown. She adored her spirits...including Loke, but...she didn’t want to see anyone. Despite Virgo’s advice to join Sabertooth, Lucy was hesitant. Would they just end up the same? Would everyone there pretend to like her, but truly despise her? Would they all betray her in the end?

Lucy finally caved and faced Loke, and the lion spirit nearly ran back to Fairy Tail in an angry fit to beat up the members. She looked so broken...so lost. Loke’s heart reached out for her. Despite what she believed, he had a good feeling about Sabertooth. He had a pleasant feeling about Sting. He didn’t think he’d hurt her. That boy deserved a shot, and Loke had an inkling that he would cure Lucy’s, broken heart.

And that’s all he wanted for Lucy. Even if he had to forcefully carry her through the Sabertooth doors, he would help her mend her heart. If he wasn’t enough to do that, then he knew they’d have to make her go to Sting. The alternative option wasn’t better; in fact, it was a lot worse. She’d probably turn cold...like so many wizards before her. And that was the last thing he wanted. She was too kind-hearted for that. He had to protect that innocence, that sweet-nature. And so far, he had done a really shitty job. He had failed her.               
“Lucy…” Loke whispered cautiously, his eyes begging for her to open up to him. Lucy was afraid. Afraid because she wanted to open up; she wanted to be held in his arms until all the pain leached away. But...she couldn’t. And it killed her inside. She couldn’t forget what happened, what trusting people had done to her.

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