Chapter 31

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Oliver had fished work almost two hours ago and Vinny was talking to his dad somewhere in the mansion. He wanted to talk about Desmond but he also wanted to talk about tomorrow. He needed to be certain that he fell asleep before twelve and woke up after Oliver was taken out of the room. He thought about sleeping in a different room but that wouldn't work. They would need each other too much.

Oliver was standing next to the garden doors in the dining room. He watched the heavy snow fall and cover everything in thick blankets of ice. Having just a t-shirt on made him feel a little cold, however, the mansion was really warm compared to the minus temperatures outside.

"One thing I hate about humans is how pathetic they get when it snows," A voice suddenly said, making Oliver jump. He turned to see Scarlet walking up behind him."Why do you feel the cold so much? I say it's because you're weak."

Oliver didn't really know what to say. How can one family member hate humans so much when the rest don't?

"It looks cold out there doesn't it?" She reached forwards and opened the door. Oliver felt the harsh cold air, piercing his skin. "Oh I'm sorry, do you not like that?"

Oliver hugged himself in an attempt to keep in some body heat.

"It's chilly," He shyly smiled. Scarlet smiled back but he could see it was obviously fake.

Suddenly, she grabbed his shoulders and pushed him with quite a lot of force. He stumbled outside and fell into the deep snow.

He gasped at the shock of the freezing temperatures as he quickly got up but Scarlet shut the door behind him and he heard it lock. He instantly ran over and tried to open it but it wasn't moving. Was this a joke?

"Scarlet, please, open the door!" He shouted and began to shiver. She couldn't hear him through the thick doors as she laughed and started walking away. Oliver banged on the glass in another attempt to get her attention. "Scarlet!"

She kept walking.

Oliver watched until she had left the dining room.

Things became silent too quickly as he turned around. It was dark outside and he could only see about three meters in front of him. He didn't know of any other entrances into the house and was scared he'd get lost, but surely he couldn't stand out here until someone came into the dining room?

He patted his pockets and realised his phone was in the bedroom. His teeth had started to chatter as he rubbed his arms. Vinny had been gone for about an hour so Oliver could be stuck out here for ages until he came to look for him.

Five minutes had passed and every minute felt like ten.

Oliver was still standing outside the dining-room. The cold was hurting his skin and he tried to control his shivering. What was he to do? There was still nobody in the dining-room and he was scared he would become too cold to even move.

But he had to move and keep his blood flowing.

He looked left and then right. Which direction should he go? He couldn't believe that Scarlet would do something so terrible. Oliver was losing his mind from the cold and he had only been outside for a handful of minutes.

After shifting his weight from one foot to the other, he decided to go left.

* * * * *

Half an hour had passed.

"I'm going to see Oliver now." Vinny stood up. He was still in his dad's study. He was talking with his parents about tomorrow but he had started to miss his soulmate.

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