Chapter 73

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"I'm going to find my dad, he wanted to talk for a bit," Oliver said as he exited the bathroom with Vinny closely behind.

"Okay," Vinny said, turning to face his soulmate. "I'll just be in here." He glanced at his watch and it was almost 9:30 in the evening.

"Alright, I'll probably be a little while."

Vinny nodded before stepping forwards and wrapping arms around him. They both still felt the excitement from the shared shower and it would be on their minds for a while.

"That's fine, I hope John is feeling better."

"He is," Oliver smiled, hugging him back. "He just got a little overwhelmed."

Vinny understood. It was normal for John to feel that way when everything around him had changed.

Oliver then lifted his head and planted a sweet kiss onto Vinny's cheek, which warmed them to the core. everything they did felt amazing whether it was small bundles of affection or big bursts of passion.

"See you later, if you find your way back," Vinny smirked when they pulled away.

"If I'm not back before the limit, please send help," Oliver chuckled, walking towards the door. He still got lost on the way to their bedroom, and he knew he'd have a hard time finding the dining room.

"I might," Vinny flashed a toothy grin and Oliver thought he saw his fangs.

"That's reassuring," Oliver couldn't help but return the smile. "See you in a bit."

Vinny watched his soulmate walk down the corridor until he was out of sight. Oliver could feel his eyes all over him and didn't look back, not wanting Vinny to see his red cheeks and proud grin.

* * * * * 

Oliver wandered the hallways for almost ten minutes until Jed decided to come out of the shadows and direct him to the staircase. Oliver was very grateful and eventually, with help, he made it to the dining room. He thought he would be able to navigate himself around the mansion by now, but his sense of direction was terrible.

He was happy that his dad was sitting on the couch, so he didn't have to go looking for him. Oliver smiled at Madison and Duke. They were doing paperwork at the dining table as he approached his dad.

"Hey, Ollie!" John beamed.

"Hey, how're you feeling?" Oliver asked and sat down.

It was pleasing for Madison and Duke to see them maturely sorting out their issues.

"Good, actually much better. I really don't know what came over me and I'm really sor-"

"Dad," Oliver interrupted. "Don't apologise, it's completely fine."

John sat back and stared at his son. Oliver was a very forgiving person and John was proud of the man he was becoming. "So," John said, wanting to change the subject. "How are you and Vinny getting on? Tell me more about this new bond thing."

As Oliver explained, his emotions started building in his chest which Vinny could feel as he sat in the bedroom. It felt like they never really left each other. Their souls were floating together to keep the presence of one another constantly in the core of their hearts. The boys would never be fully satisfied until they made that physical touch.

John listened as Oliver tried to explain his feelings about Vinny and how they sometimes talked and moved at the same time. He could see the love growing in his son's eyes and it was very sweet that Vinny had such an effect on him.

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