Chapter 8

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  As Oliver approached his driveway, the snow was falling hard. He shivered while he noticed that some light's were on in his house, indicating that his dad was still up. He quickly stood under the porch and took his boots off. He left them under some shelter before going inside.

"Dad?" He shouted and shut the door, he locked it behind him. No more than a few seconds went by until a tired looking John came from the living-room.

"Hey Ollie, how was today? Did you get a good look at the Master's soulmate?" He smiled and gave him a hug.

"It was a slow day," Oliver yawned before hanging up his wet coat. "And the Master didn't find out who his soulmate was." 

John raised his eyebrows with surprise.

"Really? How come?"

"I don't know," Oliver shrugged. "I feel kinda bad for him, though, he must have been pretty excited. They might have got the days wrong or something." He yawned again.

"Yeah. Poor guy." John then gently pulled his son towards the stairs. "Go get some sleep. I'll see you in the morning."

* * * * *

Vinny stood under a tree as he watched his soulmate take off his boots. His eyes scanned the area, looking for a way into the house. It would be safer to get in from the back, that way nobody would see him. 

He headed silently around the house and his clothes were getting soaked from the snow, but he didn't feel the cold that much. As he effortlessly jumped over the tall garden gate, he looked around to see a drain pipe that was leading directly next to a window. Without wasting time, he climbed carefully up the icy pipe, trying his hardest to remain silent and also, not slip.

When he was at the window, he was incredibly thankful to see that it was open. Only by a millimetre or so but it would do. He peered into the upstairs hallway to see nobody around so he pulled open the window and carefully climbed his way through. 

Again, he didn't make any noise, but someone was coming up the stairs. Vinny looked around desperately. His eyes found a cupboard in which he immediately ran to and got in. If it was a second later, he would've been caught. 

"Why is the window open?" He heard a little mumble from his soulmate.

Vinny watched from the crack in the door as Oliver closed the window and rubbed his arms for heat. He then held his breath when he walked right past the cupboard and into the bathroom.

He waited a few seconds before cautiously stepping out. He could hear someone else downstairs as he tried to guess which room was his soulmates. He walked to the left and silently past the bathroom. He carried on down the corridor before approaching another room. He listened for a few more seconds until he agreed with himself that it was empty. 

He pushed the door open and luckily, it didn't creak. The addicting scent of his soulmate filled his nostrils, making his heart flutter. He looked around the dark room. There was a single bed against the left wall. Next to that was a bedside table with an alarm clock on the floor. At the other end of the room, there was a medium sized window with a few random objects on it.

Vinny stepped past the chest of drawers and stood next to a bookshelf. He hid in the dark shadows, hoping that his lover wouldn't see him if he switched on the light. 

A few more minutes went by until Oliver had brushed his teeth and got changed. His eyes were heavy and he knew it wouldn't take him long to fall asleep. He stepped out and into the cold hallway, just as his dad came up the stairs. 

Vinny didn't move a muscle as he listened to the people on the other side of the door.

"Night Oliver." He heard an unfamiliar voice say. So his soulmates name is Oliver?

"Night dad, see you in the morning." He heard him say before footsteps approached the door. 

It opened and Vinny didn't even want to blink. He watched his soulmate shut the door behind him and walk steadily over to his bed. He didn't shut his curtains so the moonlight filled the bedroom but it also made the corners of the room incredibly dark. 

Oliver picked his alarm clock up from the ground and set it for half seven. The thought of working tomorrow made him want to crawl into a hole and never come out. But it was the weekend after that, then he could finally have a chance to do absolutely nothing.

But Suddenly, he had a weird feeling in the pit of his stomach. Something was different.  

He looked up and allowed his eye's to trace the room. 

Vinny felt like his heart was going to explode. 

Oliver couldn't quite put his finger on it. But he then decided that he was just too tired and that's probably why he felt a little unusual. He sighed and placed his alarm clock on his bedside table before climbing on his bed. He sunk himself underneath his covers and pulled them right up to his chin. It was cold in his house tonight. 

Vinny stared at his soulmate as he closed his eyes. Strong feelings were flowing through him. He needed to be closer but he definitely wasn't ready to connect yet. He still needed to wrap his head around the fact that his soulmate is another guy. 

He waited almost twenty minutes until he was sure that Oliver was sleeping. 

Quietly, he stepped away from the shadows and towards the bed. He understood that it was very wrong to sneak into someone's house and watch them while they were sleeping, but in this situation, he didn't really have a choice. 

When he felt like he was close enough, he knelt down to have a better look. 

Oliver had a very relaxed expression when he slept. His whole body was curled cutely under a warm duvet while half of his face was buried into his pillow. Some of his hair fell gently over one eye, giving Vinny a massive urge to brush it back, but he couldn't.

He sat on the floor and sighed silently. How did he let it get to this? Why didn't he just tell his parents? This was still all very strange for him. He was sitting in some guys bedroom, watching him while he slept. Why did it have to be him? Why couldn't he find a female instead? Then it would have been a lot easier. 

But why? Why should it be easier? All he's doing is finding feelings for someone of the same sex, it shouldn't be this hard. 

Vinny put his head in his hands. It was too difficult. He could barely keep his emotions in. He wanted to talk to his soulmate and hear his voice. He wanted to see the love in his expression and he wanted to sit and stare into those big and beautiful eyes. There was just something about them that he couldn't ignore.  

He looked back up to him and held his breath. Slowly, he reached up with his left hand and brought it closer to Oliver's face. His fingers were not far from touching his skin. If they touched, the connection would complete itself. Vinny could feel the warmth radiating from him. 

Only a centimetre stood between them. He had the power to start something special. He could wake his soulmate and provide him with so much love. 

But he couldn't do it. 

He brought his hand back and let out the breath he was holding. He has never felt more pathetic in his life. 

Vinny is a vampire. He is stubborn and didn't care what anyone thought about him. He didn't care if he hurt people's feelings or not. He didn't take orders from anyone. He was supposed to be considered dominant to the human race. But here he was, sitting by a humans bed, not able to connect the bond because he cared too much about hurting his parents. 

He slowly stood up and headed towards the window. He watched the snow float softly past the glass. It was filling in any freshly made tracks, ready to cause chaos for everyone tomorrow. 

Vinny's parents would be worried about him but what could he do about that? He had to be here. 

Maybe he should just tell them tomorrow? They will have to find out at some point. 

He can't keep this a secret forever.  

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