Chapter 61

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Oliver thought about sneaking into the bathroom when Vinny was showering. He was sure that would make him blush, but he didn't want to disrespect boundaries and invade his privacy. He respected Vinny and wouldn't go that far to embarrass him. So he sat and twiddled his thumbs as he waited for him at the bottom of the stairs, watching the life of the Vanderwood mansion. Oliver could see Jed at the other end of the hallway. The bodyguard wasn't close, but Oliver knew he was looking after him instead of the vampire because truthfully, Oliver is much more vulnerable than a Vampire who could break someone's face with his glare.

The human stuck his hands in his pockets and thought about the healing abilities he seems to possess. His ribs healed miraculously fast, and so did the cut on his wrist. The fact that nobody knew why was something which left his mind in a state of worry, but at least there is someone who might understand. Oliver felt excited to meet another member of Vinny's family. He hoped that Vinny's Grandfather wasn't anything like Scarlet. His Vampire didn't need that. It wasn't fair for him to get abuse for falling in love. He can help it.

Oliver snapped out of his thought when a maid dropped something in front of him. He was going to help and pick it up, but she was quick to usher his hands away.

"It's alright Oliver, I can manage," she smiled before hurrying down the corridor. He has noticed that people treat him with more care and it felt strange. He doesn't think that he deserves it, he is still the same.

Oliver's gaze wandered around the grand mansion. He remembered walking here for work, he remembered hearing about the Master's soulmate and thinking it will make his days more of a challenge with another vampire. Oliver never, not even once, imagined any of this would happen to him. He also didn't realise how much he wanted someones company until he has had nothing but Vinny's. Oliver realised how much he needed to express his love to someone who loved him back, just as much.

He snapped out of his thoughts again when a shadow had cast over him, and he found himself gazing at someone's feet, standing right in front of his.

He glanced up and met the glorious eyes of Vinny, who was staring down at him. The vampire looked very tall and mighty from so low down. Oliver wondered if short people felt intimidated by him. Then again, Vinny frightens everyone with his dark expression and his cold glare.

"Hello," Oliver chirped which never failed to soften Vinny's hard features.

"What're you thinking about, all the way down there?" Vinny asked, his deep voice felt like soft velvet when it reached his soulmates ears.

"You," Oliver said, casually taking his hand and pulling himself to his feet.

"Oh really?" Vinny questioned, watching Oliver's fingers slot perfectly in between his.

"Mhm," he hummed in response as the vampire stepped closer, making Oliver lean back against the railing. His gaze wandered down to Vinny's waistcoat, black and velvet. He couldn't resist keeping his hand away from touching its soft surface. He was also wearing a black fitted shirt with a dark red collar and cuffs. Oliver loved what he wears. Yes, it was very different to his style in clothing, but he liked that Vinny was so mysterious. He loved how he had to figure him out like a puzzle.

Vinny watched as Oliver traced his fingers lightly across his chest.

"You look good today," the human smiled.

"Don't I every day?" Vinny closed the gap between them and pushed his chest against Oliver's, taking advantage now that his ribs had healed.

"Oh, are we searching for compliments now?" Oliver chuckled as Vinny put both arms on the handrail, trapping Oliver against him. The vampire didn't care that the passing staff and Jed could see them. He knew Oliver wanted to make him blush, so he was doing everything he could to make his soulmate blush instead.

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